The Affliction is Official

Huh. Sounds like a bad death metal band name. And since we used ‘Affliction’ instead of ‘Agony’ or ‘The Scourge of Bubonic Death’ or something, it’s probably a Christian death metal band.

Anyway (wow…sidetracks are beginning early this time), I have decided that it is officially a mental affliction. I bought this pedal today:

Now, some of you might be thinking that you were sure I already had that pedal. And you would be wrong. I have this pedal:

See the font for the ‘Mosferatu’ lettering? Ya. Way different. The first version looks much more lush, weighty, and toneful. The second version just looks a little thin. Probably not enough mids.

There are no tonal, component, or build differences between the two versions. In fact, technically it is the same version Mosferatu. I would love to say that the first version (come on, let me call them ‘versions’…it makes me feel better) has a NOS op-amp, or that in the second version, Alf (remember, calling the builders by their first names is an automatic coolness boost) ran out of carbon comp resistors or something. Nope. Just the graphic. It is officially a sickness.

This is not a joke. Well…it is, but unfortunately it’s all true.


17 thoughts on “The Affliction is Official

  1. Never under estimate the power of delusion. The first version has to sound better, because it looks better. Just like Matthew Bellamy’s guitars sounding better than anyone else’s.

  2. Have you stacked them yet? I have a Zen, a Mos, and the Distortion. And of course I’ve stacked them. It’s mayhem. The Zen into the Mos is great, as well as the Zen into the Distortion. The Mos into the Distortion is a bit crazy, loses clarity.

    But if we’re talking new purchases – I just got the Suhr Shiba Drive – It blows away any overdrive pedal I’ve ever used. It sounds utterly amazing. I have the Lightning just slightly broken up, Master all the way up – I played for four hours straight last night in utter sonic ecstasy. (Can I say ecstasy on here?) And it didn’t care which guitar either. Strat, PRS, semi-hollow body – all sounded glorious. Like overdrive should.

    Matchless. Yes. Suhr. Yes.

    Sorry for the hijack there Karl…

  3. Don’t you know it’s not the lettering, screws or contract you have to fill out in order to get the pedal (dumble). It’s all in the color of the “goop” they spill on the inside of your pedal. Alf (+1) likes black, but I find that the blue sounds…well a little more heavenly. Just like the matching LED’s 😉

  4. haha These comments are way better than my original post! I’ll throw in my tone importance vote for whether you’re wearing a cotton or cashmere shirt while playing. 🙂

  5. Great cartoon Robin. I hope if I ever get within 50 miles of that ( leader worship ) I’m fired on the spot. Back to pedals: I listened to the Shiba Drive on youtube and just based on that, I’m having a hard time distinguishing one overdrive pedal from another. I’m beginning to wonder if, assuming the pedal is not just junk — ie it retails for more than $50 — it’s more about EQ and the other items before and after the overdrive. And the room and sound system are way up on that list.

    Does anybody else notice that how stuff sounds varies quite a bit from day to day even though nothing in your chain has changed?

  6. Robin–I’m confused. What’s wrong with that cartoon?

    😉 hehehe Kidding, kidding!

    Randy–I know I’m going out on a limb here, but I do think the differences in tonal nuances of pedals are fairly pronounced. Not as pronounced as say, the difference between a Fender Bassman and a Marshall JCM800, but I do hear them. I think they become much more important in how the pedal gives weight and realness to the sound, not just in mids, bass, and treble.

    That being said though, I think your point is quite valid that a sound system can ruin anything you’ve got going on. lol I made it a goal some years ago to get tone so good that even the worst sound system couldn’t mess it up. I’ve uh…yet to arrive at that goal. haha 😉

    As for tone sounding different day to day, in my humble experiences, a lot of that is die to power issues. I finally got a power conditioner to make sure my rig gets a uniform amount of power day in and day out, and that has helped drastically in having my tone not sound different from day to day.

    And then again, I could be wrong about all of this! hehehe 🙂

  7. I’m sure there are differences and it may just be that on YouTube I’m not able to hear enough difference to warrant the dollars. If I ever buy another drive pedal ( sooner or later I will ) I’ll be scouring your blog for tips, but of course using your pedal choice with my gear will produce unpredictable results.

    Guitar Center ( dare I mention them? ) has nice racks of pedals where you can punch them into the signal chain and experiment, but it’s probably limited to Boss and Digitech.

    I don’t know what John Mayer is using here ( go to 1:22 in the clip ) but I really like the cleaner but robust tone he gets. Clapton on the other hand is way too dirty in much of his solo, for my taste. Of course I’m sure Eric became extremely tired of this song 20 years ago.

  8. Nice clip! I also totally dig Mayer’s tone, and dare I say I also have never been an enormous fan of Clapton’s tone. I love his playing, just not so much the tone. However, I can almost guarantee that most of Mayer’s sweet tone is from the sweet Two Rock behind him, set right on the verge of breakup. If he’s using a pedal, it’s just to push the amp a little harder. But in my humble opinion, no pedal is going to cop the tone he has here. hahaha But man, I wish there was one, and that I had it! Amazing tone! Thanks for posting that.

  9. I really want to try the Zendrive/Mosferatu.. but right now my affliction would be the Cusack Screamer. Have you tried these things? AMAZING

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