Alright, I’m going against my tendencies here. Which are to simply write, ‘Delay. That is all you ever need know.’ Which is, of course, true. But I’m actually going to post a video that shows one of the most creative uses for delay that I’ve seen a while. Now if you don’t like delay…………no. You do. Even if you don’t……you do. A close friend of mine turned me on to this video, and I believe Randy who posts here on this blog is a big fan of this guy, too. (Randy, if I got that wrong, my apologies. But you get some free linkage out of it! ;) ) Notice this guy’s ability to take the same delay tempo and integrate quarters, untimed, and dotted eighths. This piece is beautiful. And it makes me feel things for this man that I don’t want to deal with. (And if that statement frightens you, just pretend you didn’t read it. You’d be surprised how well that technique works. I’ve used it for years every time someone says, ‘I don’t use delay.’ Nope. You do.)