Edge Watch: Day 1

U2 360 band


There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who embrace the beauty, and those who lie. And as usual, I’m kidding…just not very much. 🙂 U2 somehow manages to sneak into so many posts here, that I try very hard to do precious few (the emphasis being on ‘precious’) posts solely on them. But this weekend I must make an exception. For they will be in Southern California. This is where I live. They will be close to me. How close, however, is dependent upon a few things:

  • How little sleep can I function on?
  • How many cops will be surrounding them?
  • Is getting a chance for the Edge to tell me the secret to great tone worth a few nights sharing a small, barred room with the wonderful citizens of Los Angeles?
  • If I do get close enough to Edge for him to tell me the secret to great tone, and he says, ‘it’s in the hands’, how many years of depression will I suffer?
  • Adam Clayton will probably have no security. Perhaps he’s a better target…I mean, mark. Nope. A better person to casually hunt for. Ugh. Um, to hope that perhaps there is an off-chance I might see?
  • Will Edge visit True Tone Music in Santa Monica?
  • Probably not.
  • But if one of his ’76 Explorers mysteriously ‘goes missing’, will he then have to visit True Tone for a replacement? 😉
  • Will Edge let me hug him? (Bono probably would, but that’s a different thing entirely.)


So in order for these things to come true (except for the stealing of an Explorer…Edge, I will not do that…but the hugs? Oh most definitely), my wife and I are leaving tomorrow for the great ‘Edge Watch’ in Hollywood. We’ll scope out True Tone, Vintage Gear Hollywood, Guitar Center (I guess…my respect for Edge will significantly go down if I see him there, hehe…no…it won’t), and maybe Amp Shop in Ventura. My goal is to find him in a guitar shop, silently usher him towards a bench in front of a Matchless, hand him a Gibson ES335, and say, ‘Go.’ And then I will watch, and there will be much rejoicing. (Oh, and we’ll probably have to stick a Damage Control Timeline delay in that 335–>Matchless chain somewhere. I’ll just keep that in my back pocket for when the time comes.)

But in all seriousness, Sunday will be a wonderful day. I’ve never seen them live, due to some previously unfortunate personal musical tastes, two of their tours ago, involving finger-tapping, pinched harmonics, and Tourniquet; and then on their last tour, I had a little problem with my finances (meaning, I had none). So I’m very, very stoked. And expecting my life to never be the same again. And it must be said how incredible a wife I have. Those of you who are as of yet unmarried, should you happen to meet a girl who, when accidentally overhearing of a big boy crush you may or may not have on a certain band…should she actually be okay with that…marry her now. My wife not only bought the tickets for my birthday, but she is also traipsing around Hollywood with me tomorrow as I try to spot Edge (you thought that one was a joke, but oh…it is not), and got us a hotel room by the Rose Bowl so that we can get in line early enough to be in the inner circle during the concert. Either she really, really loves me, or she’s planning on getting a really, really nice anniversary getaway from me later on this year. 🙂 I’m going with both. (I love you, Sweetheart.)

u2 360 1

And to add to the gloriousness, they are filming this concert for a dvd, and broadcasting it live over youtube Sunday night. Now, as much as I joke about it, I do understand that there are people (inexplicably) who do not dig U2. However, go ahead and watch the broadcast, and look for me. I promise I will make it worth your while. Granted, it will still be more worthwhile to U2 fans, but hey. Here’s how to spot me:

  • I’ll be in the inner circle, Edge’s side (of course), and sweet-mercy-I-hope-so, in the very front.
  • Look for the cluster of security guards.
  • Listen for probably the only expressions of love and adoration coming from a male voice.
  • Watch for blue Herdim picks being thrown at the Edge, in hopes that he will actually use one that has touched my guitar.
  • Look for the glistening tears reflecting the ‘City of Blinding Lights.’
  • If you hear someone yelling, ‘Edge! Face-melting solo!’ , it is definitely not me.
  • Oh, and I do plan on leading the crowd in chants of ‘Please! Get up off your knees! Now please…’ right before the first encore. And I fully expect them to just burst into it. ‘So you never knew love…’ Oh. I am getting excited.

U2 360 Edge

I will try to post updates throughout the weekend here on the blog as much as I can (and maybe actually use that cursed little thing called ‘twitter’…which I vowed never to use), but for the most part, I’m just going to enjoy myself, and my time with Jamianne. But ya…if Edge actually does walk into True Tone, and we go have frozen yogurt and talk shop, you’ll definitely hear about it. (Kind of sad that in my wildest fantasy, I’m having frozen yogurt with another guitarist.) U2 is another type of experience altogether. And I plan on being close enough to catch some stage volume from the Vox’s.


P.S. Ambient pad and loop, free downloads will be up soon, as will a Diamond Memory Lane demo, and a Tim/Fulldrive/Liquid Blues shootout. I understand that the last few days have been some probably fairly useless and perhaps slightly annoying posts. So my apologies. I’ve been trying to keep the blog going, while playing a full schedule of churches the last two weeks, recording pads, and getting ready to see U2. Oh, and keeping my normal job going, and watching my little sis get married. I try not to go into too much personal stuff here, but just so it’s clear that it’s not that I’m losing interest, it’s that life itself has just been extremely interesting lately. 🙂 As always, thanks for reading, and I truly hope that in some small way, this blog has been able to help at least a little bit with finding new and passionate ways to glorify our Creator through two of His greatest creations…music and life. Cheers.

24 thoughts on “Edge Watch: Day 1

  1. to quote Pedro… i hope “all of your wildest dreams come true.” Seriously tho, would be sweet if you saw him at one of the shops and/or got into the inner circle. I eagerly look forward to reading a blog post sometime next week to find out how things turned out.

  2. Kenrick–how dare you bring logic into all of this!

    hehe 😉 And of course, you’re probably right. 🙂

    Matt K–yes! Man, I miss that movie. It’s like, just getting to the point where I’ve forgotten about it enough to remember how funny it is! hehe And ya…if I did actually see him in a shop…I’m not exactly sure what would happen. Probably something to the effect of, ‘Hello, sir. Um, you play guitar really good.’ hehe 🙂 And I’ll for sure post a review. Cheers!

  3. Karl – another fine blog! I connected with you on F-book via Ricky Garvey… Anyhoo, I happen to work for a Corona based manufacturer of guitars & amps…yesterday we rushed a few transformers over to the Rose Bowl. Yes, I think I touched Edge’s transformers. That sounds a little dirty… 😉 See you Sunday (haha)….and 96000 other people!

  4. I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you that you’ve never seen U2 live.
    Hope it’s all you’re looking forward to.
    Also, I hope you don’t have to stand near ‘that guy’.
    You know, the one who bumps into you all night, tries to shove in front and sings along out of tune? Oh, and is usually wasted?
    Looking forward to reading about your experience.

  5. Justin–right on! Good to have you over here! And yes, touching Edge’s transformers does sound dirty…lol…and I am very jealous!! That is awesome!! And Corona-based…Fender or Suhr, perhaps? I’m curious! 🙂

    Don–haha Me too! It seems really crazy. But I’ve only been into them since ’03, and I just plain had no money during the Vertigo Tour, unfortunately.

    And you’re so right. With my luck, I will be a complete magnet for ‘that guy.’ lol Props, though. That was hilarious!

  6. Sounds like a phenomenally good weekend Karl! Hope your dreams come true.

    Hey are you going ahead with the twitter thing? If so, let us know your twitter username as I’d be keen to follow your updates – closest I’m gonna get to the Edge..


  7. Karl, you will come back a changed person. When we get to see a player such as Edge is it is truly amazing. I have seen so many of my guitar heroes including Edge and every experience just opens up the door to more sonic possibilities.

    I am looking forward to your downloaded pads… you gotta hear what Erick is doing this weekend… Classic… I will let him tell you…

    Another great thing in this post is your Wife and how much she loves you… Dude, I have been married longer then you have been alive and my wife would never go on an adventure like that… you better hook her up huge on your anniversary..=)

  8. great blog post…of course, your obvious idol worship is a bit over the top…but I would be saying and doing the same thing if I could! So…you are off the hook.

    Enjoy the show…I’ll be ordering the dvd when it gets released! Can’t wait for the the Tim/Fulldrive/Liquid Blues shootout!


  9. Ill be watching the live U2 concert in the rose bowl online in t-minus 5 minutes =). Hmm, something to pass the time…
    Oh yeah!

    In the worship band at my church, Im the primary drummer. In the setlist today we had mighty to save, in which I was starting the song with that fantastic drum beat. 2 measures into it, the lead riff was supposed to come in and nothing. I look over to the pianist who is supposed to be playing it and shes looking at the lead guitar player who is looking at his pedalboard…. Smooth. So im out there hanging playing pretty hard and our worship leader comes in with his acoustic guitar and vocals. Needless to say, first verse was incredibly awkward without that ‘do do do’ thing going on.

    Okay 1 minute til showtime…

  10. Gary–I have seen that guy! Very cool. He has a great handle on effects. 🙂

    Baggas–yikes, it was amazing! And sorry to not do the twitter thing…in the end, I just decided to let it all go and enjoy the concert. I only even took the camera out very rarely. It was definitely an experience!

    Dan–it was such a rad show. And thanks for the link! Mmm…fuzz.

    Ben–totally. He was getting some great sounds out of his teles that night! So awesome.

    Sal–awesome comment. I definitely feel changed. Music is so oddly powerful in that way. It was an indescribable night. And what is Eric doing? I’m intrigued.

    And most importantly…you’re totally right. My wife is incredible, and the best part of the night was sharing it with her.

    Robin–haha Ya…I know. But it’s U2! 😉

    And the Liquid Blues just came in, so the shootout should be done later this week. 🙂

    Justin–right on! Sounds like a killer job! I’m jealous, bro. 🙂

    Jacob–oh, that’s awesome. Drums are the hardest because if we leave you guys hanging, there’s not much you can do, ya know? It’s not like the loudest and most ‘acoustic’ instrument can just fade out. haha

    And I’m watching the show back on youtube right now! So amazing, even from the computer. 🙂

    Elliot–rejoicing. Perfect word choice, my brother! 🙂

    Mark Colvin–lol It looked amazing live. A bit of cheesiness, but still amazing. haha 🙂

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