If only…

…I could have this much passion when I’m playing, I might have made it big by now. (And by big, I mean like, playing the Hollywood Bowl……as opposed to having a blog where I just make fun of Steve Vai a lot in order to make myself feel better about posting demo videos where I forget to tune.)

She is officially my hero. And Edge. And Al Pacino. And that one girl from Arch-Enemy who sings like a dude. So frightening…yet so cool.


P.S. Can you tell it’s gonna be a crazy weekend? Apologies for the recent lack of posts that you can actually do things with.

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  1. Have you ever been THAT into worship that you forgot you were THAT into worship? You stop playing your guitar, open your eyes and realize that the entire congregation is looking at you?

    All glory to Him…

  2. Whenever I play at church, people rush the stage and try to climb up so they can get close enough to feel the heat from my playing. We had to hire security. Which is kinda weird at church.

    It really does make me wonder though; what might be happening in that young lady’s life to evoke such emotion? Is it the lyrics? Is there something about that music that just stirs her soul? Is she finding something in Mayer’s music that completes her in some way? And if so – shouldn’t we be the same way when we worship? I mean really – the music we play is pretty darn good. The lyrics, of course, are directed toward heaven. But, for me, the most important thing: we have this wonderful and glorious thing that was given to us by God. Isn’t that reason enough to dance and lose ourselves with song and worship toward Him?

    And yet, I am certainly guilty of it. I’ll show up on a Sunday and sing the songs. I’ll tap my foot. I’ll even move a bit, sometimes even borderline dancing. When I’m feeling really moved I might raise a hand. Why don’t I have that same energy as this young lady about The Living God?

    It really makes a guy think.

  3. Jamie–great point! Definitely not as much as I should. I know there have been a couple times when I’ve felt that I’m about to be ‘really into it’ or ‘a bit overwhelmed’…however you want to say it without going into all the Christian phrases that have become so cliche that they don’t mean anything anymore…and I’ve had to go off stage into a corner somewhere so that I can express properly for that moment without being a distraction. And when I’m in the band, of course, not actually leading. There’s this weird balance that I don’t think I’ll ever master of leading people in worship, but still worshiping God yourself, but being an example of worship to them, but not being a distraction from God. And I guess sometimes when you’re worshiping and can no longer process all that, you just gotta say forget it, and start doing what this girl’s doing. hehehe :)

    Rhoy–absolutely. She appears to be absolutely and truly lost in the moment. She’s not thinking about anything or anyone right then. Way good times, especially for not only leading worship I think, but when we’re in the congregation as well. I know way too much of the time I’m guilty of critiquing the band. hehe

    Tom–very interesting thoughts. Great stuff. Personally, I think there’s a few reasons, perhaps. One is that in general, I find that a lot of the songs we sing in worship seem to have been written from more of a ‘we need a great worship song’ standpoint, rather than an outpouring of the heart. I don’t know if that’s a bad thing, but I will say there’s something incredibly compelling about someone pouring their heart out in a song…and it’s apparent that they are, because the lyrics are often questioning, open, and naked. Much too naked and vulnerable than we like to be in our worship music. And again, I think there’s a place for both; just that we don’t seem to have much of the more compelling latter.

    Secondly, there’s always the fact that music not ‘constrained’, if you can jive with that word just for the purposes of this conversation, by worship towards a sole God, can tend to be much more human, and might talk about things that just hit certain people directly where they’re at at a given moment of their life. Maybe she really does have some ‘vultures’ in her life at this very moment.

    And of course, thirdly, you can’t rule out the rockstar status and sex appeal…which may not be what Mayer is going for, but he obviously has it with the ladies. And that’s something most worship leaders (thankfully) do try to avoid. hehe

    Great thoughts, brother!

  4. One question I’ve been pondering is how huge bands (let’s just say U2) can get a whole stadium full of people worshiping (the band, but at least they’re worshiping) when us “leaders” can’t even get a congregation of 400 going. I wonder why these bands are popular and I’m not. I think it’s because they actually mean what they sing about. God help us, secular, heathen bands are more honest than worship leaders are.

  5. I tend to wonder what chemicals she might have ingested. Most folks don’t stop by church after a couple of beers. Plus history tends to show that humans have less of a problem openly worshiping an idol (Whether it be a guitar god, golden idol or pop icon.) than they do the God of the universe.

  6. Colty–wow, awesome stuff. Yes, people absolutely connect with honesty, passion, and transparency. And a lot of regular artists have nothing to lose…they just open themselves up. And we Christians don’t…including myself. Great stuff.

    Mark–oh ya, great idea, too. hehe We seriously cannot forget to take into account how much freer people are when intoxicated. Good point.

    And on the history thing, you’re totally right. Is it because we know that if we totally give ourselves to God, we’ll lose control of our life? Or we’re afraid He’ll ask us to do something painful? Totally interesting.

    Great comments, everyone, by the way. I’m enjoying this discussion a lot.

  7. I find it funny that they felt the need to actually circle the fan. Like there was any doubt who the best fan in that clip was. Haha.

    Mark – Teenagers don’t need chemicals. They are unconsciously producing far more than any sane person would ever ingest on purpose. 😀

  8. Karl- In my few years I’ve been around, I’ve come to realize that we live in a very strange world populated by strange and stupid people. There’s something about the idea of an omniscient, omnipotent God that just shuts people down and makes them act stupid.

    Travis- The comment about teenagers is very true. :(

  9. Travis–lol Totally!! And good call on the chemicals. :)

    Colty–very interesting viewpoint. I’d love to tell you that you’re wrong, except that you’re not. hehe

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