Really, really easy to forget this. Yes, there’s a lot to think about, and yes, it’s all good stuff to think about (especially if you’re thinking about delay and buying more of it). And yes, as 2 Samuel points out, sometimes worship involves sacrifice. But let’s face it……we get to bare our hearts and souls and just completely drive out (notice I said ‘drive’, not ‘rock’, hehehe) on our instruments and voices, connecting with the One who literally died for us.

And I readily agree that there are times when that is not fun. There’s a time for everything, and sometimes it’s time to serve through struggle. And of course it needs to be balanced with service, and making sure the worship set isn’t just one long, self-indulgent solo, tone quest, or Capitol Records audition (because of course they’re always in the audience, just hoping against hope to hear a talent like yours), because that’s what’s ‘fun’ for you. But after we’ve balanced all that out…I’m thinking this should be some of the most fun we have all week. Not everyone gets to turn on their Tim pedal for God.


P.S. I sold my new Matchless.

No…I didn’t. I need to have something to hug at night while I sleep. I literally tried to kiss the soundwaves that were emanating from it as I played it this weekend. (And that’s not a lie. Although…I did kind of do it just so I could write that here.) But seriously…did any of you read that I was selling it and go, ‘What?!’ No. You didn’t. You probably just said something like, ‘Figures.’ Stupid guitarists.