Huh. Sounds like a bad death metal band name. And since we used ‘Affliction’ instead of ‘Agony’ or ‘The Scourge of Bubonic Death’ or something, it’s probably a Christian death metal band.

Anyway (wow…sidetracks are beginning early this time), I have decided that it is officially a mental affliction. I bought this pedal today:

Now, some of you might be thinking that you were sure I already had that pedal. And you would be wrong. I have this pedal:

See the font for the ‘Mosferatu’ lettering? Ya. Way different. The first version looks much more lush, weighty, and toneful. The second version just looks a little thin. Probably not enough mids.

There are no tonal, component, or build differences between the two versions. In fact, technically it is the same version Mosferatu. I would love to say that the first version (come on, let me call them ‘versions’…it makes me feel better) has a NOS op-amp, or that in the second version, Alf (remember, calling the builders by their first names is an automatic coolness boost) ran out of carbon comp resistors or something. Nope. Just the graphic. It is officially a sickness.

This is not a joke. Well…it is, but unfortunately it’s all true.