20 thoughts on “Boss FS5L Review & Demo

  1. Cool Shoes. At about 2:30 in this video he shows an interesting footswitch that has adjustable knobs on it. It’s a demo of an all-tube amp made by Gabriel — a little off topic but how can you go wrong discussing tube amps?



  2. I hears there’s a blue LED mod that increases clean headroom and brings out those haunting mids. I’ve been waiting for this demo.

  3. I see this is the battey-only model. Thatls good. Those dc wall warts give too fast of a switch. I prefer the vintage sag of 9V.

  4. Ben–hehe Figured this was about due. ;)

    Randy–well, thank you! Pasadena Ross. $30. Fantastic. hehe Nice video…Gabriel has some killer amps!

    Robin–lol I’d disagree were it not true. :)

    Rhoy–lol Wait, so this didn’t help anybody decide on the Boss FS5L? ;)

    Mark–a blue led one?! Oh, I am so on that!! hehe

    Mike–actually, it’s one of those lithium watch batteries. I like the 9 volt sound for these things, but the lithium has a little more presence in the bass response. ;)

  5. Mark–lol Well, I’m in the middle of an amp shootout right now, and let’s just say I’m making up for the last two reviews. I’m listening back, and there’s a disgusting amount of delay. hehehe

    Tom–unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my hands on the true bypass version, so there’s a little bit of sparkle gone. But the buffer’s pretty decent, so you don’t notice it that much. ;)

    Wait, I mean, ‘True bypass is a myth!’ (I think that’s what you’re supposed to say, at the current moment, to be considered cool. hehehe

  6. I just had to hit the “HQ” button. Youtube takes so much high end out of those videos.

    Could you send me the raw video so I can see it in full quality?

    Ha!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the FS5U review. Maybe a shootout with a loopmaster taptempo?


  7. Nate–lol Yes!! A shootout would be spectacular!! haha I may have to wait awhile until this one gets lost in the mix a bit on youtube…it’ll be interesting to see how the ratings on it go…if people will get the joke or not. hehe

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