Delay (& Creative Uses for It)

Alright, I’m going against my tendencies here. Which are to simply write, ‘Delay. That is all you ever need know.’ Which is, of course, true. But I’m actually going to post a video that shows one of the most creative uses for delay that I’ve seen a while. Now if you don’t like delay…………no. You do. Even if you don’t……you do. A close friend of mine turned me on to this video, and I believe Randy who posts here on this blog is a big fan of this guy, too. (Randy, if I got that wrong, my apologies. But you get some free linkage out of it! ;) ) Notice this guy’s ability to take the same delay tempo and integrate quarters, untimed, and dotted eighths. This piece is beautiful. And it makes me feel things for this man that I don’t want to deal with. (And if that statement frightens you, just pretend you didn’t read it. You’d be surprised how well that technique works. I’ve used it for years every time someone says, ‘I don’t use delay.’ Nope. You do.)


32 thoughts on “Delay (& Creative Uses for It)

  1. First I’d heard him, although the name seems familiar. Pretty amazing. What’s next, use a guitar for a golf club? :-) Obviously I need to read the manual on my delay pedal to see if there is more I can do with it at church.

  2. Jacob–lol Now that was awesome!

    Sal–really? Right on. Man, I just got turned on to him, and he’s amazing.

    Randy–huh. I totally thought you had mentioned him in a comment a few month ago. Oh well! Gave your blog some love anyway. haha

  3. Tommy’s awesome. I’ve been listening to him since I was a teenager. The best guitar play ever to come out of Australia!
    Although he lives in Nashville now.

  4. Love Tommy Emmanuel. I saw him once at a guitar festival and he was simply brilliant! He’s a pretty humble guy. done some awesome work with Chet Atkins and to top it all off he’s a Christian.

  5. I don’t use delay.

    Just kidding- but I’m finding more and more now that I don’t use enough! I only have a DD-5 and I’m on the lookout for more.. got a DOD FX90 in the mail and looking at a TC Nova Repeater! Oh if I had the money for a DC Timeline.. college..

  6. Rich–Are you a Tommy Emmanuel fan? Right on! I should’ve known. :)

    Colty–lol He does have that effect doesn’t he! I’m with ya.

    Baggas, Paul, & Nat–well, either wordpress is having double login issues, or you guys all think quite a lot alike. ;) But is he from Australia? Way cool!

    Sam–way awesome to hear that he’s humble. And is he a Christian? No way! Very cool.

    Matthew–lol You had my brain rejecting thoughts that were too painful for it to accept, for a moment there. ;) hehe The DD5 can be a decent delay, especially with an external tap pedal. I’ve owned the FX90, and that’s a good one, too. Enjoy the delay search! It’s amazing. lol

    James–lol Good form, my friend. That was awesome.

    Brent–really? Oh man…you’ve got U2 and Tommy up there!! Trying really hard not to be jealous right now, and I’m definitely failing. :)

  7. This rally is inspiring stuff, makes you feel the need to practice. :-)

    Off topic… sort of… but does anyone happen to know where I can purchase a Damage Control Timeline? I have been looking for months.

  8. “makes me feel things…that I don’t want to deal with”…oh my! You’ve said some questionable things before but that does it! Now I have to block your blog…too “off-color” for me! By the way, great post!



  9. Christianpyro–so true. And unfortunately, I don’t know where you can purchase a Timeline. They’ve been out of stock for a long time now. The best I can do is direct you to Damage Control’s facebook page. They update it fairly often, and if and when they get another shipment of Timelines, that’ll be the page to have the info first. Last time they got a shipment of Glass Nexus’, they sold out within hours. Sorry to not have better news for ya!

    Robin–lol I have no defense. haha ;)

  10. gday guys,

    Tommy’s great!!

    I saw him in concert, and he was amazing as always!!
    He played this song, and seriously, it sounded like there was a thunderstorm in the auditorium!!! NO JOKE!!!!

    He’s also an aussie!!! sorry, gotta plug that!!!

    On the “old version” of “inititiation” he used a BOSS DD-3 !!!

    here it is :

    to give you an idea of where he started!!! – compare the two, he now uses massive reverb, both from his fx and from the sound desk. – only reverb and slight delay though – NO LOOPING whatsoever!!!

    you can get the “tabs” for this off his website:

    it’s off the album determination

    have fun people!!!
    oh and don’t give up = Cause this guy was once where you are now and decided not to quit!!!

    Mark from down under

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