Absolutely no idea where this is going. So I’m just going to free associate…which means that 90% of what comes out will probably be about tone. And of course, will all be irrefutable facts. Riiiigggghhht.

  • I could really use a Matchless HotBox right now. I think it’ll probably sound good…but moreso I just really want that backlit Matchless amp logo on the front of my board. That way, when I sound bad, people will go, ‘Oh wait. He can’t sound bad…he’s using Matchless stuff. It must be our ears that are wrong then.’
  • Compressors suck.
  • There is definitely something to be said for organization. I can’t believe I just said that.
  • Some really good tone just came on itunes. I was hoping it was a recording of my guitar that I had forgotten about. It wasn’t. It was John Mayer. Hey, I can hope, can’t I?
  • Whoa! Some really, really good tone just came on! It sounded so incredibly good, almost better than U2; and then I realized it was U2…just a song I forgot about. It’s really cool to be reminded every once in a while that I really do like U2 for their sound, not just because I’ve been in love for so long that I can’t imagine life without them.
  • I just watched the Star Wars Trilogy for the first time as an adult. The ewoks don’t really work, do they?
  • And when I say Star Wars, I mean the old ones…from the ’70′s. I have decided that the new ones do not exist. Which is pretty much how I deal with things I don’t like–deny their existence. So it’ll be pretty awkward if Antonio Banderas and I ever meet. Not sure why I think about these things.
  • Whatever happened to Mono?
  • Rhythm is so necessary. Uh, ‘on time’ rhythm.
  • I am having trouble reconciling how I can be so much greater than everyone else, but yet no one seems to notice. 
  • That was a joke, by the way.
  • Do you think you could find the proper angle to play acoustic guitar in a cavern to get dotted eighths?
  • There was this one time, I thought about hooking up my Gibson Falcon amp in my effects chain to use its reverb as an effects pedal. Could never get the logistics to work out properly, though. Looking back on it, that was probably a good thing.
  • I’m getting this horrifyingly wonderful urge to run stereo again. No I’m not. Wait. Yep. I want to.
  • Did I seriously just sell all my overdrive pedals, and then buy them back the next day? Are there issues here?
  • This will be the fourth time I have bought the Fulltone Fatboost. Yep. Issues.
  • The tone of Lisa Gerrard’s voice puts my guitar tone to shame.
  • If it’s Irish, it’s good. Except for Boondock Saints. Oh. Yep. I just said that.
  • I miss my other Holland. Man, I wish I had money. Then I could have so much gear I wouldn’t use! Those are good dreams…very good dreams.
  • Remember Chumbawumba?
  • Really dumb song just came on itunes. It wasn’t named. I could totally tell it was Christian, though…before the lyrics came in. Why is that?
  • hehehe Henry Kaiser sounds terrible.