I am running sound. Right now. As we speak. I’ve been trying to get rid of this annoying high-pitched feedback that I now realize is an intentional part of the band’s loops.

My church is currently putting on a youth concert for a fantastic cause, and I volunteered for this…well, and I’m afraid of how the church will look if I’m not here tonight. However, it seems that some of the bands think the cause is for them to get signed by Capitol Records, who is, of course showing up to our little church in SoCal. ;) Quotes of the night include:

Bassist: I don’t have a cable to go from my bass to my amp.

Keyboardist: We always run these loops.
Me: How? This is an input end of the cable; it cannot run as an output into a system.
Keyboardist: (tries to connect female end to female end in the snake)

Guitarist: Will you run our loops for us?

Guitarist (playing out of a 100 watt Marshall): Can I get more high end out of my guitar in the monitor?

:) Am I this much of a premadonna when I play? Probably. This is so penance.

(And if any of you bands are reading this, I love you. I’m a jerk tonight, but go easy on me; the sound has been attacking my ears all day. I’ll buy you coffee tomorrow. :) )

Splendid. Nope. That’s a lie.