Every time I think I’m awesome……I listen to this. And I realize I’m not. Not even a little.

I’ve got this song……that sends me back to the drawing board every time I hear it. Both tone-wise, and practice-wise. And in that sense, it may be the most important song I have ever heard. See, I’m a huge believer in never being satisfied–in always pushing yourself further. And I feel that songs like this are extremely important to have. And this might not be your song…which is even better. The point is to have those sounds in your own life, the ones that make your heart ache, and to be chasing those.

And not necessarily chasing the exact tone, or style, or note choice, or technique. But finding ways to evoke the same feelings you get from your ‘humility song’ in your own playing. So, every time I start to think highly of myself, I listen to this song. And it knocks me flat on my back like a Yngwie Malmsteen fan who just heard tone for the first time. (‘Tone’ meaning, anything besides Yngwie.) (And yes, I just said that.) The tone. The singing, screaming, aching tone. The musicianship. The simplicity. The notes he chooses. The feel. The sheer passion. And the overall sound that reaches through the speakers and pumps my heart for me for just a few seconds. And not what Bono is wearing. And yes, I said ‘Bono.’ Meaning, this is a U2 song. But, come on……was there ever any doubt? ;)

I give you…the sound that keeps me humble. Especially from 3:15-5:00.

And I’m hoping you all have songs like this, too. Doesn’t have to be this one. But something, anything, that grabs your soul and pushes you to hone your craft to a place where you’re giving the same feelings that your ‘humility song’ gives you. This song kills me every time I hear it. And I realize that I am not a rock star. Well, that and the fact that for a couple seconds yesterday during a set, it made perfect sense to me to play an ‘A’ note in the key of F#. With lots of delay on. That’ll keep you humble quick.