Talk is Cheap

It is coming.

Line 6 M13 versus real effects. Axe-FX versus real amps. Mp3’s versus real live acoustics. Enough talk. It’s time for real, hard evidence. Now. Does anyone have any spare money to buy an Axe-FX? 🙂

Oh. And if the amp modelers do end up sounding better, then they don’t. It just means my Matchless isn’t expensive enough. At which point (if the modelers sound better…which I of course doubt), it will be time to contact Mr. Dumble, and pull out my trem-stutter-de-tune-arpeggio-demonic-wang-bar effects during my audition so that he will actually build me one.

At no point am I actually making sense here. Ever just start typing and let fate fall where it may? (And by ‘fate’, I mean ‘tone’. By most things, I mean ‘tone’.) But hey, I said ‘Dumble’, ‘Axe-FX’, ‘Line 6’, and ‘Matchless’. That’s more than enough for a discussion on tone, right? Providing you leave out ‘Axe-FX’ and ‘Line 6.’ 😉 Now that was just uncalled for.


P.S. For those of you with malice in your hearts right now toward my ‘modeling’ jab, I actually did look at giving the Verbzilla a second shot on my board today. Even though there is not a handwired part or Swedish imported chip or vintage resistor to be found in that whole pedal. And even though it has the letters ‘zilla’ after ‘verb.’ (Just terrible.) See, now that’s gotta count for something, right?!


Look at me! I'm not quoting The Edge!

This may be the best thing I have ever read. ……Well, that wasn’t said by U2. 😉

“A painter starts with a blank canvas, and as a musician, your canvas is silence. You don’t want to cover it all up. So if you know what you’re doing as a musician, you play the silences. You can’t fall into that trap of trying to get everything in and playing so fast. You have to take time and pace yourself. Otherwise, technically you may make people go ‘wow’, but it doesn’t make good music.”

Mr. Keith Richards, I salute you. Even if you did fall out of a coconut tree at one point. Actually, I probably salute you all the more for that.

Splendid. (A lot.)

Merry Christmas!

I hope this grabs you as much as it does me. Meaning, just tears a hole into your chest and literally beats your heart for you for a couple minutes, so that you can just float on a delay-laden cloud made of melody in sheer ecstasy. Oh ya, and the cloud is glowing with tube warmth. (Wait, Edge’s tone doesn’t do that to everyone? I mean…um…me neither.) But seriously, I hope it inspires you just a little bit. With apologies to Greg Lake, who wrote a beautiful coming-of-age Christmas song. But with a couple subtle lyric changes, the song has changed from slightly hopeless to moreso ‘clinging to Christ’s hope despite the hopelessness around you.’ Meant a lot to me.

And as we reach the end of the year, and my favorite holiday, I just want to say thanks for reading. There’s a community of love, respect, and knowing that none of us has it all figured out, that I’m just stoked on here. Amazingly enough, I’ve never had to delete a comment. Knock on wood. (But only handcrafted Baltic birch with finger joints. And it’s ported.)  So thanks, merry Christmas, and in the next few days, maybe try to make just one person around you feel God’s love from you. I don’t know if that’s actually thinking about what gift would make your wife or kid or family member happy, rather than buying another toiletry pouch with built-in shaving cream dispenser; whether it’s giving a homeless person five bucks; whether it’s taking the time to get the name of and thank the Salvation Army worker who’s been standing in the cold ringing the bell for 8 hours; or whether it’s smiling and saying merry Christmas to the checkout person who has to work on Christmas Eve…even if maybe they’re tired and double-charged you for the pineapple. People are actually receptive to God at this time of year, and a little love or a little hope might go a long way.

Sorry for the sap. God, love, and passion…with music to remind our souls of those things. And if that music is toneful (I’m thinking ’57 tweed Fender Champ with original speaker, a Melancon Tele in alder with quilted maple, and a good old Boss DM2……mmmmm), then all the better. Merry Christmas, my friends.


This Week in Tone

Been living life outside the internet for a bit. It does exist, which is really crazy. However, that also means that the tonal and not-so-tonal thoughts and ideas constantly spinning around in my head, have not been spewed for a while. Life is music, and music needs to be shared. Especially the tone part. Mmm…tone.
  • Been thinking about effecting a reverb’d octave sound post-amp, with a mic into some ambient pedals and then into another amp. Oh ya, with a fuzz. That wouldn’t be overkill at all.
  • Has Coldplay called yet? I really want to run three amps again. But I can’t do that until they call, as they would provide the funding, as well as the authority to not have the sound tech and worship leader look at me like I am the primadonna that I probably am.
  • I would like a new pedal. Doesn’t matter what. Just new, and unfortunately, I’m really liking my guitars and amps right now. But a new amp could be cool, too. And a guitar. Mmmmm.
  • Let your female vocalists lead. They are usually incredibly talented.
  • Some weeks direct boxes need to be on ground, and some weeks they need to be on lift. What the difference between weeks is, I have no idea. I just know those are the magic buzz-killing switches.
  • I think we are the only church in the US not doing Transiberian Orchestra this Christmas Eve. Nothing wrong with Transiberian Orchestra…except for maybe some amp modeling. 😉 Just stating a fact. hehe
  • Taylor’s have the best pickup systems on their current models that I have yet heard. Just mic’ing the guitar…no adding. I’ve yet to find that anywhere else. Even high end stuff like Collings. With enormous thanks to Sal Hamby, for letting me borrow his 710. It is a beautiful axe, my friend. Can you call acoustics axes?
  • I need a new pedal that no one else has. The Hartman was that for awhile, but then everyone bought one. Stupid everyone.
  • Mmmm…fuzz. Pedals, not just fuzz in general.
  • I really like Christmas music. My wife says almost in a frightening way. But I live my life by believing that ‘frightening’ and ‘awesome’ are perpetually interchangeable.
  • The Catalinbread WIIO controversy has been fun. Stupid people, buying and selling gear. Unthinkable! 😉
  • Definitely talked with Neal McDonough at The Grove in LA this week. He was wearing the coolest 1700’s vest and indie slacks I have ever seen. And I wanted them. For those of you who don’t know, he’s this guy:

See that bleach blonde hair towards the center right background of the photo? Yep, that’s him. I would never survive as a paparazzi. But see, then whenever we actually go up and meet these people, they’re so nice that it just feels lame to ask for a photo with them. He even shook our hands and asked for our names. Really cool guy. I told him that I too, was famous, and had upwards of 25 people subscribed to my youtube demos. He didn’t seem to care. No, that didn’t happen. But if it did, he wouldn’t have. Oh ya. And the guy on the left is not famous, even though he’s the only one I actually succeeded in getting a clear photo of.)

Okay, here’s what he’s from:

The guy flying with Tom Cruise there. He’s also acted with Al Pacino in 88 Minutes, which makes him insta-cool. And Cruel Doubt, Band of Brothers…oh, and those of you ’90’s children like me might remember him as Wit Bass, the crazy pitcher on Angels in the Outfield. Oh ya. So, what does any of this have to do with music? If I was wearing what Neal McDonough was wearing when we met him, I would have killer tone.

  • Heard pirates singing an Irish folk tune in four part harmony. Life doesn’t get much better than that.
  • Change your strings. No seriously.
  • So nice to have bassists who hit the chord inversions when you forget to.
  • Just found out The Editors have a new album. Best ever. And their singer looks like he’s fighting with his own face when he performs, which is an added bonus.
  • I hugged my Matchless. That one’s true.
  • Pickup height is the hugest difference ever.
  • Taylor Swift’s ‘Silent Night’? Whoa. Talk about worshipful. Those are some killer lyrics, that I’d not noticed in years during the traditional version. Plus, they add the ‘With or Without You’ chords at the end, which is never a bad thing. (Hopefully not, because that progression is in about 83% of songs in history…even Pachelbel in the 1600’s. But U2 still invented it. Some would say that doesn’t make sense. And they would be correct. U2 defies logic.) And I’m choosing to believe that liking Taylor Swift is not akin to rocking, ‘So I put my hands up, they’re playing my song…moving my hips like ya ya ya…’ Oh. Disturbing. Billy Ray, what are you thinking? And yes…now my google search bar has ‘Miley Cyrus lyrics’ in the history. Blast. But Taylor Swift is okay, right? Right? Hope so. ‘Cause now this is happening:
  • Just ignore the static glam shot. But the song…whoa. Gets me every time. And tone is wonderful. Sure, of the steel guitar in the song; but also, just in general.


I Have No Idea What to Call This One

The other night, my wife was using this new face recognition software on her Mac. Like, it scans people’s faces in a picture, and then finds all the other pictures of that person on the hard drive. She was scanning my face, and the computer thought I was Winona Ryder. And…this is bad, I know…but, I’m a little bit flattered by that.

And sorry. This is probably the furthest I have ever strayed on this blog from ‘guitar’ or ‘worship’. But I figured I’d post this so that if I ever say something you hate (like, ‘the M13 sucks!’ or ‘Lincoln Brewster sounds like 1990’s church music with less taste’…hmm…this is kind of cool…like free license right now–because I’m not actually saying these things…just, if I were to say them 😉 ), just remember this post and who you’re dealing with. And not in a tough guy way. Like, ‘just remember who you’re dealing with, yo!’ (Wow.) But I probably didn’t need to explain that. The Winona Ryder thing probably takes care of all subsequent toughness I might ever try to project.


P.S. Axe-Fx sucks! Axe-Fx sucks! Wait…don’t get mad. Remember Winona.

Diamond Memory Lane Review & Demo

It was a day just like any other day (meaning, I was surfing Gear Page), and I was joining in with the usual banter of ‘Which univibe is the best?’ ‘Well the one I play, of course.’ ‘Have you played any other univibes?’ ‘Why would I need to? Mine’s the best.’ After about an hour, having solved all the world’s tone problems, I moved up to the search bar and typed in the search. I named it ‘the search’, because that is exactly what it was. The search, my search, my life. Actually, if I’m describing it as ‘my life’, I suppose I could have taken a few electrical engineering classes and tried to invent it myself. But that goes against everything I stand for. Which is, as afore-mentioned, solving the world’s tone problems one internet message board argument at a time. Little time to play even with the pedals I have, let alone invent and build new ones. So I typed it in. The words of absolute joy. ‘Analog delay with tap tempo.’ I had typed those words in to that search on that message board many times before. And had always been left stupendously disappointed. But on this day…oh fanctious (heard that word once…not sure if it’s real) day…the search yielded results. Brilliant results. In the form of ‘Diamond Pedals Memory Lane.’

The world would never be the same. And right then my roommate knocked on my door. ‘Did you hear about the new analog delay with tap tempo?!’ And I just smiled and showed him my computer screen. ‘Already on the waiting list,’ I remember replying, and not without a very smug satisfaction, I might add, at the fact that I had discovered it before him. Ya, minutes before, I know. Pretty shallow of me. But you try living with a guy who’s touring with countless worship leaders around the country, including The Kry, while you’re still pretending to know what a dotted 8th is and wondering why you just got sent ECC83 tubes when you specifically ordered 12AX7’s. You take what you can get.

And from that moment on, I have had a very passionate and ravenous love affair with the Diamond Memory Lane. (Ya, if you happen to re-read this post, just go ahead and skip over that last sentence.) It came out in 2005, and is still currently the only analog delay on the market to offer tap tempo. (Others are just starting to come out with them.) And that would have been enough for me. But on top of that, it sounds just gorgeous. It’s an overused word, but ‘organic’ actually does this pedal justice. It really does respond to your playing, and almost seems to bloom and wither with your dynamics. And the best modulation I have ever heard.

The craziest thing about this pedal is it’s response. For me, it has had the biggest learning curve of any pedal I have ever played. It reacts to everything you do, and many times almost plays you, rather than the other way around. It’s almost a grab-bag for what you’re going to get out of it when you feed certain things into it. And I love that. I’m still discovering things about it years later.

So here’s the demo. And…a couple apologies. One, for demo’ing a pedal no longer available. You can find them used all over, but not new. Diamond has since moved on to issue the version 2, which offers a second preset, a dotted 8th option, and is supposed to have a tamer reactivity. Which is the reason I do not play it. I love the unpredictable nature of this version 1. I have owned another version 1 with the dotted 8th mod. It was great too, but the I find the Memory Lane to be a bit too warm to make consistent usefulness to me of the dotted 8th; I find that to be more useable on digital delays. But this version can be modded for it, if you like…and the second version has it stock. But I chose to demo this pedal even though it is unavailable, because I have run across some recent discussions of why you would ever need an analog delay, or an analog delay with tap tempo, considering the current array of digital options. So hopefully I can show a couple reasons why. Plus, I kind of ban myself from buying things around Christmas, because I will inevitably buy something someone else will wrap up and give to me. (Am I really that predictable?…Delay, U2…ya, I guess so.) So I had to do a pedal I already own and currently have on my board. And not doing a demo was out of the question because it’s been a long time since I’ve posted one here, and I’m not sure how much longer I can rely on my charming personality to keep this site going. (Please be noting the sarcasm there.)

The second apology is that the playing is lamentably not so good. I only got to do one take at this with no editing because I promised my wife that I’d clean the house today. (How’s that for rockstar?) So, if you dig the video, then feel better about yourself that I suck too. And if you don’t dig the video, feel better about yourself as you post the nasty youtube comments, because now you have more fodder for them. 😉

So here ya go:

The Good

I absolutely love this pedal. I have two Damage Control Timeline’s on my board. They are the completely best digital delay pedals I have ever heard. But yet nothing really gets that analog modulation sound like an analog delay. (Novel, huh?) Does it do everything a digital delay can do? Can it cop those sounds? Nope. That’s the reason you have a digital one on your board, as well. But I’ve yet to hear anything capture that lush, real sound that feels like it has actual layers, like the Memory Lane can. What makes it genius, is that it has tap tempo. Its delay time only goes up to 550 milliseconds, but that’s enough to make sure even the washy sounds can always be in tempo with the song if that’s what you’re after. And it allows you to throw on this beautiful sound in the background or foreground of what you’re playing, so much more often than if it didn’t have tap tempo. At any time, you can kick on this delay. Which is something I desperately wanted in an analog delay before this thing came out.

You also get a ton of options with the killer eq section for decay, and the big modulation sounds. Oh, and the modulation. Like a blooming flower. Not very hetero, but neither is this: it’s also very pretty, and I always feel the urge to press it to my cheek. I mean, rad paint job. The expression pedal option adds a lot, too.

The Bad

There is a steep learning curve; not so much on the knobs, but on actually playing live with the pedal. It will give you some crazy oscillation at odd times, and seem to sound and react differently when you play what you thought was the same thing into it. But that’s also what I love about this pedal; it’s pushed me and inspired me musically.

It, as does the version 2, runs on 24 volts and needs a separate adapter. They do sell adapters to power it using the PP2+, but it will need to take up two of the outlets. Not a huge deal, but worth mentioning.

Oh ya. And you can only find them used. 😉

So there you have it. Diamond Memory Lane. The world’s first analog delay with tap tempo. (As far as we know. There’s probably been some electrician guitar genius living in Norway who’s had a homemade one on his board for decades.) And after four years, I still cannot imagine being without this pedal. And apologies once again for the sucky playing, and then actually posting the video rather than re-doing it. I guess basically if most guitar/worship blogs are going, ‘Please think I’m awesome! Please think I’m awesome!’, I’m just trying to be the antithesis of that. And then probably going, ‘Please think I’m awesome because of the fact that I’m not saying ‘Please think I’m awesome!’ Please think I’m awesome because of the fact that I’m not saying ‘Please think I’m awesome!” 😉 hehehe Humanity dies hard. And then, of course, you gotta give more honor to the Christmas season. ‘Ho ho ho. Now I have a machine gun.’


Relevance…If Worship Leaders Wrote the Dictionary

“Playing the the newest, most controversial, cutting edge song you can think of (usually 1987’s ‘Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’), and convincing yourself that since you’re the worship leader and have spent all week (5 minutes) praying about the set, that that’s what will connect with people.’ And if what connects with people also just happens to be your favorite song that you’ve always wanted to play on stage…you can’t help that.


That Time Again

I started wondering today if my Radio Shack midi cables are sucking tone. (Just a side note, ‘The Shack’? Nope. Worst ever. As if that store couldn’t have gotten any worse. No, I do not want to add $45 worth of batteries to my purchase of a .65 cent fuse.) And then I joined the Diamond Pedals facebook group, which in turn made me feel more satisfied with my tone. Hmmm. Probably time to actually pick up the guitar again (the thing with strings on it, not the little metal boxes with pretty paint and bright lights) and actually put my fingers on it (as opposed to watching Jeff Buckley play it on youtube). Or I could blog about all the things keeping me from playing the guitar. Ya. That’s clearly the most productive option.


My Board is Getting Too Heavy

I have been told this day would come. That one day I would tire of lugging four amps, two pedalboards, and 5 guitars, to every service, gig, practice, show, and just to play in the living room instead of the office because I needed a larger (and hence, better, of course) sonic space. And I have resisted. Valiantly, in my humble opinion. (Hmm…hard to be humble when using words like ‘valiant’ as descriptions for oneself.) It’s been 6 years of this. I have managed to become a little more professional at gigs, and have knocked down the rig to two guitars, two amps, and one pedalboard. Although that pedalboard does split in half so that it can go through doorways. And therein lies the issue. Because that was not a joke.

(Alright, there’s the current board. As of…well, at least today. Who knows what new and wondrous tonal inventions tomorrow may bring. I’m hoping it’s delay. Oh, and I just weighed it…90 pounds exactly of tone. Yes, I weighed my pedalboard. I’m a loser. Luckily, the front portion with the Midi Mate’s disconnects for easier transportation. That only leaves 76.5 pounds. 38.25 pounds per arm isn’t too bad, right?)

There are few things I love in this world more than my pedalboard. And most of those things have tubes. But in the past month, I have smashed it into more walls, places on my truck, and stage equipment, then would probably be considered professional. 😉 I have also dropped it, trying to prove to myself that it was not too big, and that I could carry it half a mile perfectly. (This was at a venue with an exceptionally long parking lot……it’s not like I go out to a field with my board and measure myself walking with it. As plausible as that may seem in some of your minds, as something I might do.) Hence, my journey in all things tone has come to crossroads.

In honor of the Christmas season, I have ordered these options in homage to a classic film. Extra points (for what, I have no idea) if you can name the film.

A) Sell some pedals and get a smaller board.

–I thought about this for like, 2 seconds. The answer was no.

2) Replace my board with the Line 6 M13.

–Alright, now I’m just lying. This has never, and never will be, an option. (And just as a side note, ‘never’ is a completely meaningless word for a gear-junkie guitarist.)

D) Chop off half my board (I know, imagining me with a wood saw is a little Fargo), and then re-add it to the board as a third tier.

–This will mean more wood, and will make it heavier, but will also make it less lengthy, meaning my arms won’t be extended to their breaking point as I carry it. And maybe I’ll actually be able to get through doorways without my killer waltz/Thriller moves. I will definitely miss those.

Obviously, (D) is the clear option. Not only does it allow me to continue to resist the bloody current of the recent tide of M13’s, POD’s, and Axe-Fx, and keep my signal pure (at least in my own mind), but it also allows more space for subsequent pedal purchases. Which, as always, is the proper point of all this. I could really use the grass roots octave string effect I’ve been dreaming up, as well as a sequence filter. And I haven’t bought a delay in a while…

Someday, in the not so distant future I fear, everyone will be carrying their guitar rigs in the palm of their hands. Everyone, that is, except for me. I’ll be the idiot still mic’ing up six Matchless and four D13’s (it’s a dream I have), and running through a giant board with the perfect mix of bypass, buffers, and ingenuity to keep my signal pure; standing proudly in my corner of the stage; still believing that people can feel the difference. That last part is actually true. Probably so’s the idiot part. Nevertheless…long live tone.


(Someday…someday. Probably when Edge has since moved on to running direct. 😉 Apologies for the heresy.)

Bringing Back the Blog

Blogging used to be cool. Or…made you feel cool. You could actually publish the deep wells of wit you just knew were inside of you, for the entire world to read. Of course, the entire world doesn’t read them…having a blog published on the internet is the equivalent of having a science fiction novel published in Barnes & Noble…nobody is ever going to read it. But they could! It’s out there. That’s the magic. I mean, Edge could be reading my blog right now. He’s not……but who’s to say what may happen tonight while I sleep? And therein lies the wonder. Of Edge. (Apologies if you hate U2.)

However, it seems that this magical new (ya I know…I’m about 15 years late) art form by which we can all call ourselves published writers (in our heads…never out loud) who have throngs of devoted followers (my throngs of devoted followers consist of people searching google images for ‘Paul Walker hot’ and ‘Steven Seagal with no shirt on’…which is really gross…he’s old…I did just hear that he is starting his own reality show where he is an actual deputy in an actual town……this may be the best thing to happen since life…or, at least since he came out with his blues cd…yep…he has a blues cd), is slowly being replaced by the giant corporate sellout facebook/twitter…it’s the same company, isn’t it? (Isn’t it funny how when we don’t like something, we automatically refer to it as a big corporate conglomerate whatever? Because wordpress is so small and indie. 😉 hehehe) See, now, people don’t have to blog to get their free self-esteem boost. None of that actual writing and thinking out of an online journal entry! Who needs that? Now we can just say whatever we’re feeling whenever we’re feeling it! Stuck in traffic? The world wants to know! Climbing the stairs to bed? The entire western hemisphere might be hanging in the balance to know what happens at the top of the stairs! Eat a so-so hamburger at a normal restaurant at which you waited in a medium-sized line to order? These are the things the rest of us cannot live another day without knowing!

(And if you don’t like U2……come on! This picture isn’t helping any? 😉 Wow. Normally it’s Bono who’s the frightening one. And still, his hair’s not something that anyone should ever wear…in the history of life…by any means here; but he’s, uh, not the one with his tongue licking his lips in a way that makes me feel violated through the computer screen. And with his shirt cut below what his shirt should ever be cut below. Definitely the most awesome picture of Edge that I have ever seen.)

So I have decided that I miss the old way of mentally fooling ourselves into feeling validated! I’m bringing back the blog! And to do that, I’m listing here the army of my blogging brethren, who defiantly stand against the tyranny of twitbook! Will you stand with me, my brothers! We will never surrender the mother land!

And…uh…just ignore the fact that this blog post will automatically post on facebook, too. I…don’t know how that happens! So weird. 😉

Alright…obviously my tongue has been lodged firmly in my cheek for the beginning of this post. (Why does that sound bad?) To be completely honest, every year or so I try to say some kind words about and send some some traffic towards, the incredible blogs of the incredible people in my blogroll. There’s seriously some great guys and gals over there, and I just want to give a little love their way. But that just sounds so touchy-feely and un-masculine! And if you’ve been reading my blog for any period of time whatsoever, you know that my comments about Edge and Brad Pitt have already thrown said masculinity into serious question on numerous occasions. So I made up the intro to this post about facebook and twitter and all that, to help mask my immense sentimentality.

So, here are the awesome people to whom I’m going to show some sentimental lovin’. And if those words frighten you, then…um…then they’re the last bastions of blogging hope! Ya! Freeeee-doooom! That better? But seriously, these are some awesome people, and you really need to check out their sites:

    • A Passionate Apathy –great blog by a killer bassist. I’ve played with this guy for years, and not only is he an incredible musician, but he’s also a really humble guy, and is a gifted amp and pedal builder.
    • A Small Corner –our church’s Director of Sound, and a really close friend. He’s an amazing sound tech because he actually uses his ears, and listens to how the sound is coming off the stage…as opposed to how the gain structures look on the board. Pretty rockin’ bass player, too!
    • Accidental Academic –this is Cam, who posts here sometimes. Great blog, with some really cool original music that gets uploaded from time to time!
    • Analog Ambience –one of my closest friends, and a fantastic bass player. (Hmm…all my closest friends thus far have been bass players…haha…guitarists are nothing without bassists.) He’s a deep thinker too, and has some great musical thoughts on his blog.
    • Baggas Blog –Baggas posts here quite often, and is a great worship leader. He’s got a killer sense of humour, and some thoughts that really peak your interest. A definite read over here.
    • Bass for Worship –this blog is by Colty, who posts here fairly often. He’s a bass player, so I love him! (Colty, that love is in a completely brother-in-Christ way…just thought I’d clarify…) Great bass musings and effects pedal musings on this one.
    • Behind The Mixer –an incredibly well put-together site with tons and tons of information for both sound techs and musicians alike…Chris really seems to be breaking down the walls between sound techs and musicians with this blog. Definitely go here.
    • Better Than Blank –this is an awesome blog by a very gifted writer. We’ve known each other a long time, and even though we’re now at separate churches, I owe much of my musical tastes (and all of my U2 love) to this guy. He brought me out of metal and into the strange and wondrous world known as, ‘The Edge.’ Great reads.
    • Booze and Blues –tons of awesome gear reviews and effects pedal conversations on this one. Great points of view, and always keeps your interest. Great site!
    • Broken Headstock –one of the best players on the web. Check out his gear review clips…they sound amazing, and then you’ll go everything he plays. And buying more gear is always a good thing. 😉
    • Chris Stout –very gifted, and very humble behind the scenes church guy. Incredibly gifted in all things technical, be it media, sound, computers, etc. He’s got some great info on his site pertaining to that stuff! And he’s a good friend. We’re also at different churches now, but he still helps me out in a second when I’m an idiot and can’t figure something out!
    • Consuming Worship –incredible site with more relevant information regarding worship than you could probably read. Great writing, easy to receive, just a great resource all around.
    • Cool Musings –this is Randy’s site, who posts here fairly often. He’s a great worship leader, with some really, really thought-provoking perspectives. Great stuff here!
    • Dan Byron –great site, with some awesome perspectives on worship. On top of that, he plays some great gear, and is a really funny writer. Great reads over here! And come on, he has an Empress Superdelay.
    • Electric Community –amazing site, written from a worship guitarist’s perspective. Incredible gear demo videos, and great perspective regarding guitar playing from a minimalist, worship mindset. Great guy, really humble, and one of my favorite sites.
    • Elevated Praise –great worship leader, with some great info on his site regarding everything from song choices to worship leading to stage aesthetics. The whole package. Great guy, too!
    • Eric Beeman –my former worship pastor, and one of the nicest and most passionate people you’ll meet. His site is always a great resource, from everything from church leadership, to effects pedals, to recording techniques. A lot of the reason I’m involved in worship today was because this guy took a chance on a long-haired, barefoot, BC Rich Warlock-playing kid about 7 years ago.
    • Erin Wible –great guitarist who is without a doubt the most humble and unassuming guy you’ll ever meet. Now the junior high pastor at his church, his site has great perspectives on ministry, guitar in worship, and of course, Rush. 🙂
    • Everybody Lies –one of the most well-written blogs out there, and from a very real and honest perspective. One of my personal favorite reads. Definitely go here.
    • Feedback is a Joyful Noise –one of the best guitarists I know. And way too humble! If I had his skill, I wouldn’t be as humble as he is. hehe A great site, packed with perspectives and reviews of worship, effects pedals, amps, and guitars. One of my frequent haunts.
    • Fred McKinnon –great worship leader, with one of the pioneer blogs of Christian music, I believe. A lot of the stuff you se on other blogs, he started. Great info, and a great hub to find out what other worship leaders are doing at their churches. Very community-based! Good stuff over here.
    • Greg Jones Music –a great guitarist, and technical magician. He’s got some great perspectives on worship music, as well as some great original tunes. Awesome stuff!
    • Greg Loesch (compulsiveguile) –a tech site from a guitarist. Which means it’s one of the few tech sites I can relate to! Tons of great information here. 🙂
    • Holokinesis –killer original music, all ambient and synth-based. Check this one out!
    • Jefferson Music –one of the bands I guest with quite often. Great band, with more talent and heart than should probably be fair to exist in one band. The vocalist is a good friend, and you should definitely give them a listen. 😉
    • Jon Harrelson –great friend of mine for many years. Jon has since moved on, but God has amazing things in store for Him! One of the most intelligent people I know.
    • Lakeshore Vineyard Worship Team –great worship team here, led by Matt, who posts here sometimes. They have great set lists to check out, and worship videos!
    • Les Paul Player Doctor –great blogger right here. Tons of gear reviews, and pedal setup how-to’s. Great writing style, and some beautiful tone! Definitely a great read for gearheads and worship musicians!
    • Maple Neck –another great guitarist. Beautiful soundscapes, and incredible tone, all from a worship perspective. You’ll love his writing style, too. Not just reviews and opinions, but videos to back them up. A definite must-read, from a killer and humble guitarist!
    • Media Reviewed –brand new site from Blogsology, who posts here sometimes. Reviews of music, both secular and Christian, from a worship leader’s perspective. Quickly becoming one of my favorite sites! And a really humble guy, too.
    • Mike Dalton –the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. Yep. Amazing bass player, a great friend, and a very gifted writer and thinker. Lots of information here; not just on bass playing for worship, but also on sound, band leading, and worship in general. Go here.
    • My Worship Revolution –awesome worship leader who’s site ranges from worship perspectives all the way to taking action in our communities and showing God’s love. Amazing site, with lots of resources for Christian growth.
    • Nikao –just go here. I promise, there will be perspectives you’ve never thought about before. One of the best thinkers I’ve ever met, and hilarious as well. All coming from a perspective of just simply loving God in the world we’re put in.
    • Pamparo in Toronto –great site, from a great guy. Original recordings, pedal, amp, and guitar reviews, and original poetry. Very talented writer, and a site that’s got tons of resources geared towards worship guitarists. Definitely read it.
    • Refill –awesome blog with perspectives ranging from tone, to worship, to Hillsong concert reviews. Lots of great info, from a very talented worship leader.
    • Reflection Today –very deep thoughts, looking at Christianity from a perspective different than most you’ve read before. Great blog, and a regular read for me.
    • Renovate –great blog from one of the most gifted writers and thinkers I know. And not afraid to say what needs to be said. You’ll gain some great stuff from this site.
    • Rich Kirkpatrick –worship leader at Sunridge Community, here in Southern California. Very gifted blogger who starts great conversations, and has very intuitive perspectives. Another great community-based blog, with tons of resources, and great writing. Also an amazing worship leader.
    • Scream the Prayer –great blog, with very real perspectives on worship and worship music. Another great read!
    • Sound of the World –gotta translate this one, but Ben is an amazing guitarist, with great tone, and one of the best blogs out there. Gear reviews, how-to videos, just a great resource for worship guitarists! And really humble, too.
    • Spiritual Regurgitations–Re/New –awesome perspectives here. This is by Robin, who posts here fairly often. Very deep thinking, and out-of-the-box views on God, life, and Christianity. A great resource for guitarists and Christians. Go here!
    • Stompbox Blog –great blog on all things guitar effects. Awesome articles, and reviews and discussions on sweet, sweet gear! Good times.
    • Synthesizerz –really cool music perspectives, basing around…yep. Synth. Awesome stuff, especially for those of us ambient-lovers.
    • The Busy Pixel –awesome blog, by Kenrick who posts here fairly often, pertaining to worship, guitar, and life. Incredible guitarist, and very knowledgeable in all things sound. Also very out-of-the-box church perspectives that will really make you think. Great stuff here!
    • The Resistance –awesome worship leader from Virginia who I’ve played with a few times. Very passionate perspectives! Very inspiring. 🙂
    • The Sophisticated Arkansan –great blog. All things music, guitar, and Christianity. Great reads, and the guy has awesome writing skills.
    • The Worship Forum –awesome perspectives here on worship music. Definitely an encouraging read.
    • Travis Tingley –one of the most technically proficient guitarists I know. But yet soulful and tasteful. Lots to learn from this guy, on both guitar and worship. Check his site out! Also a great friend…even though I’m jealous of his skills. 😉
    • Warnbro Worship Team –awesome perspectives from a worship leader’s point of view. Great reads, and a great resource. Also written by Baggas, who posts here fairly often. Great site!
    • Whether a Tree Falls to the South… –awesome blog with lots of stuff on U2! hehe 😉 But great worship perspectives, and original tunes. Written by Samuel, who posts here sometimes. Awesome blog!
    • Worship City –great blog from a worship leader, and youth leader, who really seems to understand ministry. Tons of great resources here!
    • Worship Guitar Guy –more resources than you could ever read. Just an awesome site, written by a really humble and selfless guy. It’s got everything from chord voicings, to tone discussions, to set list forming. Great stuff!
    • Worship with Guitar –one of the best worship guitar blogs out there. Great perspectives, awesome reviews, well-written, and some very cool original ideas. Written by Jed, who posts here sometimes. Definitely a must-read!
    • Amp Crazy –my amp tech’s site. This man is a genius. If you are in the Southern California area and need any repairs or mods, this is the guy to go to. Even original, homemade, or boutique circuits. I’ve got a feeling he’d even look at a Dumble and see right through the goup into the crystal lattice. 😉
    • CGP Audio –recording site of Mike Oliver, who posts here fairly often. Awesome music at this site! Definitely check it out. Gifted guy.
    • DIY Guitarist –resources galore. For building, fixing, inventing…effects pedals, amps, etc. You gotta go to this site.
    • Frequency Worship –Chris Tomlin’s site. Very cool for a famous worship leader to actually care to show the rest of us how the songs are written, how the tones are made, etc.
    • Guitar Bites –so much guitar resource stuff…you just have to go there to get it. Awesome site!
    • Guitarmann Lessons –great and humble worship guitarist, who also gives online lessons. Very cool resource!
    • Life Church –my home church.
    • Music Academy –lots of worship info. Great site! Extremely resourceful, and written from many different perspectives from worship leaders. Go here!
    • The Gear Page —if you don’t know…just go there and search ‘Axe-FX nails Trainwreck tone.’ You’ll know. This site is the be all end all of all things tone, and the reason for probably millions of dollars spent on sweet, sweet gear.
    And there you have it. Please go read these people’s blogs. So much incredible information from some very gifted and humble people. And again, if that’s too sentimental for you, then…let’s go, fellow blogging brethren! Facebook shall be conquered. (Unless, of course, you’re reading this on facebook…… Obviously my convictions only run as deep as sounds cool in a blog…or on facebook. 😉
    P.S. If you’d like your blog or site listed here, just let me know. 🙂 We can rock together. (Don’t worry about it. Makes sense in my mind.)