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Message Board – Blog Topics -


Want something written on the blog? Suggest it here. I’ll give ear to anything! Except ‘Sloppy Wet Kiss: should we sing it or not.’ ;)

Message Board – Sell Stuff -


Not anywhere else on the web? Well, if nothing else, I’ll probably buy it. ;) Please note that you sell here completely at your own risk. I take zero responsibility for any transaction in which I am not personally buying or selling.

Message Board – Anything Goes -


Uh…anything goes. Politics, religion, John Mayer, and Dumble…that’s right. All kosher. Post it here.

Message Board – Spam Your Build -


If you’re a builder of guitar gear (translation: hero), then please let us know what you’re building and how we can buy 2 of them!

Message Board – Spam Your Site -


Free traffic to your website! Spam it here. :)

Message Board – Spam Your Band -


Got a band that’ll be the next Coldplay if only someone would make it to the show? Or an album that’d make Brian Eno cry if only someone would listen to it? Post ‘em here!

Message Board – Prayer Requests -


If you need prayer, post it here. Probably a lot of folks who’d be more than happy to help out in that way.

Message Board – Sound -


Post on anything relating to running sound, house mixes, monitors, etc.

Message Board – Other Instruments -


I’ve been told that other instruments exist besides the guitar. If that in fact turns out to be true, we’ll be ready for it right here!

Message Board – Music Discussion -


A catch-all for anything music-related. New bands, old bands, who did the song on the latest Top Gear episode…

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