So, nothing really bad happened this weekend! I mention this only so that it’s clear that when I do mention the musical horrors of any given weekend, usually propulgated (nope, that’s not it) by myself, they are actually in fact, real. I know it doesn’t seem possible that anyone could hit an A in the key of Ab, or almost sing Free Fallin’ instead of Amazing Love, or tear apart their entire rig before realizing their volume knob was down, but these things really do happen to me. Yep. That’s yours truly. And now you can be sure they happen, because when they don’t (like this weekend), I can’t say anything! Good for the music, bad for the blog. Although the weekend is not over yet…still got one service to go. Personally, I’m hoping for a gorgeous fuzz swell with lots of delay on an intimate part, when I forget to engage my volume pedal. So then everything’s just lusciously perfect with the swell……except for the swell part. Vibe killed in less than 1.2 seconds.

Oh, I did play an outdoor gig with a band yesterday morning, where we blew the power on a whole city street. I asked, ‘How many amps does that one extension cord supply?’ They said, ‘Twenty.’ So the keyboardist and I added up the amps that he and I were running at, and it came out to more than twenty. So we said, ‘If we don’t run power from an additional source, we’re going to blow the street.’ They said, ‘Oh, those amp ratings are more like estimates than actual math.’ Ya……nope. Actual math. And just for the record, I discovered that my rig doesn’t sound as good without electricity. Not enough mids, I think.