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Bunch of stuff in there tonight. None of them really merit their own post. Or maybe they do, and I’m too lazy to formulate them. Ya, probably that one. Anyway…

  • The Tim is an amazing pedal. Doesn’t matter what amp…it brings out the amp’s own characteristics. 
  • Church can be awkward.
  • Ever have those pedals on your board that you have no idea if you like or not?
  • I should not have sold the Varidrive.
  • Fox is stupid for canceling Arrested Development.
  • When you ask, ‘How many people are coming?’ and the answer is ‘However many the Lord brings’, that is code for, ‘We actually did no marketing at all.’
  • I think I accidentally sold my Mosferatu.
  • People take effort.
  • The Matrix’s are actually good films, despite Keanu. This is saying a lot.
  • I wrote off Lovepedal after playing the Karl, and finding it a very awkward-sounding pedal. Like a Fuzz Face that didn’t form all the way. Now I am wondering about the Eternity.
  • There is nothing in the gear world (and very few things in the real world) right now that I love more than my new RSA23.
  • Maybe I should sell it and get an RSA31.
  • I did not know Tom Hanks used until I saw him on Conan. Either that or he was really awkwardly trying to fit in with a younger generation. Same thing.
  • Pearl Jam also sounded horrendous on Conan. This might not be due to the same reason as Tom. But it is definitely possible.
  • Is the Bible less complicated than we want it to be?
  • I think my tone would sound better in Ireland.
  • Got desperate for some cables and had to get Livewires from the cursed place while my Lava’s come in. I remember now why I get Lava’s.
  • The first time I used delay, I thought my pedal was broken because I asked my friend to set it to ‘Edge’ delay, and he set it to dotted eighths. But then the tempo was always different then what I tapped in. I didn’t figure it out for a long time.
  • “The American church has been educated far beyond their desire to obey.” Aech. I think that’s me.
  • If no one realizes how good your tone is but you……hehe 😉
  • Keyboards add a ton.
  • The wrong note with killer tone is still the wrong note. 
  • The right note with sucky tone still sounds sucky.
  • ‘Comprehension is not a requisite of compliance.’ (You’ll never guess where that one cam from.)
  • There was this cat my wife and I saw. It was huge.
  • I think I sold the last Foxey Fuzz on earth.
  • I joke about musical gear being parts of your family. But then when I sell them, it actually feels that way. Something has gone wrong. Or very, very right…just depending on how you look at it. I’m going with ‘very, very right.’


29 thoughts on “In My Head

  1. # The wrong note with killer tone is still the wrong note.
    # The right note with sucky tone still sounds sucky.

    if you had to pick, which one would you want to be?

    # Ever have those pedals on your board that you have no idea if you like or not?

    and yes on this one. this is how i feel about my VL Sparkle Drive. I\’m gassing to replace it with a Barber Dirty Bomb 😀

  2. @rhoy: i actually had a guy over from church who wanted to try out my “infinite supply of pedals” and we hooked up all my ODs and I just random clicked them on and off while he looked for something to replace his Sparkle Drive.

    His top 5 were the Zen, Mosferatu, NuValve, Small Fry, and Box of Rock.

    +1 on the Dirty Bomb… they are about $80 on the gearpage!

    i like this one:
    “The American church has been educated far beyond their desire to obey.” Aech. I think that’s me.

    If i comment on that, i’ll have my own post 🙂 So I’ll just sasy: +1

  3. “The right note with sucky tone still sounds sucky.”
    I politely disagree. Give Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, or [insert ANY freakin awesome blues guitarist] a guitar with poor tone and they will still give an awe-inspiring performance.

    As for random musings, I’d like to add one…
    If a person has an on-board EQ in their acoustic/electric, they should learn to use it. I checked out a guy’s guitar before the band rehearsed and the EQ was flat-lined at zero. I cranked the sound for that channel on the board, grabbed the guitar, and played it while modifying his EQ. Five minutes later he walked in and said “Wow, that sounds really good.” Then I told him he also needed to get new strings because while the new EQ settings brought the guitar to life, his old strings were killing his tone.

    Oh, I’m working on the DI survey results and will have something posted up soon – I’m hoping today. A few surprises.

  4. Agree:

    Keyboards do add a ton.

    “The wrong note with killer tone is still the wrong note.
    The right note with sucky tone still sounds sucky.”
    That’s just straight up genius and wish I had thought of it.

    Pearl Jam also sounded horrendous on Conan.


    The Matrix’s are actually good films… You lost me on that one 😉

  5. Rhoy–haha There is no decision. We must never do both!! hehe But if you put me down to it, yes, I’d rather be playing in the correct key than having good tone. And that was very hard to type.

    And it’s good to know that somebody else feels that way about certain pedals. I have one right now that sometimes when I turn it on, I’m like, ‘Wow! Best ever!’ And other times I’m like, ‘Gotta get rid of it immediately!’ hehe

    Larry–Mmmm, Mosferatu. You know that the second I sold this thing, they disappear off the face of the earth for the last month? Crazy.

    And I agree, that is an amazing quote. And it’s not from me. A friend told me that months ago, and I can’t get it out of my head. I forget what author it’s from, though.

    Chris–I agree partially. 😉 hehe Would Eric Clapton sound better than me, even if he was on sucky gear, and I was on good gear? Probably. But the point here isn’t, ‘Look how good that guitarist is; he even sounds good on cheap gear.’ The point is sounding as good as you can at any given time. And ‘sound’ is only as good as the sum of its parts. So if the argument is that Eric Clapton would still be awe-inspiring on a Crate solid state 8 inch with a blown speaker, my counter-argument would be, ‘Sure. But just imagine him now through a ’59 Bassman!’

    And that’s my ‘subdued’ argument. hehehe I bet I could give Clapton the right combination of gear to sound sucky. 😉 Although, if I were to ever see him, that’s not what I would be spending my time on! 🙂

    And +1 on the strings thing. And by flat on the eq, do you mean all the way off, or straight up and down? Because a well-voiced guitar mic and preamp should sound pretty close to the natural acoustic tone when the eq settings are pretty neutral.

    And very interested in the direct box results! Great comment, bro!

  6. Jed–sorry, you must have posted this as I was commenting, too.

    Yes! So glad someone agrees with me on Pearl Jam on Conan. I was blown away, and not in a good way.

    And no Matrix’s?! Granted, you do have to block out Keanu, but after that…they’re alright! hehe 😉

    By the way, nice site! I’m gonna add you to my blogroll, if you’re cool with that.

  7. “Is the Bible less complicated than we want it to be?”

    Oh yeah. 🙂 There’s a book by Leslie Newbigin called “A Walk Through the Bible” made up of the transcriptions from a few very short radio addresses he gave. Each chapter is MAYBE five pages. And he nails it. The social purpose behind the creation narrative takes one page. I have that one typed up so I can look at it from time to time:

    The first chapter of Genesis was almost certainly written during the time when Israel was in exile in Babylon. And we must picture these writers as slaves under the shadow of this mighty empire with its palaces, fortresses and temples. Babylon had its own account of creation, as we know from the work of modern scholarship. It was a story of conflict, battle and bloodshed. Violence was the theme underlying the whole creation story as the Babylonians understood it.

    The writers of Genesis had a quite different picture of God. They were the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses. They knew God as the redeemer God, the God who had saved his people from bondage. And they had a totally different picture of God’s creation – not as the result of violence but as the action of a God of love and wisdom, who, out of sheer love, desired to create a world to reflect his glory and a human family to enjoy his world and give back his love.

    And so we have in Genesis a picture of the creation of light to be distinguished from darkness, of the dry land to be distinguished from the chaos of the sea, of a home in which living creatures could grow and thrive, of the creation of the animals and of human beings among them, and of the special responsibility given to human beings of being in the image of God.

  8. Did you see the bit on Conan last week with him and Slash going to people’s houses to buy guitars they saw on craigslist? Funny stuff.

    I saw a band last weekend that sounded like Night Ranger or Bon Jovi playing worship songs (Brewster, Tomlin, etc.) Awesome musicianship but the tone (rack chorus effect + Marshall head) made me smile and cringe at the same time.

  9. #I wrote off Lovepedal after playing the Karl, and finding it a very awkward-sounding pedal. Like a Fuzz Face that didn’t form all the way. Now I am wondering about the Eternity.

    I use mine pretty regularly but let me know if you want to check it out. I’m not too far from you, just the other side of the Cleveland Forest 🙂

  10. # Ever have those pedals on your board that you have no idea if you like or not?

    No, I’m too broke to have a pedal I don’t know if I like.

    # Fox is stupid for canceling Arrested Development.

    They’ve made a few dumb decisions. They’re still hanging on to the Simsons with everything they’ve got, though.

    # Is the Bible less complicated than we want it to be?

    Most likely, yes.

    # “The American church has been educated far beyond their desire to obey.” Aech. I think that’s me.

    All too often, that’s me as well.

  11. I agree with you on Arrested Development. Back at season 1 watching through it again for the 3rd time yet I still find stuff I missed the previous times I watched it. Here’s hoping that the long rumored movie doesn’t ruin things.

  12. James–wow, great stuff! I might need to check out that book.

    Dan–Nope. But hulu, here I come! 🙂 That sounds hilarious.

    And that tone is making me cringe without even hearing it! hehe

    Brian–really? How does it do as a mid to high gain pedal, and does it keep your original tone intact? Thanks a ton! 🙂

    Colty–good stuff. I’m broke, too, but I do have this one pedal that I go back and forth on every time I play! haha Today? Sounded killer. Which means I won’t like it tomorrow. lol And ya, Simpsons can pretty much do whatever they want at this point!

    Chris–lol Ya, I think one of the acoustic guitar rules is to keep the Shaft sounds to a minimum. hehe That was great!

    And good stuff on the survey. Surprised how high the Radial’s scored, though. I really did not like them.

    Jonathan–yes! Another Arrested fan! My wife and I have re-watched all 3 seasons like, 6 times now, and they never get old! And is there any new news on the movie? I’m kind of skeptical about it, too.

  13. don’t totally write off lovepedal 🙂 i don’t like tube screamers either, but dig the eternity. its like a full-bodied creamy tubescreamer.

  14. “When you ask, ‘How many people are coming?’ and the answer is ‘However many the Lord brings’, that is code for, ‘We actually did no marketing at all.’”

    Excelent observation. There is something weird about christian culture and it’s the same thing over here in Germany. Straight thinking, earthed people switch off their brains as soon as its about church and except strange explanations and stuff…

  15. Ryan J–so you’re liking the eternity, then? I really might need to try this pedal! Anyone got one for sale? 😉

    Dan–that was awesome! And Mike Fuller bought a pedal from you? haha Now that’s cool!

    Ben–you’re totally right. I don’t know if we get skittish because we feel we’re ‘marketing’ God or something, but the point very simply is that no one will come if we don’t tell them it’s happening. And in my mind, that’s totally Biblical out of Romans 10. If we really think our event is going to help people get loved or come to know Jesus, then why in the world wouldn’t we tell people about it? We Christians do get really weird sometimes, and forget what logic is. Glad to know someone’s with me on that! hehe

  16. Karl- I use the Eternity for more low to mid gain and the OCD for the mid-high gain work. The Eternity can play in that space but I like the smoothness of the OCD at 18v better for that area. Overall I’d call the pedal transparent, not really something that’s going to overtake your tone like an original TS808 would. Lemme know if you want to check it out.

  17. The first Matrix is good….the other two….meh. Good effects….but the plots for the last two seemed contrived only for the sake of a plot (Did that make sense?).

    My Keeley compressor and Fulltone OCD. I’ve never loved them. They still make their way back on the board on occasion. And……I don’t know why.

    Speaking as a Tech Support person….people take a lot of effort.

    My tone would sound better on a beach in the Bahamas.

    In todays world, the more I comprehend, the less I WANT to comply.

    Is the Bible less complicated than we want it to be? Yup.

  18. Brian–wow, are you really offering that? And you said you’re in the Whittier area, about? Maybe next time I’m in LA, I could give you a call. I’d hate to borrow it, because I know you probably need it for gigs and such. But I’d love to hear it. Thanks, bro, I really, really appreciate the offer!

    Mark–I’m the same way with the OCD. And you’re in tech support? hehe Wow, then I don’t even know what I’m talking about when I mention ‘people taking effort’! hehe

    And no on the second two Matrix’s?! haha Ya, I think I’m the only person in the world who actually liked them.

  19. I didn’t sell him my Valverb but it was interesting to get the inquiry. I guess more people are trying to use craigslist from out of the region instead of ebay.

    I liked all of the Matrix movies. I still look for the 101 Hwy sign that shows the exits by my house during the freeway chase scene.

  20. Karl,

    My neighbors can determine how stressful my day was by the volume coming out of my amps when I get home from work. When the pictures vibrate off the wall….it was a bad day. My kids used to think it was funny. Now they just shake their heads and go to a friends house. My wife gets home later and is spared from hearing damage.

    I could write a book on some of the people that I deal with in a normal week at work. Jesus left us with one commandment, Love one another. Ooohh! Sometimes that’s a hard one to keep.

  21. Karl, there isn’t much news on the Arrested Development movie that I have read. The one thing I read was on the plane the other day coming back home. The airline magazine had an interview with David Cross (Tobias) about Year One. In the article it mentioned the upcoming Arrested Development movie, but nothing else about it.

  22. Dan–must’ve still been cool to hear from him, though. Good times!

    And you’re a Matrix 2 and 3 fan?! Score! Thought I was the only one. And you’re up in the Bay area, right? Did they film some of Matrix up there, or digitally put some street names on signs to pay homage, or something?

    Mark–lol That is awesome! My wife can usually tell how frustrated I am with the way I’ve played or how I perceived my tone to sound, by how loud I practice when I get home. hehe

    Jonathan–Oh, I hadn’t read that! Very cool. Last I heard was something Ron Howard alluded to in an interview at the Oscars.

  23. LOL – I really don’t even know why I watch TV anymore for comedic relief…your post was great! You made me mad when you posted about the Tim…I have the Mosfet FullDrive…love it…but you got me wondering…mmmmmmmmmmm

    you devil you!


  24. They filmed the freeway chase scene in Alameda (across the bay from SF) on the old naval base. I think it’s awesome that they made their own fake highway for the movie. I wonder who decided to put a hwy sign from 45 minutes away in the movie.

  25. k – you truly are an evil man…I’m going to tell my wife to call you when I get the bill on my credit card after buying a $250 Tim…

    seriously, let me know “your opinion”…tim or timmy? tim vs. fulldrive 2 mosfet? you are the “pro” with a blog!

  26. Dan–that’s right! I remember seeing something in the special features about them building a whole freeway. Didn’t know it was that close to you, though! That’s awesome!

    Robin–lol That’s right. If you put it on the internet, it automatically becomes true. 😉 hehe

    Seriously though, the Tim and the Timmy sound almost identical to me. Personally, I went with the Tim because it’s worth the extra $50 to me to have a great boost circuit in the same pedal. Not only does it sound better than most boosts, but it’s convenient to not have to power up or cable up another pedal.

    As for the Fulldrive, it’s a highly, highly underrated pedal. Fulltone isn’t ‘the hype’ anymore, because they got so popular, they almost ceased to be ’boutique’ in people’s minds. It’ll happen with the Tim soon enough, too. But, even though I like the Tim better (I think it’s more transparent and lets your amp’s and guitar’s tone shine through more), the Fulldrive is still a fantastic drive. And as a side note, both the Tim and Fulldrive sound better to me at 12 volts, as opposed to 9.

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