Fulldrive Vs. Tim Vs. Liquid Blues

I’ve been wanting to do this shootout for so long. Now understand, I started doing these demos because my head was about to explode. Let me explain. The internet was a wonderful concept. I mean, information that we could get directly from each other? We didn’t have to rely on people with money? It’s fantastic. However, what they (everyone in power you just refer to as ‘they’) forgot to consider was that it appears the culture has been exposed to television for so long, that now if information comes off of a glowing screen, it is considered fact. So, I could write ‘Starbucks uses little slave children underground in all their suburban stores to manually grind the coffee beans’, and now that will turn up in search engines. And google will show a little snippet of that statement, and people will be too lazy to actually click on the site link, and then find out what I’m talking about, and hence…a new ‘fact’ is born: Starbucks harbors little slave children to make their coffee taste good.

Three Amigos 1
(Right before one of the many shootouts in Three Amigos. You simply cannot tell me that you don’t like this movie…just a little bit. ‘We ride, we fight, we love.’ Classic.)

And that’s when your head explodes. When you can no longer distinguish fact from ‘some guy wants hits on his website.’ Like me. Now anyone who thinks Starbucks is the reinstated Roman Empire will go to back up their opinion with the internet, search ‘Starbucks is bad’, find my site, and I’ll get tons of hits and a ravenous following. However, I used ‘Starbucks’ as my example, so as not to get hits, and to not become the very essence of what I’m talking about. Because no one in America will ever search ‘Starbucks is bad.’ It’d be considered heresy, and I honestly think you can be burned at the stake for distrusting Starbucks. See? I just proved they are the Roman Empire. How? The internet.’

And (sweet mercy, where am I going with this?) it’s the exact same with guitar pedals. You don’t want to have to spend money on an expensive Tim pedal to get great tone? Search the internet. You’ll find sources to back you up. You don’t want to own a Fulldrive because everyone and their guitar-playing second cousin has one? Search the internet. You’ll find sources telling you it’s a terrible pedal. But I warn you…do not search any deeper. Head explosion. As soon as you ask, ‘So how long did you have the Tim pedal for, to find out it wasn’t very good?’ You’ll get these answers: ‘Oh. Own one? Well, I’ve never actually owned one.’ Or, ‘Oh. I’ve never played one, if that’s what you mean.’ Or, ‘Ya, I’m just not a big fan of Paul Cochrane stuff.’ And how about my favorite, ‘I’ve been playing guitar for x amount of years. I don’t need to hear the pedals. They all sound the same.’ And suddenly you realize that in order to keep your head in the place on your body where you prefer it to be (i.e. not in tiny pieces scattered around your pedalboard…might help the tone, though…something to think about), you’re going to actually have to try the pedals out for yourself.

Which is why I do these shootouts. I’m trying to give an at least objective view on some of the incredible opinions out there. So then someone can ask, ‘Which is better? The Fulldrive or the Tim?’ And then I can not only give my answer, but say, ‘Here. Here’s a video. This is where my conclusions came from. Now listen to it. And draw your own conclusions.’ It’s a little thing I like to call ‘science.’ ‘Science’, as it refers to guitar gear, is a big word for, ‘Believing something because you heard it from your amp, rather than hearing it from the guy who wants to sell you the Fulldrive.’ Or the guy who bought it, hates it, but it didn’t sell, and now has to justify having it on his board, even though it’s not cool anymore because it no longer has a waiting list, and you can buy it at Guitar Center.

Three Amigos 2
(My favorite scene from Three Amigos: ‘It’s a sweater!’ Okay, I’ll stop now.)

Now are my videos the definitive answer? Absolutely not! Maybe if I didn’t play the same riff over and over, and could stop talking for a little bit. 😉 But no, they are not. They’re a reference to use as a tool to help you decide which pedal might help make your tone the stuff tears are made out of. But it’s always a good idea to try these things out for yourself.

So anyway, here we go. We’ve got the Fulltone Fulldrive 2, and the Paul Cochrane Tim. Two pedals that are constantly being compared, put down, lifted up, glorified, and trodden upon. I’ve seen literal fights break out over these pedals. (Of course, they were fights over the internet, which means that the climactic ending without fail is always the picking apart of each other’s grammar. Yes. I know.) And so it’s just been a matter of time before I was able to get them both in my hands, and hear things for myself.

And we’ve also got the newcomer, the Damage Control Liquid Blues. I haven’t heard much about how it compares to the other two. But Damage Control makes good pedals, it’s blue, it’s got two switches, I figured it was close enough.

The Players

–Fulltone Fulldrive 2, blue version, non-mosfet, with the three-way toggle switch. (There’s a ton of versions of this pedal.) Running at 12 volts.

–Paul Cochrane Tim. Running at 12 volts.

–Damage Control Liquid Blues.

The Base Tone

Prairiewood Les Paul (Woldetone Dr. V pickups)–>

Matchless HC30 (EF86 channel)–>

65 Amps birch cab (Celestion Blue and G12H30 speakers)

Possible Tonal Biases

–I’ve had the Tim the longest, so it’s more set to my rig. As you can see, I never even have to touch a knob on it. (And also, I’ve demo’d it before, and didn’t want people to get bored by me going through all the knobs again.)

–The Liquid Blues has tubes. Sometimes that sways me. I love tubes.

–The Liquid Blues also has interesting tonal options with its knobs. So it’s quite possible I’ve yet to tap into its full sound yet.

Possible Personal Biases

–Everyone has a Fulldrive. And I want to be cool by not having one.

–It sounds stupid, but the Tim fits really well on my board.

–The Liquid Blues is huge, and runs on 2 Amps of power. So, if it ends up sounding the best, I’d have to get a bigger power conditioner or sell a Timeline. (And I’m not selling a Timeline.) So I kind of didn’t want it to sound the best.

And the Shootout:

And the addendum, with more rhythmic playing, after some comments that I was face-melting too much in the first video. 😉 And by the way, ‘face-melting’ for me, is warm-up scales for most other guitarists. hehe

The Results

–Okay, whoa. The Liquid Blues not only sounded way better than I expected, but is also extremely versatile. If Damage Control was able to put their pedals in smaller packages, they’d be all over everyone’s boards. Wow. It can do compressed, searing lead tones, bluesy tones, but also just a warm pushing of your amp into it’s natural overdrive. Only one tone knob; but at least in my rig, it still was able to not change the tone of my amp, quite nicely. No control over the boost switch, though. It didn’t seem to matter, as it boosted the first channel audibly, but not over-the-top, but I could see that perhaps being a problem in some rigs. But just an incredible sound that really, really surprised me.

–And of course, the Tim never disappoints. It’s hard for me with the Tim, because it always sounds so good that sometimes I’m not excited by it anymore. It’s like, ‘Oh ya, the Tim sounds good no matter what. Whatever.’ But hearing it against the other pedals, it sounds good no matter what you throw at it in terms of your rig. Pushes your amp. Can’t say enough good about this pedal.

–And the Fulldrive. I was disappointed at first, because it did not bring out the natural overdrive in my amp like the other two did. However, once I found and started using its strong points, which seemed to be just by being a distortion on its own, it sounded very good. A little boxy, and it could have done with a better tone circuit. The one tone knob makes it very selective as to what amp it sounds good with. I would have liked to be able to dial it in to match the amp’s sound a little more. But overall, a very good pedal when used as a distortion sound on its own, and with a really clear and transparent boost section.

The Conclusion

As I like pushing my amp into its own natural overdrive, I’m going with either the Tim or the Liquid Blues. Sorry Fulldrive. And I’m going to be honest here. As much as I rave about the Tim, that Liquid Blues might actually be a touch warmer. But my rig already runs at about 11.5 Amps, and my power conditioner only handles 12. So the 2 Amps from the Liquid Blues would push me over the edge. So, we’ll have to see if I can come up with the money to get a Furman IT20. (And that’s probably a ‘no.’) But it did sound incredible. As did the Tim. It’s a tough choice. But as for the Tim versus the Fulldrive? In my hopefully extremely humble opinion, it’s the Tim, by a definite margin.

So there ya go. It’s on the internet. It must be true.



63 thoughts on “Fulldrive Vs. Tim Vs. Liquid Blues

  1. I have a TIM on my ‘board and got/sold a Liquid Blues about a month ago. I found that the LB got muddy and “flappy” around the lower frequencies during rhythm stuff while the Tim stayed tight and really transparent. You’re doing mostly lead stuff, so they seem more equal but my experience was that the Liquid Blues couldn’t really hang with the TIM when it came to rhythm stuff (I play a Strat).

    I did, however, just have my first experience owning a K.o.T. (v4) and it blew me away. When paired/stacked with the TIM, it’s Heaven…

  2. Great now the wait for my ordered Tim just got that much harder! =] But its nice to here a side by side comparison between it and the Fulldrive. I’ve had that same problem with the Fulldrive’s tone circuit as i could never quite dial it in to my amp’s tone and i had it for 2 and a half years! But it will be nice to do my own little shootout when the Time comes in and see how the Tim reacts to my rig in comparison. I have no doubt i’ll be impressed! =]

  3. Well…you keep hammerin’ away at the fulldrive…I have loved mine as long as I have had it…of course, I haven’t had the Tim in my hands to listen to them side by side…the shoot out was helpful…I’m going to “pray” about what to do! Ha!

  4. Jeff–excellent observation. I probably won’t be able to tell that until a live situation. I did try to do some ringing chords and low rhythmic stuff, but next time I’ll try to do more rhythmic passages.

    And the KOT is on my list. I respect your opinion a lot, and it’s in conjunction with what a lot of people are saying! 🙂 Just as soon as I can find one that isn’t so highly priced that I can’t resell it without losing money, should I not like it.

    But I’ll have to try the Liquid Blues live and see if the bass holds up. Thanks for the comment, bro. Cheers!

    Sal Garcia–cool. It’s nice to know others have had the same problem with the Fulldrive, and that it’s not just me. hehe I think you’ll totally dig the Tim! Congrats, brother!

    Robin–ya, I know. I’m sorry. It really was a good pedal; it just didn’t do what I wanted it to. But if it’s making great music for you, then that’s all that matters. 🙂 However, if your prayers lead you in the Tim’s direction, hehe, I think you will be pleased. 🙂 Cheers!

  5. How could you possibly knock the Fulldrive? What’s wrong with you?
    Your typos and grammar show your obvious lack of intelligence.
    I had a friend whose neighbor said he had a Fulldrive and he played in a band (a real one) and he plays through a Crate half-stack (sweet!) and he said that it totally blew away my DOD American Metal and I was like NO WAY and he was like YES WAY and so now I hear you say it’s not better and I’m like NO WAY and I told my fried who is going to tell his neighbor and I bet he’ll want to challenge you to a guitar battle and I know he’ll win because your typos and grammar show your obvious lack of intelligence.


    • …in case you couldn’t tell from that – I’ve never even heard a Fulldrive… And yes, I have a KOT and Timmy and they do very well together.

      And come to think of it – I could probably plug an American Metal into the Matchless and it would STILL sound good! (I promise I’ll never do that though!)

  6. I got a Klon (Actully…uh…two of them.). I’ve owned a Tim and a Fulldrive. The Fulldrive to me is just a tube screamer with a boost. The Tim is great but just not for me and my equipment. The Liquid Blues sound great but not practical for my board situation. So…no money spent. Shucks!

  7. I almost bought a Liquid Blues when they had a Facebook special for $79. I don’t have room on my board, but I probably should have bought one anyway.

    Oh well, I pretty much only use my Timmy with my AC15 anyway. The natural overdrive/distortion on my VHT Sig:X is so great that I don’t need dirt pedals with it at all.

  8. Karl – I meant to tell you that your delay instructional video series was KILLER! I learned a ridiculous amount of stuff from those videos. Thanks a million!

    I actually got my K.o.T. for $280 on TGP! Remember when they were going for $400 a year ago? I think they’re only $225 new – I’m guessing you’re still on the waiting list, like me (in case AM’s on to v5 by then)?

    I’ve owned a Damage Control Womanizer before and had the same low-end muddiness issues with rhythm parts. If the pedals had a “Bass” knob, they’d be perfect.

    Are you still in love with your Spitfire? I’m drooling over the sheer LACK of knobs on that amp. I use the 2nd channel on both my Heritage heads, which each only have 2 knobs (Tone and Volume). I’m becoming convinced that:

    quality amp + low # of knobs = highest probability of TONE.

  9. Tom–lol Comment of the day! And man, another vote for the King of Tone. Guess I better get one to stay up with the times! hehe

    And I agree…anything sounds good through the Matchless. Although you might be pushin’ it with the American Metal. 😉 hehehe What a fantastic name that pedal has! So unashamed.

    Mark–ah, my brother. So sorry I failed you with this one. If you’re coming to my blog, and not leaving wanting to spend money, I’m not doing my job. hehe 😉

    So, are you using one Klon as an overdrive, and one as a boost? I have never owned a one.

    Phillip–yep, that’s why I bought one too! I can’t put it on my board at all because I’m running at almost maximum power capabilities right now…but $79! haha

    So on your VHT, do you just set it for the highest gain sound you need, and then work the volume knob for cleaner tones?

    Jeff–$280? Nice! Ya, I just went and checked a couple days ago, and I was way surprised to see the prices so far below $400. And no, I’m not on the waiting list because I know myself too well. I’m impulsive, and by the time my name would come up, I’d have bought one already. hehe But I should get one soon, just to keep up with what’s going on.

    And a lot of low end with the DC od’s, huh? Hmmm…I’ll try it out cranked at church this weekend after everyone has left and see how it reacts in my rig.

    I actually have the HC30 now, and sold the Spitfire. It wasn’t that I didn’t totally love the Spitfire; it was just that at outdoor venues, I just needed a bit more than the 15 watts. So the HC30, with the half power switch, allows me 15 inside, and 30 when playing outside. And the tones are very, very similar. And I’m kind of with you right now…the less, the better. I’m running into the EF86 channel on the HC30, which has a gain knob and a six position tonal switch on the preamp, and then a master and a cut on the power amp. (Unfortunately…I need that master. hehe) But keeping that signal as pure as possible, I think, is the key. Love the equation, brother!

    Oh, and thanks for the kind words on the delay series. I’m glad they could be of some use.

    So, I knew you sold the D13, but are you going stereo through two Heritage’s now?

  10. Karl: Plugged your delay series. Your welcome… and thanks for the info.

    With Jeff, I’m going with the KOT as being a bit better than the Tim. I love the Tim, but the KOT response is just perfect. And the ability to use 2 ODs, or an OD and Distortion, or an OD/Distortion with a boost just makes it incredible. Options!
    I have practiced with it many times and loved it through my amp at concert volumes….
    But i love my current rig/tone too much to change anything now. I don’t want to put the KOT on board when I think I’m doing so well already! I am happy with my tone for once!

    I’d like to see how the Hermida NuValve does against the Damage Control Blues….. 🙂

  11. My VHT is a 3-channel amp, and it is unbelievably versatile. VHT/Fryette is known for making super high gain tube amps like the Deliverance or Ultralead, but this amp isn’t a one trick pony.

    The clean channel is great – it can do the scooped Fender thing, or you can crank it and get a hairy non-MV Live at Leeds/Hiwatt tone.

    The rhythm channel is where it’s at. This amp is kinda voiced like a marshall, and it can totally pull off a plexi tone. Of course, you can cranks the gain and scoop the mids and get “teh br00talz,” but there are so many in between settings on this channel – even the clean settings are outstanding.

    The lead channel can go from bluesy cleans to a creamy Santana tone to full-on shred tones.

    I didn’t mean to go all salesman on you, but this really is a fantastic amp. I use it in my band, where I have to cover pretty eclectic tones (Alice in Chains/Foo FightersGuster/the Pixies/Soundgarden/Beck/etc). I haven’t used it at church, but it would be perfect if I could find a way to extend the footswitch all the way backstage.

  12. you know, i won’t be surprised if your board end up with:
    2 Timelines, 2 Glass Nexus, 2 Liquid Blues … kidding!

    i personally haven’t tried any of these 3 but they all sounded good and serviceable. would have love to hear it with more rhythm context (like others have said). c’mon another excuse to play 😀

    btw, my wife just gave me a new Barber 1/2 Gainer! haven’t had a chance to play with it though 🙁

  13. Hmm….I’ve never tried that. I should have thought of that. Twice the mojo or in some folks opinion, twice the hype. I think I’ll give that a try when I get home.

    No, what I was doing for a while was hauling around a two amp setup with an effects board to rival yours. One Klon as a slight overdrive into an old black face Fender Princeton and another as a clean boost into an Orange Tiny Terror. I would A or B or run both amps together. It….sounded….amazing. But….setup time was a bear and I didn’t always have my 4 children along as roadies to help me load and unload and load and unload.

    So, now the other Klon is strictly for home use and my board usually stays at church if I’m doing back to backs unless I’m doing some home recording. Cuts down the wear and tear on the equipment and my back. 😉

    But stacked….hmmm….$690 dollars of overdrive….hmmmm….it’s gotta sound good! Right?

  14. Larry–thanks for the plug! And glad you were able to pick something up from the series. 🙂

    Wow, really looks like I’ll have to get a King of Tone. hehe And you bring up a great point about sometimes not wanting different or ‘better’ gear, if we’re currently happy. Great thoughts, bro!

    Phillip–right on! That amp sounds like it sounds killer. And then effects loop for modulation and time-based effects, I assume? VHT seems to make great stuff! (And nice to hear someone mention The Pixies. Great band! 🙂 )

    Rhoy–lol That would be one enormous board! And ya…I thought I had done a ton of rhythmic stuff on that video, but after listening back, I guess not. Weird how that happens. My head must’ve been somewhere else. Well, nothing’s sold yet, so I’ll try to record a ‘rhythmic addendum’ on Monday. 🙂

    Justin–not yet. I did try Skreddy’s Top Fuel, and it was a very impressive pedal. Hmm. Maybe I’ll have to look for one of the dual Screwdrivers and do a Screwdriver/KOT/Tim shootout. 🙂

    Mark–sounds like a great way to run stuff! But I hear ya…I too switched from a two amp setup just because it gets really difficult live to get the sound guys on board with what you’re trying to do. And then you realize that they didn’t even have an extra channel for the second amp, and you ended lugging two amps for nothing. But isn’t that the very reason you have children? Free roadies? At least that’s how it was explained to me. 😉

    And of course $690 of overdrive will sound good! How could it not?! hehe 😉

    Matthew–lol Thanks bro! And seriously, folks. You should buy it. It’s ‘hands down’, the best overdrive I’ve ever played, and just ‘nails’ that Robben Ford/Jimmy Page sound. I’m just selling it to thin the herd. I actually have two, and this is the better-sounding one.


  15. Hey Karl,

    The Liquid Blues sounded very cool in the shootout video.

    Question for you guys… I have a problem with some OD pedals where my guitar gets lost in the mix on higher OD settings. I don’t have the problem with other pedals. Do you think it’s because some pedals have more mids (or some other magic frequency) that allows them to stand out more? The funny thing is that the ones that stand out more always don’t sound as pleasing to my ear when playing alone. But in the mix, it’s fine…

    For example, when using the zendrive, i never get lost in the mix, when using my tim on higher gain settings or the signa-drive on higher gain settings, i tend to get lost in the mix.

    any ideas?


  16. Sam–thanks, bro! And that may be the best impulse purchase you ever made! 😉 hehe Well, at least until the next one. Impulse purchases are never a bad thing! lol

    Ryan–a vote for the Liquid Blues, huh? I’m having a tough time deciding right now, myself.

    As for od, I’m sure everyone will have some awesome input. Personally, at least in my humble experience, sounds tend to thin out at higher gains, and lose those wondrous, and ever-important ‘haunting mids.’ lol So I always like to use the fuller or more bluesy sounding pedals for my high gain sounds. The ones that on low gain settings, may actually be a bit flabby. And I’ve found too, as you said, that many times the human ear doesn’t like sounds that are too gainy, until they are paired with the rest of the tonal frequency…i.e., a band. Even some of the high gain sounds we’ve come to love–if you isolate them, they are pretty harsh!

    And then of course, to remember that if you don’t like your amp’s natural overdrive, you’ll never like any overdrive pedals through it. Although, that probably doesn’t apply, as you’ve got a killer amp!

  17. Karl, thanks for the info. I like my amp’s OD for low-mid gain stuff. But for higher gain stuff it falls short. Its an open back cab, and it wasn’t designed for that. I don’t play a lot of higher gain stuff anyway… But I will try experimenting with the EQ. I just never really have the time to play around with it in a band situation.

    Is there any hard and fast rules for setting up the EQ on your amp when you are alone vs how it sounds in a band situation? I’m assuming not…

  18. I don’t think there is. The one I hear most often is to turn down bass frequencies as you turn the amp’s volume up, but that never really held water for me in real world situations. The one that helps me the most is to remember that these are real frequencies, that our ears really react to. So louder many times does mean harsher, and we do need to re-eq accordingly as we turn up, and as we mix with a band. But you’re right…there’s so much to think about live, that sometimes it is really difficult to do. I don’t know. Wow, I’m a lot of help, aren’t I! haha Sorry, bro. I’d just go with trusting your ears, and making sure at least some of the eq changes are done with your touch and how you attack the guitar at home as opposed to in a band. But I could be way off! 🙂 Cheers, brother!

  19. k karl im gonna agree on the post tim/KOT shootout. I played a KOT for the 1st time last night and could hardly contain myself.

  20. Yikes…so many votes for the King of Tone. Alright, shootout is imminent. And for me, that usually means anytime before 2011. hehe 🙂 So I’m guessing it jived quite well with the HC30? 🙂

  21. very much so. with every intent to not be dramatic about it, it was the best sounding OD i’ve played. it seemed sort of perfect. sounded sweet and warm but in your face and just like my amp. this pedal may have changed my “overdrive pedals are always a bit of a compromise but i have no choice” theory. i haven’t spent that much time with the TIM though so it would be great to hear those. oh and i bought one. hopefully i’ll get it this week.

  22. i have both the tim and the fulldrive….tims my new favorite; however, my fulldrive is a 90’s non mosfet version….sounds head over hand better than the new ones..it has the push/pull volume pot for com cut instead of the mini toggle..kudos on your entire site.



  23. Nice, bro! Ya, both good pedals. And the old Fulldrive’s sound better to you? Interesting, because I’ve found the same thing on certain pedals. I really dig the very first version of the Fatboost. Very cool. And thanks for the kind words on the site, and welcome! 🙂


  24. hi man, nice review!

    do you think the Liquid blues could do charms to an SS amp??

    i mean, since it has tubes, it could give a more tube-like breakup than regular pedals on an SS amp?

    I have an American Standard Strat, a Frontman 212R (100W SS) and ive tried ordinary pedals like the boss BD-2 and IBANEZ TS-7, never getting the drive i want… probably because they might be intended for tubeamps, and i have the SS

  25. You know, I have used it is a tube preamp for recording, and it works really, really well. So, if you were to use it as a tube preamp into your solid state amp, it might give some decent results. I would suggest setting the first channel on the Blues as your clean tone, and then use the boost switch for your overdriven tone. 🙂 If you try it, let me know how it works out! Cheers!

  26. Ive tested the fulldrive in the store with the vox ac 30 through my 72 tele and i must agree it sounds very reserved and boxxy but i knew there must be something to it if so many people have it, and i got a 1977 musicman hd130 a month or so later and went back in to test that fulldrive again and this time i tried it through a vibroloux fender and it sounds much much better. It seems the fulldrive reacts alot more with the fender styled amps compared to the vox or marshalls. You should give it a try, i think you would be surprised :]


  27. Thanks for the tip, bro! 🙂 I believe I tried it through whatever 6L6-based amp I had at the time, and it still didn’t do it for me. Again, not bad by a long shot, but not like the Tim. But since you mentioned it and have had good results, I’ll definitely try it again. Cheers, my friend!

    • oh haha

      yeah, i play for my church’s main and youth based worship team, along with my schools worship team and it was so awesome to find this site like it really has so much information! I got my musicman and it just didnt sound right and i had a person replace the transformer and then two driver caps that i found were bad and i got it back last night and it sounded amazing until i plugged in my pedals (dd-7, bad monkey, vox wah, volume) and for some reason i didnt give it a second thought, then i happened to stumble across your video and ive been looking for a new overdrive anyways, and i was thinking spending around $200 and ive seen the fulldrive used so much and i really liked it, but do you reccomend another od over the fulldrive 2?

      • Right on! No, the Fulldrive is great, and might make you really happy with your tone. 🙂 It’s just that personally, I really, really like the Paul Cochrane Tim. It’s like a chameleon…it just simply overdrives whatever clean sound you already have, and doesn’t seem to care what type of rig it’s in. They’re only about $170 new, but if you don’t want to wait, you can get them for right around $200 used. 🙂 Also, the Hermida Zendrive might be a great pairing with that Musicman, or a Sobbat Drivebreaker, if you’re going for more of a gritty sound.

        Hope that helps! 🙂 But either way, the Fulldrive is still a great pedal.

  28. Jacob–ah! Sorry for the mis-communication, bro. I must’ve missed an email from you or something. I think they’re still on sale at the DC website, though!

    .dP.–Hope it’s working out for ya!

    • They are still on sale @ the DC website. I just got mine yesterday and I almost can’t believe how good it sounds. And the best part? In spite of it’s size, it’s actually going to save me some space on my board because it’s replacing 3 pedals (my mesa/boogie v-twin and the mxr custom comp and decimator noise gate that the v-twin needed). The down-side is that now I’m really bummed I missed getting a Timeline. I was actually getting on the website to order one when I found out they’re discontinuing the everything and it was sold out. I’m man enough to admit, I cried.

  29. You said that the Fulldrive gave distortion on it’s own while the Tim just pushed your amp into it’s own natural overdrive. I have a question about that, and maybe it’s a stupid one but here goes: Wouldn’t pushing your amp into it’s own natural overdrive be WAY louder, since, at least to my understanding, that’s how you overdrive a tube amp, by just cranking it up? It seems to me that anything but a clean boost pedal has to add some of it’s own overdrive, not just make the amp and tubes overdrive on their own. Am I way off base here?

    Regardless of how they do it, I think they all sounded good in your demo. I had that same Fulldrive for a bit. I wanted to like it because everyone seems to think they are the ticket but it was way too Tube Screamery for me. (Screamery? That can’t be a word…) And the Tube Screamer sound is never one I’ve been able to dial in for myself. I can hear 100 people play them (or a clone or whatever) and they sound amazing, but every time I get one, it just never works for me. I used to think that’s because I liked mainly humbuckers and my friends with Tube Screamers were single coil guys, but now I don’t really know what it is. I just know I can’t dial in a Tube Screamer with my rig.
    Now, after getting way sidetracked talking about Tube Screamers, which weren’t even a topic of this post, I thought the Liquid Blues sounded nice too but it’s WAY too freakin’ huge for just an overdrive pedal with a fixed boost.

  30. Ya, for sure, each overdrive lends it’s own individual flavor. For me, the Tim seems to push each amp to sound more like itself, while lending the Tim’s flavor of decay and saturation. So a little of both. And the reason it pushes the amp into it’s natural drive is that I usually set my amps right on the verge of breakup, so any little push with pick attack or a drive pedals pushes them over the edge.

    And totally agree on tubescreamers. I’ve owned so many, and have always sold them. 🙂

  31. About 5 cents worth of difference. If you have one of these just keep it. I have the Fulltone. If you took a blind test I really doubt you can tell any big dif. Spend your money honing your craft…that way you’ll make the house payment next month 😉

  32. Hey I love this site!! It has really helped me a lot at church. Um I have a question. My hometown has a random small music shop that is a peavey dealer. They still Cary some of the damage control pedals (no timelines unfortunately) but they do in fact have the liquid blues for 150, should I get it?? My board needs an overdrive upgrade. I use a ts9, bd2, and lpb booster for drive/boost

  33. I’m actually regretting selling mine off a while ago and was thinking about looking for another one. Even though I’m using a modeling rig these days, it’s always good to have options…(look out ebay, here I come…)

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