Guitar Tone Tip #32

If an amp looks like this, it sounds good.

Vero Amp 2

Vero Amp 1

Vero Amp 3
(And please note that to afford an amp like this, you probably need a house like that, too. Hardwood floors, leather couch, amps and guitars that look so good they can double as furniture. I think the linoleum in my apartment is about the same, right? 😉 Hey, at least they just come out and tell you in the marketing: ‘Ya, you gotta have some money.’)

Nope. Don’t even need to bother plugging it in. And if you do plug it in, and people come up to you afterwards and say they didn’t like the tone, you just say, ‘Here, look at my amp.’ And then they will say, ‘Whoa! That sound guy sucks!’

Which is of course the point; to have tone without ever actually having to have tone. My pedalboard does this for me. Because it’s unfortunately large. It could be smaller, but then I’d have to custom order one that would refit my pedals better, and that would cost dollars that could be spent on delays. But people see it and just naturally assume that because it’s bigger than my amp (which is incredibly sad…and there aren’t that many pedals on it…it’s just that every time I do a pedal shootout, the one I end up liking the best is without fail, the most giant one…it’s terrible), that it must just mean ‘tone.’ And then they say, ‘Whoa! Which pedal was doing that thing at the end?’ And I’ll say, ‘Actually, they were all off. That was just switching pickups on the guitar and pushing the amp a little harder.’ And then they’ll look at my amp for a few seconds with a blank expression on their face. And then back at my pedalboard. ‘Nice! So this thing must sound awesome!’

Yep. Doesn’t matter how you actually sound. Just have a huge pedalboard. Oh ya. And a Vero Amp. Because those pictures sound amazing!


20 thoughts on “Guitar Tone Tip #32

  1. AH yes – very cool amps. I actually heard a guy play one. Pretty cool. Old school bluesy vibe. Little Charlie and The Nightcats. Jumpin Blues. Great Stuff. Racy Lyrics.

    Nice call Karl.

  2. Lol So they really actually do sound good? hehe Score! Uh…I mean, of course they sound good. I didn’t need you to tell me that. I mean, look at ’em! 😉

  3. My current pedalboard is 48″x17″….yes that is 48″. Since I play a Godin A6 Ultra, I control both the acoustic and the electric signals at the same time. I have to change the oil every 3,000 or 3 months….whichever comes first.

  4. Dude ought to move it away from that fire place. I got a cinder burn hole in an Orange 2×12 cab from something like that.

    Plus, that amp would not match my furniture (Early 80’s garage sale. Hey, who’s got money for furniture. I spend it on gear.).

  5. Did you get that last picture from TGP? :)
    The copper top is pretty cool.
    This amp reminds me of this one time when I was going back to work after lunch. I was waiting at the stoplight by Gelb Music (boutique dealer) and there was this guy struggle-ling to get his new combo amp loaded into the backseat of his Porsche. Him and his friend just could not get it to fit into the car.

  6. Matt – and I thought my 30″ board was big, man thats like luggin a kid around.

    Mark – Money + Gear = Happiness 😉

    Karl – Sorry bro, the amps that look like funiture does work for me, to me it reminds me of my grandmothers record player thats hidden in the coffee table thing from the 40s. Maybe its the rocker in me, but only Half Stacks or Full Stacks look like TONE to me. hehehehe

  7. meh….
    reminds me of some of the high end stereo stuff I’ve seen.
    kinda like snake oil.
    If I gave you $7000, Karl, I bet you’d come up with a rig that blew that combo out of the water.

    However, the target market probably doesn’t think like that.

  8. Matt–nice, bro! I had no idea you had a board that big! Must be the source of all your tone, right? 😉 hehe Man, I don’t feel as bad now. hehe I do push the oil changes on mine to about 5,000, though. 😉

    Mark–seriously? Did it still play ok? That’d be the raddest thing ever to have on stage!

    And I hear ya on the furniture thing. My wife and I have a few other couples that we hang out with, also young marrieds. And we literally just kind of pass furniture around, depending on whose current apartment will fit it. hehehe

    Dan–these are actually from the Vero Amps site, but you’re totally right, that one was on Gear Page. First time I’d heard of them. The guy I bought my RSA31 from was (and I think still is) trying to sell it. I searched RSA31, found the thread, and then saw the picture of that amp. The RSA31 looked decidedly less cool after that. hehe

    And that’s when you leave the Porsche and carry the amp home. 😉

    Shane–Ya, I suppose the looks might be fairly specialized, and not for everyone. For myself personally, I don’t know why, but I’m totally drawn to the retro ’40’s-’60’s looks in gear. Like anything in sea green, or that looks all bubbly ‘That Thing You Do,’ or that looks like it could have been used in a 1946 roadhouse. I have no idea why! lol

    Don–haha I don’t know if I could build a rig better than that…ya, I’m sure I couldn’t. But if I had 7 grand to commission someone to build me a rig…mmmmm…

    …wait, what were we talking about? Daydreaming just got out of hand a bit over on my end. :)

  9. Wow. Hilarious!
    I’ve been a little out of touch lately- what amp are you currently using and what is your main OD? (just trying to keep up with the amp/pedalboard internal discussion! :) )

  10. I went to see Lincoln Brewster Friday night in Gastonia, NC (sounds like a locale for a Marx Brothers movie). As good as Edge is, this guy is incredible!

    He uses a pedal board way bigger than Matt’s 48″ X 17″. It included a monster size Line 6 board/processor like Karl mentioned in his Lincoln versus Edge blog, amongst other pedals. His amp? A Marshall half-stack! From what I understand, he uses that amp (or any of a number of other amps, depending on what the venue is like) merely as a monitor. His tone comes 100% from his pedal board. Imagine having a Marshall half-stack and using it merely as a monitor?

    If you need a speed fix with great tone, go see Lincoln. And, you’ll be blessed by his music.

    Karl, I could EASILY furnish my son’s apartment with the $$$ from that glorious piece of amp/furniture. If it sounds half as good as it looks, WOW!

    • Lincolns set up is actually two Line6 X3L’s side by side. One is in use and the other is a back up. I just remember that from a clip that Karl had posted.

      Nothing wrong with 100% of tone coming from pedal board… Right Karl?

  11. Randy–haha, that rock amp one is incedible!

    Sal & Randy–I’m not so sure the Ark Amp looks are for me. However, I’m way more than stoked to see somebody actually doing something innovative and new with the looks of guitar amps! Totally awesome.

    Larry–good to hear from ya! How’s schooling? And I’m between amps right now. I’m currently on a Matchless Spitfire. Which I absolutely love, except for the unfortunate fact that every couple months or so, I actually need a bit more than it’s 15 watts. So I’ve got it’s 30 watt counterpart, the Matchless HC30, coming in this week or next. As for od’s, still the Tim as the go to overdrive. Nothing’s kicked it off yet! :) Cheers!

    Tony C & Sal–lol Are you guys just baiting me? 😉 hehehe I totally deserve it. Yes, I’m not a huge fan of Lincoln, or his choice of tone is the direct-into-the-board X3L’s. I have to admit it. However…I also have to admit that thousands of people not only like him, but are totally able to worship the living God through his music. And that music includes both face melting solos, and Line 6 amp modelers. Two things that I’m not that into. But yikes, when it comes to his obvious talent, and way more importantly the fact that people are being led in worship through his music, then my opinions definitely take a huge back seat. :) Cheers, my brothers!!

    Tom–sure! That’d be awesome! Thanks, brother!

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