Diamond Memory Lane Review & Demo

It was a day just like any other day (meaning, I was surfing Gear Page), and I was joining in with the usual banter of ‘Which univibe is the best?’ ‘Well the one I play, of course.’ ‘Have you played any other univibes?’ ‘Why would I need to? Mine’s the best.’ After about an hour, having solved all the world’s tone problems, I moved up to the search bar and typed in the search. I named it ‘the search’, because that is exactly what it was. The search, my search, my life. Actually, if I’m describing it as ‘my life’, I suppose I could have taken a few electrical engineering classes and tried to invent it myself. But that goes against everything I stand for. Which is, as afore-mentioned, solving the world’s tone problems one internet message board argument at a time. Little time to play even with the pedals I have, let alone invent and build new ones. So I typed it in. The words of absolute joy. ‘Analog delay with tap tempo.’ I had typed those words in to that search on that message board many times before. And had always been left stupendously disappointed. But on this day…oh fanctious (heard that word once…not sure if it’s real) day…the search yielded results. Brilliant results. In the form of ‘Diamond Pedals Memory Lane.’

The world would never be the same. And right then my roommate knocked on my door. ‘Did you hear about the new analog delay with tap tempo?!’ And I just smiled and showed him my computer screen. ‘Already on the waiting list,’ I remember replying, and not without a very smug satisfaction, I might add, at the fact that I had discovered it before him. Ya, minutes before, I know. Pretty shallow of me. But you try living with a guy who’s touring with countless worship leaders around the country, including The Kry, while you’re still pretending to know what a dotted 8th is and wondering why you just got sent ECC83 tubes when you specifically ordered 12AX7’s. You take what you can get.

And from that moment on, I have had a very passionate and ravenous love affair with the Diamond Memory Lane. (Ya, if you happen to re-read this post, just go ahead and skip over that last sentence.) It came out in 2005, and is still currently the only analog delay on the market to offer tap tempo. (Others are just starting to come out with them.) And that would have been enough for me. But on top of that, it sounds just gorgeous. It’s an overused word, but ‘organic’ actually does this pedal justice. It really does respond to your playing, and almost seems to bloom and wither with your dynamics. And the best modulation I have ever heard.

The craziest thing about this pedal is it’s response. For me, it has had the biggest learning curve of any pedal I have ever played. It reacts to everything you do, and many times almost plays you, rather than the other way around. It’s almost a grab-bag for what you’re going to get out of it when you feed certain things into it. And I love that. I’m still discovering things about it years later.

So here’s the demo. And…a couple apologies. One, for demo’ing a pedal no longer available. You can find them used all over, but not new. Diamond has since moved on to issue the version 2, which offers a second preset, a dotted 8th option, and is supposed to have a tamer reactivity. Which is the reason I do not play it. I love the unpredictable nature of this version 1. I have owned another version 1 with the dotted 8th mod. It was great too, but the I find the Memory Lane to be a bit too warm to make consistent usefulness to me of the dotted 8th; I find that to be more useable on digital delays. But this version can be modded for it, if you like…and the second version has it stock. But I chose to demo this pedal even though it is unavailable, because I have run across some recent discussions of why you would ever need an analog delay, or an analog delay with tap tempo, considering the current array of digital options. So hopefully I can show a couple reasons why. Plus, I kind of ban myself from buying things around Christmas, because I will inevitably buy something someone else will wrap up and give to me. (Am I really that predictable?…Delay, U2…ya, I guess so.) So I had to do a pedal I already own and currently have on my board. And not doing a demo was out of the question because it’s been a long time since I’ve posted one here, and I’m not sure how much longer I can rely on my charming personality to keep this site going. (Please be noting the sarcasm there.)

The second apology is that the playing is lamentably not so good. I only got to do one take at this with no editing because I promised my wife that I’d clean the house today. (How’s that for rockstar?) So, if you dig the video, then feel better about yourself that I suck too. And if you don’t dig the video, feel better about yourself as you post the nasty youtube comments, because now you have more fodder for them. 😉

So here ya go:

The Good

I absolutely love this pedal. I have two Damage Control Timeline’s on my board. They are the completely best digital delay pedals I have ever heard. But yet nothing really gets that analog modulation sound like an analog delay. (Novel, huh?) Does it do everything a digital delay can do? Can it cop those sounds? Nope. That’s the reason you have a digital one on your board, as well. But I’ve yet to hear anything capture that lush, real sound that feels like it has actual layers, like the Memory Lane can. What makes it genius, is that it has tap tempo. Its delay time only goes up to 550 milliseconds, but that’s enough to make sure even the washy sounds can always be in tempo with the song if that’s what you’re after. And it allows you to throw on this beautiful sound in the background or foreground of what you’re playing, so much more often than if it didn’t have tap tempo. At any time, you can kick on this delay. Which is something I desperately wanted in an analog delay before this thing came out.

You also get a ton of options with the killer eq section for decay, and the big modulation sounds. Oh, and the modulation. Like a blooming flower. Not very hetero, but neither is this: it’s also very pretty, and I always feel the urge to press it to my cheek. I mean, rad paint job. The expression pedal option adds a lot, too.

The Bad

There is a steep learning curve; not so much on the knobs, but on actually playing live with the pedal. It will give you some crazy oscillation at odd times, and seem to sound and react differently when you play what you thought was the same thing into it. But that’s also what I love about this pedal; it’s pushed me and inspired me musically.

It, as does the version 2, runs on 24 volts and needs a separate adapter. They do sell adapters to power it using the PP2+, but it will need to take up two of the outlets. Not a huge deal, but worth mentioning.

Oh ya. And you can only find them used. 😉

So there you have it. Diamond Memory Lane. The world’s first analog delay with tap tempo. (As far as we know. There’s probably been some electrician guitar genius living in Norway who’s had a homemade one on his board for decades.) And after four years, I still cannot imagine being without this pedal. And apologies once again for the sucky playing, and then actually posting the video rather than re-doing it. I guess basically if most guitar/worship blogs are going, ‘Please think I’m awesome! Please think I’m awesome!’, I’m just trying to be the antithesis of that. And then probably going, ‘Please think I’m awesome because of the fact that I’m not saying ‘Please think I’m awesome!’ Please think I’m awesome because of the fact that I’m not saying ‘Please think I’m awesome!” 😉 hehehe Humanity dies hard. And then, of course, you gotta give more honor to the Christmas season. ‘Ho ho ho. Now I have a machine gun.’


146 thoughts on “Diamond Memory Lane Review & Demo

  1. Cool review! I had to sell my Timeline last night because of unforeseen bills that come with weddings, so I’m “stuck” with nothing but your old Memory Lane :)

    On another topic, our awesome photographer took two pictures of me with my latest amp, making it’s debut at the wedding last weekend! These were when I was setting up an hour and a half before the ceremony. It’s the first thing I’ve put my logo on (that’s one of my guitars, too).



  2. Man, I seriously don’t understand how you can afford all this amazing gear.

    I have been using a DD-5 for years and years now. It does it’s job, but it’s a simple delay that only has pristine repeats. I think once I get the Timeline I’m going to open up a can of worms with delay. I eventually want one of these too. They are sure pricey, though. But, man, analog is just magical, isn’t it? I can’t wait to get one.

  3. James–are you getting married?! Congratulations! Sorry about the Timeline, but congrats! And ya…I’m sure the Memory Lane will still provide hours of good tone! :)

    And that amp? Absolute gorgeousness. Looks like a Trainwreck. Nice work, my friend! Are you pleased with the sound?

    David–haha The gear is afforded in two ways. 😉 One, from selling off some of the mountains of junky gear that I bought when I was fresh out of high school and living at home with no bills but the minuscule rent my parents charged, but working two jobs to distract myself from the fact that I had no girlfriend. lol So now I’ve sold off almost all of that gear to buy what I have now. And then two…because I choose to live in an apartment and drive a 14-year-old car. I don’t have any game systems, no off-roading toys, don’t drink wine…gear’s my hobby of choice I suppose. haha

    And the DD5 is a great sounding delay! You will probably love the Timeline, though! :) And I do agree…analog is magical. Something special about it. Cheers!

  4. Great review! I’ve wanted a Memory Lane for a while now just can’t afford/justify the price. I’m thinking my Christmas bonus can help fund one.

  5. yeah man! am a 2+ year owner of this great pedal … definitely, there is a learning curve on how to play with this thing. i think this is the only delay that you can really sound bad, if not used properly. weird, ’cause it’s a delay. everything should sound good with a delay, right? 😉

  6. just checked ebay for these suckers, you weren’t kidding. these are $$$!!! I also have a DD5 which has served me well for almost ten years (also not made anymore!) but I’ve really started to crave an analog sound as well. I’m getting a Memory Toy for use as an always-on type of delay. that will probably only fuel my desire for a tap tempo analog pedal.

  7. Sam–that’s what Christmas bonuses are for! 😉 lol The Memory Lane is the gift that’ll keep on giving for years to come. hehe

    Rhoy–you’re so right! Every once in a while, I can’t believe I made such a good-sounding pedal sound so bad! haha Such a responsive pedal. :)

    Matt K–haha You’re probably right! That’s how I first got into the Memory Lane. I had my Arion SAD-1 and Stereo Memory Man, and loved the sound of it. So naturally, I started thinking, ‘What if it had tap tempo?’ lol I totally hear ya, bro!

    Ben–thanks for the kind words. I do like the speakers, although once the holidays are over, I’m gonna be testing out some Scumbacks. I’ll try to get some video shootouts going!

  8. Sounds great. I really like what you’re playing at 6:50.
    Man it was great being able to buy gear before getting married and having kids. :)
    I’m looking forward to hearing about the new delays from Strymon and Zvex (rumored).

  9. Hi Karl
    How do you think this pedal compares to the mxr carbon copy?
    I know it doesn’t have tap tempo, but tone -wise?

    ravenous love affair…lol

  10. I love how mine reacts differently to different guitars too! My G&L on the neck pup doing arpeggios vs. my Gibson on bridge pup on solos. Totally different sounds but the ML adds a lot to each. The short delays aren’t good for a super long trail but I’ve had great success using a digital delay with longer repeats combined with the ML.

  11. Ha! I thought it was just me. I also have found that the ML can react differently with different equipment. I’ve stumbled on some superb combinations though. Between a TTE, Replica and a Memory Lane, there is very little you can’t do delay wise. Of course the cost of the three of them totals more than what I paid for my first car. But delay…..ummmmm.

  12. Dan–thanks, bro. At 6:50? I think that’s what I do for the intro to Here I am to Worship. We do like, a Cure version of it.

    And yikes. If I ever have kids, I guess I’m gonna have to get one of them into guitar or something so I can buy them pedals for Christmas and then ‘borrow’ them. hehehe

    So stoked about Strymon’s new one. And is there any more info on the ZVex one? I was keeping up on that thread for a while…the one where he never said delay, but hinted, right? But I’ve since forgotten to check it for a while.

    Don–in my humble opinion, the Carbon Copy is a great pedal for a nice, classic analog delay. But it doesn’t have nearly the warmth or body that the Memory Lane has. Just my thoughts on it. Some people promise that the Carbon Copy sounds better than delays 8 times it’s price. So…maybe I’m just having trouble getting out of the ravenous love affair. hehehe 😉

    Mike–nice. Totally! And ya, the Memory Lane is like my go to pedal. If things aren’t sounding right, kick it on…especially like you said, after or before a digital delay. Makes the already delayed sound so much more spacious! Great thoughts, bro!

    Mark–my motto is, you can’t call yourself a guitarist until your delays cost more than your first car. 😉 hehehe

    Love your delay lineup, bro! And it is very reactive, huh. Such a killer pedal.

  13. I guess I do have a complaint or two about the tap. First you have to tap in even numbers or it gets messed up. It’s usually not a problem, but on 6/8 or 3/4 songs I have to think about getting a 4th tap in there. Also, if you tap while you’re playing it does a funky pitch dive that can be way out of tune for a second.

    Another plus: I never cared for modulation until I started using this pedal!

  14. Oh ya! Blast, I meant to put that in the review too, because you can clearly hear it a couple times in the video when I tap a new tempo while the previous delayed notes are still decaying–that dive bomb sound you described. Ya, if you’re playing live and the tempo changes, you have to either wait for the decay to stop to tap in the new tempo, or shut it off real quick, then tap in the new tempo, and then turn it back on. Great point, bro. I’ll add that into the review when I get the chance.

    Or sometimes I just say forget it, and tap in the new tempo anyway and just deal with the crazy sound. hehe

  15. Yep! Just now other companies are finally starting to get on board. I don’t know if it’s just taken them this long to figure out the technology, or if they’re just now finding out it’s marketable, or what. But ya…EH is coming out with this one, Analogman is supposed to be coming out with one, and there’s some other one that I forget the name of the company. The pedal is pink, though. 😉 haha Because color is what matters most to my mind, obviously.

  16. On the Analogman side of things— his delay is already out, but he wants to make it as useful as the user needs it to be. So for right now you can use an expression pedal to control any parameter and he is currently working on a small external tap-tempo for it. So depending on what you need you can plug in a tap, expression pedal, or just use it as is- as untimed delay or what have you.

    And yes, it sounds awesome.

  17. Hey Karl

    We were married on the 5th! I’m in love with the sound of the new amp. It’s another Lightning clone. I set it with the volume at 9 o’clock with bass at 11 and treble at 1. So warm and fat. But then dial the treble up, move the volume to 1 o’clock, and it’s a vox. I love it. I was building my head cabs like this before finding Trainwrecks. I was so bummed when someone told me it looked like a Trainwreck. I though I had something original :)

  18. Dan–JHS…that’s right. Thank you! hehe And the Diamond does have an effects loop, but it needs to be connected via TRS. Not a huge deal, but I don’t really have those lying around. I like that the Skreddy uses just regular cables for the loop. However, I’m not sure what exactly I’d do live with a delay without tap tempo. Could be really cool at home, but live all I need is a washy sound at times, and my little Arion takes care of that…or tapping an off-tempo on the Memory Lane. And yet still…a part of me wants that Skreddy! haha

    And thanks for the link on the Rockett. Very nice to see companies starting to jump on board with this…finally. :)

    Larry–ah, yes. I remember reading that in a thread somewhere. Probably Gear Page. That’s all I’m ever at. hehe Nice of him to come out with an external mod for it, rather than a new pedal rendering his current one obsolete. Nice guy, that Analogman. :) For reals.

    James–congrats on the marriage, brother!! Right on.

    And I bet that amp sounds amazing. And sorry about the Trainwreck comment! lol I meant it is a compliment for sure! The Trainwrecks have some of my favorite amp designs ever.

  19. WOWGAS. I hate and love your blog all at the same time. Good thing I’d have to sell either my whole board or saw off half of my LP to get this. I’m safe right?

  20. Matt, us guitarists are never safe! haha I just saw a reverb pedal on Gear Page. I do not need a reverb pedal. But the paint job is so cool, that I now need one. 😉

  21. Wow. I’m pretty happy to see someone else sending some love to the Memory Lane. I’m amazed it’s still so under the radar. I’ve owned quite a few delay units, and for me it’s the one delay box to rule them all.

    I didn’t even know about it until I saw it on Buddy Miller’s pedal board. (Don’t know how familiar any of you are with Buddy, but he’s one of the bet there as at getting great sounds from the floor, and he really knows a thing or 2 about using delay). I really don’t care for chorus pedals, but one of the best things about the Memory Lane is the modulation. It’s the most lush thing I’ve ever heard.

    Funny story: Before I had my Memory Lane, I was using a Korg SDD-3000. The hype surrounding that thing doesn’t seem to have reached this blog, but just know that it’s what The Edge used on the Joshua Tree, and that it’s still his go to piece when he needs something “warm.” (Yeah, I know.) Also understand that there is this weird community of U2 followers on the internet who are obsessed with buying up all the gear that the Edge has used at ANY price — and the SDD-3000 is the piece they want the most.

    Anyway. As nice as it really was, I was tired of lugging around an old piece of rack gear from the 80’s. It was like using a vintage car for your daily driver. So I was only too happy to put it on eBay, where it sold, via buy-it-now, for almost twice what I paid for it. I was excited (dollah dollah bill, ya’ll) when I saw that it sold for so much, and as I was getting the shipping info at my Dad’s office he asked “who do you think bought it?” To which I replied, “probably some weird rich kid who wants to play ‘Pride’ in his basement.”

    Well lo-and-behold, I immediately recognized the name of the guy who won the auction — Dallas Schoo. Who, in case you didn’t know, has had this job for about 20 years:


  22. Hippie Killer–right on, bro! Always stoked to meet another Memory Lane lover :) And I have not heard of Buddy Miller, but I will definitely check him out.

    As for the story, so jealous that Dallas bought your SDD3000. Edge could be playing your delay right now. haha I’ve never looked into them because I already rip off everything Edge does…which means I can’t play any of his gear on top of the riffs! hehe Cheers, bro.

    Mark Colvin–yes! So stoked somebody digs that movie, too. I don’t know what it is about it. Just plain fun, I guess. haha And what do you mean it’s not a Christmas movie?! That’s a tradition for me! 😉

    Cam–very cool. A lot of great info in there! Wish I was Dallas. Or Edge. 😉 hehe

  23. Buddy is a really rootsy country guy. If you’re the kind of person who likes country, but not the sparkly Nashville stuff, then you owe it to yourself to check him out. He also doubles as Emmylou Harris’ touring guitar player, so he often has to bust out some ambient Lanios-type sounds. The man is an absolute monster of tone. In my opinion, that is. Here’s a vid if anyone is curious.

    Karl, I have to say, the thing I’m digging about your blog is that while you’ve all but mastered The Edge’s style of playing, you do it your way, with the gear that works for you. And that, frankly, is rare.

    So back to the Memory Lane. I don’t have the dotted 8th mod. How does that change the functionality? I mean, can you still do “regular” tap tempo with the mod, or is it dotted 8th only?

  24. Thanks Karl :) LOL, and I know. I just remember feeling so good about coming up with something unique, then finding out the truth 😛

  25. Hippie Killer–awesome! I checked out that video, and really liked it! I’m looking for more of his stuff as we speak. :) And thanks for the kind words.

    As for the Memory Lane, the dotted 8th mod does allow you to switch back and forth between d8’s and quarters, or regular tap tempo mode, as you put it. :) Cheers!

    (And I still love that Edge is playing your Korg!)

    James–haha I hear ya. Kind of like when you hear a new hit song on the radio that’s using a melody you’ve been meaning to make into a song for years! haha :)

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