Bunch of stuff in there tonight. None of them really merit their own post. Or maybe they do, and I’m too lazy to formulate them. Ya, probably that one. Anyway…

  • The Tim is an amazing pedal. Doesn’t matter what amp…it brings out the amp’s own characteristics. 
  • Church can be awkward.
  • Ever have those pedals on your board that you have no idea if you like or not?
  • I should not have sold the Varidrive.
  • Fox is stupid for canceling Arrested Development.
  • When you ask, ‘How many people are coming?’ and the answer is ‘However many the Lord brings’, that is code for, ‘We actually did no marketing at all.’
  • I think I accidentally sold my Mosferatu.
  • People take effort.
  • The Matrix’s are actually good films, despite Keanu. This is saying a lot.
  • I wrote off Lovepedal after playing the Karl, and finding it a very awkward-sounding pedal. Like a Fuzz Face that didn’t form all the way. Now I am wondering about the Eternity.
  • There is nothing in the gear world (and very few things in the real world) right now that I love more than my new RSA23.
  • Maybe I should sell it and get an RSA31.
  • I did not know Tom Hanks used until I saw him on Conan. Either that or he was really awkwardly trying to fit in with a younger generation. Same thing.
  • Pearl Jam also sounded horrendous on Conan. This might not be due to the same reason as Tom. But it is definitely possible.
  • Is the Bible less complicated than we want it to be?
  • I think my tone would sound better in Ireland.
  • Got desperate for some cables and had to get Livewires from the cursed place while my Lava’s come in. I remember now why I get Lava’s.
  • The first time I used delay, I thought my pedal was broken because I asked my friend to set it to ‘Edge’ delay, and he set it to dotted eighths. But then the tempo was always different then what I tapped in. I didn’t figure it out for a long time.
  • “The American church has been educated far beyond their desire to obey.” Aech. I think that’s me.
  • If no one realizes how good your tone is but you……hehe ;)
  • Keyboards add a ton.
  • The wrong note with killer tone is still the wrong note. 
  • The right note with sucky tone still sounds sucky.
  • ‘Comprehension is not a requisite of compliance.’ (You’ll never guess where that one cam from.)
  • There was this cat my wife and I saw. It was huge.
  • I think I sold the last Foxey Fuzz on earth.
  • I joke about musical gear being parts of your family. But then when I sell them, it actually feels that way. Something has gone wrong. Or very, very right…just depending on how you look at it. I’m going with ‘very, very right.’