28 thoughts on “Flanger Review

  1. it’s not all bad 🙂

  2. man I love flanger. not necessarily for the airplane bomb sound (though thats fun) but for the non-chorus subtleties (I know it is chorus, kinda) that you can get out of them with certain settings.

    Well are all entitled to our opinions, even if they are wrong.


  3. Karl,

    Hope you get feeling better dude. As my southern neighbors would say, “Y’alls in our prayers.” FYI- Flu like symptoms have been known to be caused by thoughts of flanger shootouts.

  4. ehh 🙂 you’re funny. If you view a flanger as old EVH or Randy Rhodes tone then yes its probably not a relevant effect for today, but its all in how you apply it. Listen to the solo on All I Want from FoF, perfect application. Granted flange has been misused over the years but its not damaged beyond use. Now if we’re talking about chorus…that still hasn’t recovered…

  5. Nate–lol Absolutely not! hehe Well, ya we do. I’m just not into ’em. And of course, I’m always right……in my head 😉

    Dan–hehe I know someone was going to throw that at me! And yes, yes, Edge also uses flange in ‘Stand Up Comedy’ and ‘Elevation.’ And while I love those two songs, as well as ‘Stay’, I think I love them more for the melodies and song structure, and always wonder how much better they could have been without flange. And then I’m sure there’s a part of me that is really, really stoked to find something that U2 does that I actually ‘don’t’ like……just so I can tell myself, ‘No, I must actually like the stuff of theirs that I like! Because certain things I don’t like!’ haha

    However, as far as I’m concerned, the ZooTV flange version of ‘Desire’ does not exist. lol


    ‘Well are all entitled to our opinions, even if they are wrong.’

    Okay, now that was awesome! And yes, I deserve that! 🙂 lol

    Mark–lol I knew their was a tonal reason I was sick! Actually, I thought it was the Lady Gaga song I listened to yesterday, thinking it was a band. But the flange thing makes sense, too! hehe

    Jason–You’re totally right……there probably isn’t a single effect that can’t have its place somewhere. Every once in a while…I’m talking like once every couple years…I hear a song where I think, ‘Okay, that flange is passable.’

    However, I still love chorus! lol Not the ’80’s metallic chorus on the acoustic guitar, but the throwback stuff that’s more like modulation than chorus. haha Maybe one day we’ll each convince each other to get the other effect on our boards…I doubt it, though. lol

    And did I just see a preview for new posts on your blog as I rolled my cursor over your name? Score! So going there right now.

  6. Oh man remembering u2s desire with all the effects just made me throw up a little in my mouth.

    I like to think of it as edges dark period.

    The other song which I’m not totally sure he succeeded on was that one rendition of streets where the intro had that weird arpegiatted synth instead of the organ. I thought it was cool at firstan then thought it just suffered from new toy syndrome. They have not done that since so maybe they realized it was not the right choice.

    There were a lot of things they tried from zooropa to pop, and really, I’m glad they tried things, shows that they are interested in keeping things fresh.

    Maybe you should have a worst/best u2 post and we can just get it out of our systems, and then we can just always ref that post haha

  7. I do share your dislike for flange and my dislike is intensified by the fact that flange was my first effect. My first electric was a $150 strat knock off which I played through my Fender H.O.T. amp.
    Whew! That was hard to acknowledge.
    So I asked my dad for an effects pedal for Christmas and gave him a list of pedals I was interested in (all Boss no doubt and Flanger was NOT on the list) and come Christmas morning I was surprised by a Boss Flanger. Try to imagine my tone if you dare: awful strat-like guitar running through a flanger that is dimed into a solid state fender amp with the distortion turned all the way up. I just gave myself the chills, and not in a good way.

  8. oh, and considering your love for flange I find it humorous that a Flanger Hoax is prominently featured in your banner lol 🙂

  9. my first 2 pedals: boss mt-2 & bf-2! both not in my possession any more. BUT, i do love the many different things you can do with a flange if you actually put your creative mind into it. that being said, i will not use one live anymore 🙂

  10. My first three pedals (when I first picked up guitar) were the MT-2, a Danelectro Chorus and a Danelectro Flange. I thought it was the best thing to have all three on at the same time.

    The only one that’s managed to still be functioning and in my possession is the Chorus, which actually isn’t too bad.

  11. Being a worship guitar player, I tried using a flanger once during worship. I accidentally summoned a demon. The pastor was really ticked off.

  12. Kenrick–that is a great idea!! haha

    Ya, I actually think the PopMart ‘Streets’ is pretty cool…but you’re right–in small doses. It was cool to hear it a different way, but I’m glad they didn’t stick with it. And that’s a lot easier for me to say now, looking back on it, and having two newer tours where it’s normal again. At the time, people were probably a little freaked. hehe

    Eddie–now that is just fantastic. You’re giving my first rig a run for its money. lol I saw a band one time where the guitarist was playing out of an old Peavey combo from the ’80’s. It was absolutely cranked and had the worst, distorted, out-of-phase sound I had ever heard. I honestly thought something was wired improperly in the amp or that something was about to blow because of the distorted phase sound. Only later did I find out that those amps had phase built in. Yikes. I’m guessing your first tone and my first tone were a lot along these lines! lol

    And bro! You’re so right! I don’t even remember where I got that picture, and I’ve never noticed that flange in it. hehe That’s pretty funny.

    Robin–‘Life changing’ was the goal. ‘Changing lives by knocking flangers off boards…one rig at a time.’ 😉

    And I know…it’s weird to get a short post from me. lol

    Rhoy–that was a fantastic comment. 🙂

    Colty–ya, those Dano pedals are hit and miss. Some of them totally suck, but some of them are actually really decent-sounding. I have a FAB Metal I got for $5 that sounds horrid. But the Tuna Melt trem isn’t half bad. Go figure. hehe

    Tom–lol There’s a definite vote against flange!!

  13. Tom, I just about fell out of my chair laughing when I read your comments. I actually ran into the next room to tell my wife cause I thought it was so funny. she laughed at the first one too but the second required too much explanation from me (history of Kaiser…)and she soon got that distant look she often gets when I talk about gear. anyway, those two comments together get my vote for “Funniest Comment of the Year”

  14. Wow – thank you, thank you.

    I’d like to thank Karl, first of all, for having the foresight to bring out the awkwardness of the flanger. I mean really, I once told a friend that I wanted to flange during one part of a song. He just backed away from me like I had made some sort of bad smell…

    And has any one of you ever listened to a song (U2 or not…) and said, “whoa hey that was some awesome flanging!”

    I think not.


  15. That whole wang bar thing is kind of creepy. In fact, Henry Kaiser is kind of creepy. Imagine being his neighbor. Is he killing cats in there or playing guitar.

  16. Hmmm… I may have to take back my comment.


    But I think that’s the only one… Or was that a phaser? Or does it matter? The only time I’ve played that song was to… well heck, it was try out my new boss flanger. Good grief.

    And yes – Henry Kaiser gives me the serious willies. I was so captivated by him (not in a good way) that I sat and watched all his videos on youtube. It was kinda like watching a train wreck. You know it’s going to be bad, there’s nothing you can do about it, but do you turn your head? Of course not!

  17. Mark–totally agree. He kind of creeps me out. I did, however, run across one youtube live clip from him that was actually listenable. lol Amongst many unlistenable ones.

    Tom–me too! hehe Like I said, though, there is one not so bad. He seems like a really good player who then just went too far!! haha

    And it’s been a while since I’ve heard Barracuda. The not Guitar Hero version. 😉 I just can’t get into that game.

    Rhoy–hehe Are you a big Lenny fan? My old worship pastor loved him, and was always trying to sneak in his songs into the set, while I was trying to get him to do U2 songs. hehe

  18. Don’t get me started on Guitar Hero. If any one of those people spent as much time learning how to play guitar as they do that game, there would be a lot more guitar players out there. Hmmmm.

    How many guitar players does it take to change a light bulb?

    10 – One to change it and 9 others to tell him how they could have done it better.

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