The Cure for Boredom (if you're a gear junkie)

Go to Gear Page and search, ‘Dumble.’ Or ‘D*mble.’ I guess the word is magical? Or maybe we all just like to think we’re important enough for the guy to sue us. But really…hours of fun. Literal hours.

Just whatever you do, don’t post in those threads! Many good musicians have been lost that way.


32 thoughts on “The Cure for Boredom (if you're a gear junkie)

  1. lol … funny thing is i think i did search for this when i was looking to get a Zendrive. You’re right, literally tons of hours wasted :(

    btw, i just did a short demo of Barber 1/2 Gainer (very short, that it’s barely 60 secs) … hehe. but it was a lot more fun than tgp, for sure. check it out in my site, when you get a chance.

  2. I searched TGP but havn’t come up with any “interesting” threads. Just stuff about a Dumble tone. I’m guessing that it is some kind of boutique amp. Could you post a link to a good thread or explain what Dunble is?


  3. Two more pieces of gear that will lead to an infinite black hole of confusion:

    Klon Centaur

    Ultimate Attenuator

    I swam through those seas of confusion for a while. Wasted many an hour.

  4. Rhoy–good times!

    Christianpyro–Dumble’s were an amp started in the ’60’s, I think, and gained a lot of popularity in the ’80’s. They’re famous for supposedly sounding better than any amp known to man, and having a completely unique circuit. However, no one really knows because they are incredibly hard to come by. The builder, Alexander Dumble, would actually make you audition to buy one. So he had to approve of your technique, style, and status before he’d let you purchase from him. Even after that, it would still cost you upwards of 10-20 grand (?), and you’d have to wait years for it to be finished.

    Add to that, that the guy is a complete recluse, and no one really knows if he’s still building amps anymore, and now you have stigma, aura, controversy, scarcity, and collectability. And Gear Page seems to be the center of it all. You’ve got mountains of page-long threads over there, with the silliest arguments you’ve ever read, between the guys who can spend 50k on a used one, and then of course justify it by saying it’s the best amp ever, and those who have never played one, but just can’t let it go, and have to challenge everything. And yes…the arguments do always slip into correcting each other’s grammar. lol

    So, obviously this is not one of my strongest posts. lol I just got really intrigued last night when I once again stumbled into one of the Dumble threads, and was just completely entertained for hours by the arguments. Definitely a study into people’s psychology. :) I guess that shouldn’t intrigue me so much, but it does. My apologies for a pretty sorry excuse for a post. hehe

    Mark–oh ya. Totally. I completely forgot about the Ultimate Attenuator! I opened a thread on one of these a few months ago…and man! The opinions disguised as facts that flew around from people who had never even owned one! Wow! haha

    Kenrick–uh oh. Ya, those definitely might be just as bad. Have you opened the one yet that mixes the subject of the axe-fx with the subject of Edge’s rig? So frightening! You gotta wear full on fatigues in some of these threads! haha

    • yeah when that one website posted all of edge’s gear, there were endless debates as to whether the axe-fx could cover it all. so enlightening. my favorite thing to do is to click the links in the poster’s sigs and see how awesome they are, it usually gives such credibility hahah… or not.

    • Wow – I just read that “contract”. I mean – WOW.

      My favorite part was that you have to agree to be patient and not to bother him because you might interupt or impede his work and detract him from fulfilling is part of the contract.

      This of course is after you’ve agreed to pay in full…

      No amp is this good. It’s insulting. I’d rather play through a solid state crate amp than go through all of that.

  5. Forgot to add – I think that it was pretty cool that Tom Anderson was able to sell his Dumble (pictured in an early 90’s Anderson catalog) and buy his wife a Mini Cooper.

  6. Dude, reading that contract, there is no way I would of bought from him, I don’t care how great the tone was… hrm… wait did I just say that… ugh, if I had the money to spare, but for those prices, I would like him to make me breakfast of something, I might even want lunch. 😉

    Wonder what a delay pedal from him would be like… Sorry had to throw that in for ya Karl.

  7. Kenrick–haha Such a great idea, bro! It’s always nice to hear a ‘sample’ of someone’s musical tastes before taking their advice. 😉 hehe

    Dan–holy smokes! Reasonably priced until you add up the $15 a minute phone charge with the guy to order the amp. Bro, you’re my hero for posting that. That is awesome! My favorite is the $50,000 if you want him to come up with something new. Man, I’m in the wrong business!

    Tom–lol Oh, I’m sure I’d be insulted if I ever wanted to buy one. He’d probably have some choice words for me when I auditioned, and I’m positive I’d walk away empty-handed. hehehe Guess a Crate amp it is! hehe

    Dan–wow! But wait…how’d he get around the contract he had to sign saying he’d never let the amp be in a place where someone could look at the circuit? 😉

    Matthew–haha Me either! I was expecting some old, wise-looking hermit, not a big metal-head that would frighten me! :)

    Rhoy–hehehe Either he’s a complete genius, or the absolute king of marketing. Wait, that’s genius, too!

    Mark–haha My favorite videos. And yes…he says that’s the ‘simplest way he can explain it.’ Wow. I feel really dumb now.

    Shane–lol I’m the same way! Not sure I buy into all the hype…but yet there’s been plenty of gear I said was overhyped, and then played, and now own. 😉 However, I think I’m safe from ever owning these. I don’t have $50,000 for a used one, and I’m pretty sure I’d fail the audition process for a new one. hehe

    And thanks. You have now dissatisfied me with all of life until I get a Dumble delay. hehe 😉

  8. ‘Word from Wolfe Guitars here in Jupiter is that Marsh Amps are about to release a Dumble clone for under $2k.

    Of course, since nobody’s actually HEARD a Dumble, we’ll have no idea if it’s even in the same ballpark as the real thing! Now THAT’S brilliant!

  9. I’ve heard a real one. I saw six feet away from both of Larry Carlton’s for two hours.

    They’re just really smooth, soulful, and dynamic. The tone really responds to the touch and intensity of your hands. The shape changes, if that makes sense.

  10. Larry–it’s very possible. Or just high on himself. 😉 Okay, that was bad…but I do admit, I’m sure someday I’ll hear a Dumble and then spend my life trying to practice just so that I can pass my audition to own one. hehe


    Sam–hehe But it won’t have the magic! 😉

    Jeff–seriously! Even if the amps end up not sounding good, the marketing is amazing!

    James–from the clips I’ve heard, they are definitely great sounding amps. But from your experience, would you say they are worth their going rate to the general public? Not to say, a John Mayer, because he can buy anything he wants and doesn’t have to worry about price. But is the tone so good and responsive that it would be worth it to us ‘normal’ folk to try to acquire one? And please, please, please say no, or I’m in trouble. hehe :)

  11. Karl – if you’re ever in NYC, you should contact Ultrasound Studios. I think they sold one of their Dumbles (yes, they had multiple Dumbles!) last year but you used to be able to rent one of the rooms and play through any of the amps in the room (Trainwreck, Bruno, Komet, etc.)

  12. Dan–ah, thanks, bro! :) I’d love to be in New York, anyway. haha

    James–I’m in total agreement. I’ll get a Two Rock and a house, instead. hehehe

  13. LOL, you can so always tell when someone started editing their comment and forgot to finish. Mine SHOULD say, “I don’t THINK IT’S really our thing” 😀

  14. I have to disagree with you there Elliot – Paul C., the maker of the Tim & Timmy, is a very approachable person as well as being very humble. He also doesn’t charge a ridiculous price for his product, even though his pedals are of the highest quality, nor does he make you sign a security agreement promising to never open up his pedal.

  15. Elliot–haha Ya, there has been a lot of threads on those lately, now that you mention it. I wish everyone would stop liking them too, so that I could get a used one for cheaper! hehe

    Tom–that’s true. There are a ton of debating threads on his stuff, but he is a completely stand-up guy. hehe Ya, no $15 per minute phone conversations. 😉

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