This week I got a pedal in a trade. It was a trade I did not want to make; because I needed the cash, and we all know what happens when I trade for something I plan to sell because I need the cash. Ya, not so much selling happens; or cash. Unless it sounds bad. But this week I heard an amazing pedal. And I now own it. It is the best I have ever heard of its kind. And you know what? I’m going to sell it. A momentous day indeed. So those of you who think I’ve totally jumped off of the cliff……nope. I’m hanging onto the edge for dear life…kind of like little boy Captain Kirk when he leaped out of the car as it was going over the cliff…you know…that one realistic part? (Honestly, the new Star Trek was much better than I expected. It had its ‘oh sweet mercy, please stop talking’ moments, but overall, it was a very decent action flick. Except for Eric Bana. Yikes, he is bad. The whole time I’m going, ‘That alien is a horrible actor.’ And then when I saw the end credits it was like, ‘Ah.’ Anyone else can’t help but laugh when the previews for ‘Time Traveler’s Wife’ come on, you see Eric Bana trying desperately to not suck, and Lifehouse sings, ‘I’m falling apart…’? I just can’t help it.)

So yes, there is hope for me. But that pedal is amazing. Seriously…when Coldplay calls…I’m buying it. And a lot of other stuff. Hey, don’t laugh. Johnny Buckland can’t live forever! Probably shouldn’t say stuff like that.

And feel free to guess the pedal of which this landmark has given homage. (Wow, that sentence didn’t work. Sorry, I’m in the middle of a move, amongst many other things, and due to those things cluttering my head, I fear my posts are making even less sense than usual…like Eric Bana’s acting choices…oh. That just happened.) Suffice to say, I’m not over the edge just yet. (Mmmmm…Edge.)

Eric Bana
(There is no argument that you can possibly make to convince me this isn’t the worst acting performance in history. Well, at least no argument that doesn’t include Orlando Bloom.)