For Reals

So, nothing really bad happened this weekend! I mention this only so that it’s clear that when I do mention the musical horrors of any given weekend, usually propulgated (nope, that’s not it) by myself, they are actually in fact, real. I know it doesn’t seem possible that anyone could hit an A in the key of Ab, or almost sing Free Fallin’ instead of Amazing Love, or tear apart their entire rig before realizing their volume knob was down, but these things really do happen to me. Yep. That’s yours truly. And now you can be sure they happen, because when they don’t (like this weekend), I can’t say anything! Good for the music, bad for the blog. Although the weekend is not over yet…still got one service to go. Personally, I’m hoping for a gorgeous fuzz swell with lots of delay on an intimate part, when I forget to engage my volume pedal. So then everything’s just lusciously perfect with the swell……except for the swell part. Vibe killed in less than 1.2 seconds.

Oh, I did play an outdoor gig with a band yesterday morning, where we blew the power on a whole city street. I asked, ‘How many amps does that one extension cord supply?’ They said, ‘Twenty.’ So the keyboardist and I added up the amps that he and I were running at, and it came out to more than twenty. So we said, ‘If we don’t run power from an additional source, we’re going to blow the street.’ They said, ‘Oh, those amp ratings are more like estimates than actual math.’ Ya……nope. Actual math. And just for the record, I discovered that my rig doesn’t sound as good without electricity. Not enough mids, I think.


15 thoughts on “For Reals

  1. Gtr1ab–lol Simply awesome.

    Mike–haha Yikes, that was awesome, too!

    Chris–haha Well, not in the traditional sense, but actually…now that you mention it, I was high on the neck, but I was playing the 1 and the 5 of the chord! haha

  2. Karl – Glad you had a good weekend, I love when those happen, gives you a sense of accomplishments. Me on the other hand it was the opposite this weekend. Everything that could go wrong pretty much did, and this was suppose to be a special sunday. hehehe, well the good news is I learned alot at least from the failures from my end. More practice, and more wholistic practice. :) Kind of brings the yen-yang of your grace post and this post.

    Good Times

  3. My Lightning made its debut at my church on Sunday as well as with a new band that I’m joining on Friday night.

    The pastor was about to give Matchy (yes, I’ve nicknamed my amp Matchy), anyway – he was about to give Matchy a blessing when he realized that he, in fact, was receiving a blessing from it. It was an emotional moment founded in tonal truth and glory.

    I would normally say that lightning was about to strike me for a comment like that, but in fact – Lightning did strike! Heh.

    The worship leader’s dad came to me after service and told me that I had some really great sounds today and that he didn’t know what the difference was, but it sounded great. Ever get that “Oh yes. This was the right purchase.” moment? That was mine.

    Friday night – I had to turn down Matchy to keep from drowning out the other guitar players Mesa Triple Rectifier Half-Stack. That was awesome. 15 watts vs. 150. Just Matchy and Matchy Jr. Glorious sounds.

    Oh yeah – I’ve nicknamed the HotBox “Matchy Jr.”

  4. Shane–right on, bro. Ya, one of the reasons I mention all my uh, ‘issues’ here on this site is because like you said, failures are fantastic to learn from! hehe And it may not have been a great weekend…but at least there weren’t any of the ‘Grace’ post happenings. lol Great comment!!

    Tom–lol Fabulous puns. It’s so nice to have a Matchless brother whom I can share these victories with! haha I so feel ya. That ‘right purchase’ moment thing. Since I’ve gone Matchless, I’ve gotten a lot of ‘things sound great for some reason’ comment. 😉 I’d love to think it was my flawless playing, but I’m not counting on it. lol And ya, the Matchless line has such a focused tone…all the frequencies you need, and none you don’t. I get the exact same thing…playing the Spitfire at 15 watts, or more recently the HC30 on half power at 15 watts, and being heard so clearly over the other amps of 40 and 80 watts. I’m so with ya!! Matchless forever! And by ‘forever’, I of course mean until someone comes up with a newer amp that lights up! 😉 lol

  5. Congrats on a shame free Sunday morning. Having lead for just over eight years I know how rare that is. Especially with an ambitious pedalboard. Mine is not nearly as ambitious as yours but I’ve still pulled the failed swell move more often than I care to admit. I had a nearly perfect Sunday morning as well. Except for the most crucial “build” in the final song of the set. Yep, the one I beat into my teams head over and over and over again. And yes, I was the only one who missed it. Beautiful.

  6. Five years ago this November, our town had a contest for the best Christmas decorations. My neighbor down the street went all out. Spent a week putting up lights and lawn decor. Every night, the block would get brighter and brighter. I kid you not, at bed time my wife and I would hang a blanket in front of the bedroom window facing his house because the mini blinds would glow like a neon sign.

    The fateful contest judging day arrived the night before Thanksgiving Day. My neighbor fired up his display and blew the transformer in front of our house. The whole town was without power for eight hours on one of the coldest November night in Illinois history. It felt like it anyway. Happy Thanksgiving. Ho…Ho…Ho

  7. Anonymous–right on, my friend!! Isn’t that so the worst? When you hammer something into your team, and then forget to do it? Yikes, I’ve done that so many times! haha Good to know I’m not alone! Cheers!

    Mark–lol Little Vegas Vacation moment, huh? You shoulda plugged in your rig, and sucked all his power right back! hehehe 😉

  8. Your comment about tearing apart your rig just to find out that the volume knob was down made me LOL. I’ve done worse: Just before a service, I panicked when I wasn’t getting any sound, and was checking all my pedals–and then discovered that I forgot to put the cable in the amp. Doh! :)

  9. haha Actually, it’s really good to know I’m not the only one. I’ve done that, too. Like, forgetting to plug the cable into the guitar. It’s the worst when even your drummer can figure out what’s wrong. lol Cheers, bro!

  10. Glad you had a good weekend. I wasn’t so fortunate…leading into the second verse of Mighty To Save, I was going to say something to the effect of “just come as you are…all your faults and failures” However it came out “farts and failures.” Yeah…just gotta keep rollin like it never happened!!!

    • …well it not an untrue statement… just not very orthodox!

      I had a nice moment on sunday – building into the first song, everyone catching on the the feel i had going as the leader welcomed everyone… only for me to wonder why the rest of the team was looking at me a bit funny… I was playing the wrong song! Hmmm stop, and start correct song! nice mood killer!

  11. CC–lol Oh, that’s awesome. Ya, just keep talking so that people start to think, ‘Wait…am I just hearing things?’ haha I love it!

    Cam–score! I’ve so done that, too. Usually it takes me a while to figure it out, too. Or like, then you get so out of place and nervous that for the life of you, you can’t remember the first chord of the right song? hehe Yep. :)

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