My Board is Getting Too Heavy

I have been told this day would come. That one day I would tire of lugging four amps, two pedalboards, and 5 guitars, to every service, gig, practice, show, and just to play in the living room instead of the office because I needed a larger (and hence, better, of course) sonic space. And I have resisted. Valiantly, in my humble opinion. (Hmm…hard to be humble when using words like ‘valiant’ as descriptions for oneself.) It’s been 6 years of this. I have managed to become a little more professional at gigs, and have knocked down the rig to two guitars, two amps, and one pedalboard. Although that pedalboard does split in half so that it can go through doorways. And therein lies the issue. Because that was not a joke.

(Alright, there’s the current board. As of…well, at least today. Who knows what new and wondrous tonal inventions tomorrow may bring. I’m hoping it’s delay. Oh, and I just weighed it…90 pounds exactly of tone. Yes, I weighed my pedalboard. I’m a loser. Luckily, the front portion with the Midi Mate’s disconnects for easier transportation. That only leaves 76.5 pounds. 38.25 pounds per arm isn’t too bad, right?)

There are few things I love in this world more than my pedalboard. And most of those things have tubes. But in the past month, I have smashed it into more walls, places on my truck, and stage equipment, then would probably be considered professional. 😉 I have also dropped it, trying to prove to myself that it was not too big, and that I could carry it half a mile perfectly. (This was at a venue with an exceptionally long parking lot……it’s not like I go out to a field with my board and measure myself walking with it. As plausible as that may seem in some of your minds, as something I might do.) Hence, my journey in all things tone has come to crossroads.

In honor of the Christmas season, I have ordered these options in homage to a classic film. Extra points (for what, I have no idea) if you can name the film.

A) Sell some pedals and get a smaller board.

–I thought about this for like, 2 seconds. The answer was no.

2) Replace my board with the Line 6 M13.

–Alright, now I’m just lying. This has never, and never will be, an option. (And just as a side note, ‘never’ is a completely meaningless word for a gear-junkie guitarist.)

D) Chop off half my board (I know, imagining me with a wood saw is a little Fargo), and then re-add it to the board as a third tier.

–This will mean more wood, and will make it heavier, but will also make it less lengthy, meaning my arms won’t be extended to their breaking point as I carry it. And maybe I’ll actually be able to get through doorways without my killer waltz/Thriller moves. I will definitely miss those.

Obviously, (D) is the clear option. Not only does it allow me to continue to resist the bloody current of the recent tide of M13’s, POD’s, and Axe-Fx, and keep my signal pure (at least in my own mind), but it also allows more space for subsequent pedal purchases. Which, as always, is the proper point of all this. I could really use the grass roots octave string effect I’ve been dreaming up, as well as a sequence filter. And I haven’t bought a delay in a while…

Someday, in the not so distant future I fear, everyone will be carrying their guitar rigs in the palm of their hands. Everyone, that is, except for me. I’ll be the idiot still mic’ing up six Matchless and four D13’s (it’s a dream I have), and running through a giant board with the perfect mix of bypass, buffers, and ingenuity to keep my signal pure; standing proudly in my corner of the stage; still believing that people can feel the difference. That last part is actually true. Probably so’s the idiot part. Nevertheless…long live tone.


(Someday…someday. Probably when Edge has since moved on to running direct. 😉 Apologies for the heresy.)

63 thoughts on “My Board is Getting Too Heavy

  1. Something interesting happened when Matchy came into my life. (I’m speaking about my Matchless Lightning of course…)

    I found that I didn’t need as many pedals as I did before. I’ve got a couple overdrives for various degrees of dirt, two delays, volume, wah, tremolo, phaser, chorus, and two boosts – one before the dirt and one after. I’m actually very happy with my board right now. At one time I had 19 pedals on my poor SKB PS45. And I’m realizing now that I almost never use the chorus, and even less frequently the phaser. So I keep telling myself that I’ll downsize even more.

    But whenever I try to remove pedals from my board something else happens: I get a vacant, lonely, & empty spot on my board. This drives me quite insane. I tried it once. THe sound guy at church came over to me and said, “Hey – you’ve got an empty space there…” He might as well be pointing out my male pattern baldness. “Hey, you’re missing some hair there…” As if I didn’t know. I personally believe this is some sort of strange male inadequacy issue and I’m going to start seeing a therapist about it.

    Can you imagine? Seeing a therapist over GAS?

  2. Wish I had a solution for you. I suppose your pedalboard becoming too big and amazing is a good problem to have. It would be nice to put your pedals in a rack — maybe split them up on two or three levels — and control them with a midi foot switcher. But that can get extremely expensive. And a major downside to that is you can’t adjust your pedal settings because they are inaccessible.

    I would definitely suggest you make a custom road-type case for it that has casters. That would be a major help in transporting and protecting those beautiful pedals.

    And this is totally off the subject, but one cool thing I saw the guitarist from Switchfoot do at their last show (by the way, I was never that impressed with them, but they were incredible live with absolutely beautiful tone. I think Jon Foreman has a TopHat — Might just be a cab, but I think it’s his amp — which sounds beautiful, and he controls all his pedals and racks via midi)…………….. ANYWAYS, back to what I was saying. The guitarist has some of his pedals on the ground and some of them on a platform that make it very easy for him to tweak around with. I wasn’t close enough, but I’m sure he is switching those ones with a bypass looper or possibly a midi switcher.

    But here I go telling you to add more stuff to your rig. That was the problem from the beginning. But I was saying if you are going to split your board in two, it might be fun to set some of them on a platform next to you so you don’t have to reach down at them on the ground. Downside would be you would have to run more cable to put them in your bypass strip.

    Anyway, I’m just blabbering away. Be sure to post how you end up fixing this horrible problem you have of having too many great, big, beautiful, tonally pure pedals.

  3. Oh, and I’m sure you are going to HATE this idea. But I thought I would throw it out there. That Timeline is absolutely huge. Maybe consider replacing the one you use for looping with the Boss RC-2. It’s way smaller. But I know. It’s not nearly as cool, and it probably doesn’t do anything close to what the Timeline does.

  4. I could have drawn the conclusion that I had too many pedals when the handle broke off of my SKB PS45. Nope, I just got one of those big suitcase straps to go around it, and carry it by grabbing that.

    I’m trying to imagine what an electric guitarist truly needs for a typical Sunday morning. I’m assuming a compressor is part of any board. For me it would be 1) a fairly clean rhythm sound — I like chorus for this even tho that seems to be an unpopular effect these days 2) a slightly overdriven/crunchy rhythm and 3) something with a little more sustain if doing fills or a solo

    Any of those could obviously have delay and/or reverbs tacked on. Once in a blue moon maybe something like tremolo. If you feel like lugging more weight you could add a boost or 2nd overdrive for layering.

    What I currently have is a board that is run all-direct, into two PA channels. One channel is compressor/boost to multieffect. The other goes from the compressor/boost into an overdrive, tech21 Liverpool and a Boss DD7 delay into a 2nd PA channel.

    Theoretically I could do quite a bit with that, but since I’m leading now I almost never change anything once the set begins.

  5. I like the third tier idea……. Personally, my board fits perfectly in a padded gig-bag for an 88-key keyboard. Has a nice heavy duty handle.

    Stay true to the pedals and effects Karl….don’t give in to the M13 just yet!

  6. Adding rack drawers and a switchblade would give you something really cool and technical to spend your money on, and you could be really creative with routing and things. I say do it.

  7. Bonus points to me! The movie is Home Alone and the Buzz was the character that said it! Hahaha (I’ve watched that movie too many times)

    I think the best option would be to buy even MORE gear! 😀 (And go to the gym more so you can carry it. Hahaha)

  8. i went thru this same phase recently and moved to my smaller board. removed 3 pedals that I probably use bi-monthly … remove those 3 and a lot of extra wood made my arm & back happier 😀

  9. I did a similar thing myself a couple weeks ago. We played a convention and I had no signal, so I messed with the amp, which has done this in the past, but this time it was something on the board, either cables or a faulty pedal. After some vigorous wriggling, shaking and smacking, it came to life, and was fine for the set. Next morning for worship the same thing happened, and no amount of wriggling, shaking and smacking could bring it back to life, so in a last-minute panic, I tore of the ones I needed for that set, which were my Fulldrive 2, DD-20 and tuner. While I was fuming and stomping around like a child at my perceived incredible bad luck, I suddenly realized that my tone was the best it’s been in months. Clear, full and sort of what I was trying to get with all my pedals.

    So I went home and rebuilt the board with exactly what I need and use all the time, and it’s been that way since. I am sure the pedals in my bag will begin harassing and threatening me soon, but for now, I am ok with it. Sometimes less is more, at least in my case.

    (Your board makes mine look like a single pedal, however. :) )

    • I really like this….

      “I suddenly realized that my tone was the best it’s been in months. Clear, full and sort of what I was trying to get with all my pedals.”

      My thought has always been make what you have sound good.

      Karl your board looks like you need a pilots license to operate.

  10. DD20 I’m going to ask a question which “may” seem like hijacking the thread, but since it’s a question about delay I’m sure it’s ok, here.

    At this time I only have use for a “dotted-eighth” type delay and a simple analogish delay. My DD7 covers that and accepts my tap tempo pedal, but you can’t switch delay types without reaching down — at least not without an expression pedal.

    So what would allow stomping easily between two delay types ( at least 2 presets ) that doesn’t cost a fortune?

    • I really like my Nova Delay. 9 presets (you don’t have to scroll through all of them) good tone, and small. And, if you are patient, you can find them for less than $200.

      • I have a nova delay, and while the delays sound nice, mine never seems to keep track of what tempos I used, like as in it doesn’t remember the presets correctly. I thought it was because the global/preset tempo option was not set right, but after going through it over and over I just can’t get it to work =/ I’m sad. Until recently I have been using a line6 echo park along with the TC and that seemed to work ok.

  11. Cool,

    If you want a pedal that lets you save a couple different delays, you are prob looking at 200 bucks or so. Line 6, Boss and TC Electronic all make good ones. I use a DD-20, and it does all I need. It’s got 4 memory banks, easy to switch on the fly. I am not sure if there are cheaper options, maybe someone can chime in if so.

    As for the original topic, don’t get me wrong: I like me some pedals. I just found I had this monster board (well, at least *I* thought so, thanks Karl :) ) and wasn’t using them, they were there in case I might need them.

    Right now I am running into a TU-2 > Full Drive 2 > Pro-Co Rat > CE-5, MXR P90 > DD-20 w/tap tempo >tube amp. It pretty much does all I need. I took off a Little Big Muff, a TR-2 and a volume pedal (which i suspect of possibly sucking my tone a bit, that or the TR-2.) In my bag sit a few other pedals that I’d put on/off depending on my mood, and my ‘well i own them they may as well all be there’ mentality.

    • WideAwake, sounds like a bypass looper would be right up your alley. You can have the advantage of more pedals and not worry about it sucking your tone.

      Also, I had a TR-2, and it is a tone suck for sure. It especially is bad when you turn it on. Next time I buy a tremolo, I’m going to get one that has a make-up volume knob on it. I wasn’t a fan of the TR-2. I have never found a use for volume pedal for me, but I heard they suck tone.

  12. I hate hauling alot of gear. I sold my AC30TBX because it was way too heavy to lug around. Miss the tone, but not the pigish weight of that thing. Yikes!

    My board is nowhere near size of Karl’s board (pedal envy?), but I am looking for ways to go with less.

    I’m even looking at some low watt amps (Suhr, Matchless, Reinhardt, Egnater) to get rid of two or three dirt pedals off my board.

    Time to simplify my tone life.

  13. I can see the amp if you’re playing lead or backup electric guitar. When I was doing that I found it difficult to get the sound I wanted with just pedals going direct if I just listened to my own guitar.

    When that overdriven sound blended with the band, it was fine. Maybe I’m just looking for excuses not to haul an amp or spend a lot of money on dirt pedals.

    • I hear ya. I’m still using an amp, but I don’t like the amp OD, so I use pedals. If I get a low wattage, I’d like to lose the OD pedals.

  14. Yikes I didn’t close the italics in my post, sorry.

    David – I should have done some more research with the TR-2. I had an idea for a song, and ran out and bought it without a ton of research. I used it maybe once, never could adjust it to my liking. I may look into that sort of thing in the future, but I am in no hurry.

  15. A keyboard flight case with wheels is your solution. If you hack your board in half you will have to plug and unplug stuff everytime you set it up and that can’t be good for it. Or, get yourself a hand truck, dolly, whatever-you-call-it and you’ll be able to move your amps and cabs more easily too. Whatever you do, don’t get rid of half your pedals. You’ve worked too hard to get your sound, don’t mess with it!
    Of course, if you ever get too hacked off with it I will gladly trade you my M13 with it’s flight case for your pedals. (yeah, in my wildest dreams!)

  16. Karl,

    Yesterday I plugged directly into a Bogner Alchemist with a Les Paul Studio (at GC), and cranked it. Much to my sadness, I had better tone, natural compression, and wonderfully warm sound than all of my 9 pedals and amp combined.
    The Bogner has built in effects (delay, reverb etc)
    It left me feeling empty and sad inside!! Years of tweaking and collecting, chasing tone around, smacked down by a single good amp in 5 mins.

    Dont be afraid to lose the gear man. Its all just stuff.
    You know as well as I do that you need maybe 3 pedals.
    Good compression, a nova delay for some programmable delay, and a nice overdrive – perhaps even just the amps’ dirt channel.

    I challenge you to plug directly into the amp turn it up and see how much you can clean up your playing.
    Do that for 3 weeks with no effex and see the difference it makes to your playing when you plug back in to your board.

    You’ll be playing music, and not chasing an ideal – which is what it’s all about anyway!!!

  17. Apologies for being late into the conversation…lot of stuff to do at church this weekend. I usually like to respond to each comment individually, but in this particular instance, I feel like that would just serve to kill the cool discussion we’ve got going on here. So, here’s my opinions to add into the mix! :)

    First off, hopefully the playfulness (sorry for the not entirely hetero word) in this post comes across. Nothing is leaving my rig; but I did want to hear everyone’s opinions on this stuff. Way cool. And I also wanted to give a little preview of the new dream board that is in my mind…and will involve saws, chopping, and probably more gluing of my fingers together. To commence soon.

    And my two cents on the suggesting that the best tone possible is guitar–>amp…… I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve gone through several board incarnations in years past trying to use clean boosts, buffers, delays, phasers, and what have you, to get a perfect clean tone. And in the end, it has always come down to guitar–>amp sounding better than anything else. Pedals, in my humble opinion, are best when they are ‘effecting’ an already brilliant (or at least good) base tone. This, however, is part of the problem. A good portion of the time, I am playing ‘straight-in.’ If you want to be technical about it, my signal is running into half an inch of wiring in each of my two bypass loopers, plus the 12 inch cable between the two, and of course then the extra cable from board to amp. But that’s the price I choose to pay for being able to run effects as well. The goal for me is to be able to have guitar–>amp tone, and be able to add anything I like to that base tone, without subtracting anything from it. The best possible answer to that, that I have found, is bypass loopers and midi switching…which actually adds to the overall number of pedals on your board! lol

    Hence, the ‘problem’ is when you subscribe to both the theory that guitar–>amp is the best possible tone, and the theory that effects can help you use that best possible base tone to create otherwise impossible textures. :) If that can even be called a ‘problem’. lol Mmm…gear.

    Oh…and Hunter…the fact that you could even recognize that as Buzz’s Home Alone quote is completely hats off worthy.

  18. The reason why your board is too big is because you have 2 Timelines. Simple: I’ll trade you straight up a much smaller.. say… DD5 or something for it. I mean come on, delay is delay right? (Unless it’s DELAY!)

  19. With the addition of a new chorus pedal, I just recently outgrew my little $20 pedalboard/bag thing. With eight pedals a tuner and a direct box (Please don’t ban me from the blog for putting a direct box on my pedal board. Think about it this way, if you have to run direct, are you going to go with the budget no name direct boxes the church buys, or are you going to go get a boutique box of your own that almost guarantees you’ll have the very best crappy direct-to-board tone ever?) it was getting kinda full. My solution? I moved my volume pedal to the floor and patch it in. You could try that. It would give you space for like, two more delay pedals. That should last you at least until January.


  20. Matthew–haha You’re so right! If only they could come up with one that could do the same thing, have the same tone, and get 128 presets, in a smaller package and without external midi! haha I’d but it so quick. As for the DD5…you’re absolutely right. It is delay. And as such, I’m finding myself strangely drawn towards it…hehehe

    Keith–that direct box comment was classic!! Good form, my friend. And actually, moving the Ernie Ball volume to a secondary board is part of the ultimate solution. That one is in my pad rig, and isn’t connected to anything on that board whatsoever. I’ve got a 4 pedal concoction that I’m dreaming up for that spot. :) Good call!

    • wow! if i iever get one of these, i will be spending (no pun intended) some time drooling over pedals that i could have bought with that kind of money 😀

  21. Sorry, Keith; my spam filter thing didn’t like the badaple link, I guess.

    That is cool, and I could buy more things like you said! hehe I’ve looked into those, my only issue is that I know myself too well…and I need a board that gives me freedom to do wacky things like sawing it in half, or ordering reversible loop bypass loopers from Loop-Master, or any of that type stuff. Still, those are pretty cool…

  22. Two suggestions:

    1) Make a board with only the pedals you use at every gig, then carry extra pedals you want for specific gigs separately. I do that with wah and volume which saves a lot.

    2) Do you need so many midi buttons? Can you make due with a midi mouse or something similar where you just move up and down presets – then just make one or two presets for each song in a set.

    Other thoughts: a church I started playing at has a Savage amp I can use. It sounds good so I used it instead of lugging my head and cab in. I carried everything in one trip, so great!

    Zinger: Aren’t there two PODs in Edge’s rack??

  23. Karl, I envision a road case where the base holds amp heads and cabs, and the top is a removable box that is stacked with smaller boards than can be assembled into one large decepticon (I mean, board). Then you can roll every thing in one trip. Of course this would also have a built in ramp, in case of stairs. And you could put automatic hydraulic lifters on the bottom to lift it to truck-bed level. I suggest this because every guitarist knows there is really only one cure for too much gear: MORE GEAR!

    Mike, yes Edge does have two POD Pros (the 1st version) and a special Line6 rack distortion modeler, and several other bits, but the magic for him isn’t just the gear, but his mind, his hands (as much as I hate to admit it) and amps. Any modeler might sound decent on its own, but when you pair it with a really good amp, it becomes a completely different animal.

    • Is there a reason you didn’t go for the M9?
      I think the drives at bedroom volume are okay but the boost-comp/tube drive/screamer are surprisingly good at gig volume.

      • yeah the m13 has a nicer display – not sharing one for everything like on the m9, it has a nice fx loop feature that lets you use other pedals which makes it more flexible in the future.

        I just did the new 2.01 update and the drives are actually nicer now, crazy. Particle verb with auto volume delay is so fun my head (and ears) hurt.

  24. Rhoy–lol

    Don–that would be so rad! You’re in Canada though, right? Blast. That would seriously be awesome.

    Mike–believe it or not, I use almost all of them at every gig, including all the midi buttons. I program my entire setlists into those. Great idea, though. And when I chop the board up, the volume pedal for the pad rig, the expression pedal, and the input switcher are all going on their own separate board, as they are the ones that barely connect in to the rest of the board. As for using house rigs…too big a leap for me right now! hehe The tone junkie roots run deep! :)

    And strike, strike true. Edge does use Line 6 POD’s and distortion modelers, running into his Vox’s. I’m not sure on how many songs the signal runs through them, but they are there. They’re also rumoured to be custom made for him, just in the Line 6 stock shells. However, as much as I dig his sound, I don’t agree with everything he does. What good is a hero, if they don’t push you to be better then them someday? 😉 Only half-joking. hehe

    Joel–haha That would be awesome!! And I do agree that modelers do sound better through tubes…but then again, so does just about anything. In of course, my humble opinion. :)

    Kenrick–no!!!! I’m losing everybody! We may as well just call the next Tone Workshop the M13 How-To Session! Ahhh!!

    But on a serious note, congrats, and I really hope it helps allow you to make beautiful music. :) Wow, it sounds so sarcastic when I say that. But I mean it!

    Dan–you’re not talking to me, but just so you don’t feel left out. What’s up, brother? hehe

    • Well Karl, if it helps, I’ll only be using the m13 for church related gigs, as it helps me cover more territory for less $$$, and it really sounds decent.

      For my personal stuff I have my old pedalboard, which still just sounds ‘right’ in that context.

  25. Craig–ha! I knew that name sounded familiar. Googled it, and he used to sing for PFR! Man, I used to love them back in the day. Checked his myspace and he’s sitting in front of what looks to be a Bandmaster and a JCM800…or at least something close to those. Always cool to find out that someone you know about is a gearhead. :)

    Kenrick–actually, that helps immensely. :) You’re helping me to restore my faith in guitarists. 😉

    And to everyone else who might be reading that, please feel free to send me some clips of you playing your M13’s and make me eat my words! haha In the end, if you’re making music, then rock.

    Mike–good point! I looked into them a bit last month while looking for a new amp to run my pads. Definitely great amps! It’s just more of a philosophy thing with me. I just love playing with an amp that I know the ins and outs of…how it reacts, what it doesn’t like, what it’ll do when I push it in a certain direction. Not to mention knowing I’ve opened it up and replaced all the tubes myself, and perhaps gazed at the point to point wiring inside in awe and wonder. Okay, maybe it’s just that I have issues. 😉 But I seriously do find it very important just for myself personally, to have gear that I know backwards and forwards.

    But who knows…maybe at the next church I play at, they’ll have a Savage house rig, and I’ll plug in and be hooked! hehe

    Oh, and props to that church for having a Savage as a house amp!

  26. Karl,

    A mutual friend offered to hook me up with Joel’s M13 when we were talking about. I was afraid to take him up on it. PFR just did a “reunion” gig a few months ago they are still a great band. There was talk of doing a video or cd of the show. Joel also just put out a new solo cd. He’s working for/with a friend of mine leading worship at the church of the open door in the twin cities.

    Personally I’m pretty happy with my rig and tone, I’m even learning to like delay (I do have two on my board now thanks to you). Unfortunately, I’m not playing as much as I would like right now. Enjoy your blog.

    P.S. If all I can get is behind the stage for U2, should I go for it. I sat behind the stage for Joshua tree and it was still amazing.

  27. Craig–that’s awesome! I’ll look into it, because PFR always had a knack for catchy hooks.

    And so stoked you’ve got delay now! My work here is done. lol

    And in my opinion, it would definitely be worth it to see them from any point of view. At the show I was at, the sound was great behind the stage, and they spent a very decent portion of time behind the stage playing to that crowd as well.

    Joel–good form.

    Mike–that is actually a wonderful idea. My only problem with that is that at any given time I have 2 or 3 un-velcro’d pedals on my board sometimes as I try them out, and need to keep them in ‘mint’ (un-velcro’d) condition in order to sell them back to the quite picky Gear Page crowd. haha So my board has to stay fairly level in order not to lose the pedals.

    Man, I have a lot of excuses! I think I just want to saw things!

    Don–lol Absolutely! ‘I pray for rain to come, and wash away what has made me numb…’ hehe Killer blast from the past!

    Sam–I know, I know. a 90 pound clean and jerk of my pedalboard shouldn’t be the end of me, right? hehe I admit…I’m a metro guitar player. hehe

  28. Karl,

    Who made your pedal board? (Which construction company? Did you have to get your local city official to come and approve?) =)

    I have been just putting everything in a box to assemble – disassemble every practice and Sunday mornings and I’ve grown to hate doing this! I’m in search of a good pedal board these days… sigh… This pedal thing never stops. At least with Timeline newly acquired with the Replica, I’m set in the delay department. Please do not do any more delay demos, please, Karl, please…

    Haha! Goodday!

  29. Actually, that board was a homemade one that a friend of mine bought for me off of ebay as a gift. I have no idea who made it, but I’m pretty sure it was just a guy in his garage. :)

    I know a lot of people really like the Pedaltrain boards. They seem to be really conducive to rearranging pedals constantly…perfect for us gearheads! hehe

    And honestly, I’m really, really sorry about all the delay pedal reviews. I just can’t seem to help myself. :) Delay is so awesome.

  30. Hi Karl,

    Am wondering how you power up your two Damage Control delays?

    Do you u buy individual power adapters for them or have a solution to it?

    I understand that the Voodoo Labs will not be powerful enough. =(

    So would appreciate advice on how to power up the Damage control if I intend to get more than one? i.e delay, demonizer.

    Thanks! God bless!

  31. Ya, the PP2 is not enough. I actually have a Furman Power Factor Pro rackmount on my pedalboard. I plug my amp, PP2, and both DC pedals into it. It does a very good job of supplying clean and adequate power to everything. Very quiet, too. And if that’s too much, Furman also makes one in pedal form. It’s a little cheaper, and has fewer outlets.

    If you go that route though, just be sure to get the Power Factor Pro, AR1215, or IT20. They’re a little more pricey, but the cheaper Furman stuff is little more than Home Depot power strips with cool lights. :)

    Hope that helps! May God bless you as well. Cheers!

  32. Oh I found out they do EU-style transformers for 230V 50-60Hz operation, so that would be the way to go with a 3-pin adapter in my area.

    Much easier. Forgot to mention I am from asia. Sorry Karl!

    Thanks for the advice tho. =D

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  34. hehe Hey, if you’re going to advertise, might want to make sure the site you link to is in the same language as the one you advertised on. Just a helpful marketing tip for the future. 😀

    And if you really are interested in guitars, then welcome, my friend! hehe 😉

  35. I am a… lighter guitarist, and I have owned just about every setup possible over the last ten years. Right now I have a 5W Bugera V5, and it’s 24 pounds. That’s in one hand, guitar in the other, wireless (so no extra cable). I literally plug one thing in, then I’m ready to rock.

    The 5 watts is plenty for my stage volume and I usually get miced anyway.

    I hate carrying gear around. I used to own the Axe-Fx, and it’s awesome, but it took me two trips :)

    I played last Sunday with the Bugera and no effects other than the built-in verb, and it went really well!

    You guys with super huge setups are nuts! I’m sure you sound much more lush and can get more textures out of your setup, but I have found myself liking a plain old tube tone lately, maybe with some delay or verb only. I never used half of the stuff in my AxeFx.

    If you like your small Epi amp, check out the V5, it’s got lots more features and is cheap.

    To conclude – every guitarist has a weight-he-is-willing-to-carry-around VERSUS the-tone-and-effects-I-must-have complex. It goes around and around in your head when you buy and sell gear. For me, I’d rather make one easy trip, I’m much more likely to play out that way without dreading the setup. I have less options but easier transportation!

  36. For sure, bro!! It’s definitely starting to wear on me…I’m still fighting it for the time being. haha

    I’ll have to check out the Bugera. And every time I decide to bring small setups, that’s of course the one day I actually end up needing something like a ring mod. haha Well, “needing”…hehe

  37. The V5 is switchable from .1W to 1W to 5W. It has a headphone out. It has a vintage tone and a nice blue LED. It has built-in verb. For features, it blows the Valve Jr out of the water!

    You would also fall madly in love with the Axe-Fx 2, if you got one. One rack + MIDIMate + FRFR speaker + guitar = Any tone you could imagine. Perfect tube modeling.

  38. Dude! Your pedalboard is crazy huge! Man… do you really use all of those pedals???

    It looks very cool, but I can imagine what a pain it must be having to take it to rehearsal’s / worship events etc. I’m like that with my amp… it’s heavy to carry and sometimes I can’t be bothered to take it with me…

    … but at the end of the day, it’s all about the tone. It’s worth breaking your back for, I guess?

  39. I do, actually. That’s the weird part. Of course, there’s some gigs where I use all of them , and some where I use two of them. haha

    And I agree…back muscles are a noble sacrifice for tone. lol

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