Damage Control Timeline Demo Part 2: Controlling via the Rocktron Midi Mate (& Telethon)

It’s been about two years since I’ve been asked to do this. Yep, I like to stay on top of things. 😉 The crazy thing is, that these pedals are still on my board after 2 years. It actually frightens me a little…as if these pedals sound so good that they are literally stealing from me my status (and when you say that word, make sure you pronounce the ‘a’ long, as in ‘Larry Mullen Jr.’…it sounds more British that way) as a gear junkie. So then you have to ask yourself, what is more important: good tone, or the sad qualifications you’ve chosen to give yourself in order to feel as if you have some sort of identity and purpose in life that revolves around shiny metal boxes which exponentially increase your self-worth the more rare and expensive they are (i.e. ‘gear junkie’). And since the answer is obviously the identity-in-expensive-little-boxes one, the only logical conclusion is to sell the Damage Control Timeline’s, and then buy them back. (So many times on this blog I literally wish these were jokes. But no. I’ve owned the Tim pedal 3 times.) And I would probably do that, were it not for the saddest news in the guitar gear world since last month when we all ran out and bought $2,000 Klon’s because they were ‘being discontinued’, only to learn the next week that they were not being discontinued, but were only being revamped into smaller and more usable enclosures. We are so awesome.

Yep, the best delay pedal the world has ever seen has sadly been discontinued. (And if you disagree that it’s the best delay pedal in the world then, well…you’re wrong. hehe Little joke there. Which I won’t tell you how much of is true in my mind. 😉 ) And I actually heard that news the same day I was recording these demo’s that people have requested of how to control the Timeline via the Rocktron Midi Mate. And at first I wasn’t going to post them…why add insult to injury for people who now can no longer find these pedals? But then I started to think…what if we can keep raising the awareness on these things, and perhaps convince Damage Control to come out with I don’t know…maybe…the ‘Damage Control Timeline 2: The Alternate Reality’? Because, ‘timeline’, so…another timeline would be like, an alternate reality…ya, I know…that was cheesey and very Battlestar Galactic-ish, which is always a bad thing. Oh no, wait! The ‘Damage Control Timeline 2: ‘The LOST edition.’ Ya! Stupid LOST, man. It’s making a geek out of me. First it gets me addicted to a show about alternate universes, which is way geeky, and then it gets me reading Isaac Asimov short stories online, which is even geekier! I don’t know what it’s doing to me…and I like it. ………… Okay…where in the world are we? Oh ya! The best delay ever hopefully having a part 2. Maybe with the exact same tone, exact same build quality, exact same midi capabilities, but slightly smaller and with a beats per minute readout? Oh. I literally just got the chills.

So, I’m off. Going for it. The Damage Control Timeline Telethon. Just need a couple celebrities on board. Edge will do. Maybe Johnny Buckland. You out there, bro? (I like to pretend I know them.) Raising awareness for the most noble cause of them all: healing our world. With delay. Oh ya, and for all those of you who requested it, the demo of how to program your Timeline with the Midi Mate.

And for those of you who just don’t care, because you don’t own a Timeline, so hence have no reason to program a nonexistent Timeline via midi, I recorded a special video for you, that’s another piece written to be looped, and that’s in the third video. For your listening pleasure, sure, but mostly just part of the telethon so that I can get a Timeline with bpm readout. hehe

The Clean Tone

Prairiewood Les Paul (with Wolfetone Dr. Vintage pickups)–>
Fryette Valvulator (JJ gold pin)
Damage Control Timeline–>
Damage Control Timeline–>
Matchless HC30–>
65 Amps cab (with Celestion Blue & G12H30)–>

And I’m running through my pedalboard, but no other loops are engaged except the Timeline loops, until the last video.

Possible Biases

None, it’s not a shootout. I just wanted to say that I love delay.

Things to Notice

How long it takes me to form words.

And, at long last, Controlling the Damage Control Timeline with the Rocktron Midi Mate:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

That’s just the beginning of the Telethon. We’re gonna make this happen! :) And in that last video, for those of you who might be interested, there was a Dr. Scientist Tremolessence used, my shimmer section consisting of the This1smyne parallel looper, Boss RV3, and EH POG, and a George Dennis volume pedal. And one Timeline was being used solely for looping, and then the other was used for a couple different delay settings. Oh ya, and then I used an Arion SAD-1 delay at the end, to help the loop fade out.

I really hope that wasn’t too boring, and that it made it a little easier to understand how to program the Timeline’s via midi. The thing about it is, that it’s so incredibly simple, that you end up questioning yourself if you did it right. Because it almost seems too simple. At least, that’s what I did when I was first learning to program them. But I hope this helps!


P.S. Thanks for being patient as I work on this new site. I am completely tech illiterate, so little things like putting a picture behind your blog, become hours of painstaking…uh…clicking. Wow. Drama queen. But I’m gonna try it out for a while, because of honestly, financial issues; but if it doesn’t work, I’ll jump back to the old one.

150 thoughts on “Damage Control Timeline Demo Part 2: Controlling via the Rocktron Midi Mate (& Telethon)

  1. Hey, Karl, if you can make some dough from ads here, I think that’s great! I’ve often thought you must spend a lot of time keeping up with your blog, as well as answering questions/responding to comments. I hope it works out for you.

  2. Thanks, Don. I have this feeling that I’m gonna end up being lucky to make like, 5 bucks a month. haha If so, I’ll just go back to how it was. But ya, it does take up a very good portion of time to keep up with everything here, as well as all the other forms of communication regarding tone questions. :) Thanks for the kind words…we’ll see how this capitalism thing all works out! hehe

  3. Hey Karl – ‘sorry to hear about the cash issues…

    Your wife understands that selling gear is not an option, right?

    Any idea what Damage Control has planned? I’m thinking that the version 2 Timeline isn’t gonna happen as I think their pedals were just too freakin’ huge to go mainstream. I guess I’ll have mine forever…


  4. haha I have the best wife ever. My first comment to her was that my gear could fetch some money, and she said ‘No!’ She’s amazing. But ya…stuff like backup guitars, amps for the pads, Murf’s and Ooh Wah’s…that stuff may need to go.

    And I have no idea what’s gonna happen with Damage Control. Unfortunately, I’ve opened the back of the Timeline as I’m sure you have as well, and they would be hard-pressed to fit all that in a smaller enclosure. I mean, it’s basically a rackmount.

    I’m hoping to have mine forever, too. Unless they come out with one with a bpm readout. Please!!! hehehe Wish I had more info right now.

  5. new site, new rockin logo (you might want to put some shadow on the letters, but that’s just me), new vids … and are those new shoes?! :)

  6. Sam–thanks, bro. I really appreciate that. I should be able to give updates in a few days…I hate being all cryptic. :)

    Rhoy–haha No, I’ve had those for a bit now. :) But this video did showcase them more than I had expected. lol And good point on the logo…I’m not really entirely sold on it…I’ll work on it some more today. :)

    Andrew–thanks, bro! Ya, I actually didn’t know that until like, yesterday when I was reading their updates. I don’t think my videos were that great, it’s just that at the time, I was the only one crazy enough to give these gigantic pedals a chance. Best decision of my life. hehe 😉

  7. Hey brother, this is a bit of an off-topic question, but since we last chatted, I bought a T1M mini blender and I’m running it exactly like yours (other than the RV5 intead of the RV3) except I just can’t get it to gimme the same results. I’m just getting too much of the tracking effect of the POG instead of the “floating behind all my notes like the Edge” thing. I mean, it works allright if I turn it really low, but then I;m below unity when my looper is on….HELP!!!! maybe a close-up….?

    ps, love the new site! I’m behind you man, you deserve to make money off such an amazing, insightful, and downright entertaining blog!

    keep it up,

  8. Hey karl,

    Pretty sure the Damage Control is back in circulation or something. From their website they were selling again in the past like 3 months! They are sold out now, but keep an eye on their site store to see if they put new ones out again. Thought I would pass this along.


  9. so because i didnt read the website right, I am definitely wrong. discontinued. what a shame. should have bought one while i could.

  10. Tyler–so weird, bro. Here’s a couple pictures of them close-up. :) Hope that helps, brother!



    James–I know. Such a shame. Hopefully a new one is coming!! Sign the petition, brother! hehehe

  11. man, thank you so much! Yeah, it’s identical for the most part…? So youre going in to the looper on the bottom input on the right side and then out into the verb from the top input on the right side right? …and then from the POG, back into the top input on the leftside, right?


  12. Karl,

    I’m as bad as you are, I had to replace my cell phone and I couldn’t resist the MyTouch Fender edition. So now my phone matches my Tele. Sick, I know.

  13. Tyler–yep, that’s exactly how I’ve got it. And then mix to taste on the looper, but I keep it very low and let my picking dynamics control most of the volume of the shimmer. ??? Let me know if anything works for ya. Weird. It should be all hooked up right, as far as I can tell.

    Craig–lol Yes!! Best thing I’ve heard today!! hehe

  14. You know, I think you should keep your MIDI Mates switched like that, because then, you can explain to people that your pedalboard is as complex as the human brain. The left side controls the right side, and vice versa. This is what came to mind while studying for my neuroscience midterm…

  15. Hey Karl,

    When are you gonna get the new Strymon El Capistan dTabe Echo and do a demo for us? :) The demos at the strymon site look pretty good.


  16. Hey Karl!
    I saw that one of your patches was named looper and i was wondering if you save a program change that calls up the looper on the Timeline?
    Thanks man,
    Sal Garcia

  17. Yep, I do! The catch though is that when you connect the Timeline to midi, it automatically saves the looper to patch 128. You can’t change that, nor can you write the looper to another patch. So I base my main banks in 1-9 and 120-128 so that I always have easy access to it. :)

  18. Karl, why do you use 2 midi controllers? Wouldnt you be able to use one for both timelines? or does the timeline not have a midi out/thru jack?

  19. I could, but then each press of a Midi Mate switch would switch both Timeline’s. And most of the time I was running them not sync’d, and switching 2 or 3 patches on the second one, while staying on one patch on the first one.

    The Midi Mate does have the ability to be ‘split’, with 5 switches sending messages on one midi channel, and 5 on another. However, since the Timeline receives midi messages on channel 1, it doesn’t work with two. It would work with a Timeline and a Glass Nexus though. :)

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