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  1. Indeed. It was an important part of who I am today when I started looking around and thinking … how come the rest of the world seems to have a good opinion of Christ but a terrible opinion of Christians? Is that really acceptable?

  2. That brings up the topic of whether we should be “seeker sensitive” or expect that God will bring us those who have been broken and are ready to hear the Gospel.( without changing the way we do “business.”

  3. The church is the various “witnessers” being beat up. The airline captain ( Rex Kramer ) is the unconverted one. So I suppose I can’t make a “church” connection if I mean “visitor to church.” In this case the non-believer is being accosted where he lives.

  4. This is the comment on the original youtube page:”Rex Kramer on the way to the airport, however he’s intercepted by several religious nutjobs.
    They come off worse for the experience. ”

    So I conclude the church is the various people proposing their religion to the airline captain who is the world at large.
    It is sad that many ( apparently ) view the various religions as so many pesky mosquitos.

    But if someone actually visits a church I don’t see this video as applicable. Nobody is holding a gun to their head to attend.

  5. haha This might be more fun than I thought! I threw this up there with whatever I was thinking about at the time, but didn’t realize how many ways it could be interpreted. Little Freudian social experiment here. hehehe

    For what it’s worth, I was thinking this reminded me of church with just how much we accost new people with constant fliers and ‘join this ministry’ and bulletin inserts and greetings; and I was just wondering if sometimes maybe the new people feel like just fighting through our greeting mobs and ministry inviting mobs just to get to the auditorium. Meanwhile, we’re stoked on how ‘welcome’ we’re making them feel. And maybe we are making them feel welcome. I was just thinking about this movie, and remembering this scene and started laughing at how much it reminded me of how I greet people at church with every ministry’s flier. lol

    But by all means don’t limit yourself to my view of it! This is turning into like, one of those ink blotch picture. Watch the video and think ‘Church.’ What do you see? hehehe

  6. Karl, that’s funny, exactly what I was thinking! Ha ha, Ive served at a few churches where the guest “welcoming” culture was…well…anything but welcoming! Ha ha one seriously gave out ribbons for people to wear to identify them as guests! It was this crazy red color with gold lettering and could very well have passed for a second place ribbon for field day! I suppose the well-intended (I’m sure) idea was that visitors would wear this identification with pride and the regular church people would know to be extra-friendly, and shake their hand as many times as possible, tell them how glad we were they decided to worship with us today, give a brochure of all applicable ministries (oh you like to knit?! We have
    a wonderful crochet ministry that meets on Tuesday evenings…) etc. you know make them feel welcome! 😀 ha ha, crochet ministry never really figured that one out!

    Runner up was another church that had the great idea that during the designated time in the weekly service for being nice to everyone regardless of how you really want to treat them…a.k.a. “a time of fellowship”…that all the visitors should stay seated and not try to fake like they know what’s going on so that everyone else would be able quickly identify the ones who were important to “fellowship” with, and make sure they signed their kids up for whatever program was awesome that month! Ha ha…man, that’s not awkward at all right….

    Anyway, totally been there, totally identify…and great comparison with airplane…(yes I am serious and don’t call me surely)


    So glad so many churches have moved beyond that, and sad that probably many haven’t and won’t

  7. Nate, that is absolutely awesome. Ya, whenever I’ve been a new person in church, I’m just praying that I won’t look like a new person. That’s the worst! You want to be talked to by people so that you feel like you’re one of the group; not wear ribbons or stand or sit or anything else that calls attention to you as someone who’s ‘not in the group.’ And then what usually happens is everyone talks with you, and then the next week no one cares. You came back, the job is done.

    Great comment, brother! I agree 100%. Especially with the Leslie Nielson quote. 🙂

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