It is coming.

Line 6 M13 versus real effects. Axe-FX versus real amps. Mp3′s versus real live acoustics. Enough talk. It’s time for real, hard evidence. Now. Does anyone have any spare money to buy an Axe-FX? :)

Oh. And if the amp modelers do end up sounding better, then they don’t. It just means my Matchless isn’t expensive enough. At which point (if the modelers sound better…which I of course doubt), it will be time to contact Mr. Dumble, and pull out my trem-stutter-de-tune-arpeggio-demonic-wang-bar effects during my audition so that he will actually build me one.

At no point am I actually making sense here. Ever just start typing and let fate fall where it may? (And by ‘fate’, I mean ‘tone’. By most things, I mean ‘tone’.) But hey, I said ‘Dumble’, ‘Axe-FX’, ‘Line 6′, and ‘Matchless’. That’s more than enough for a discussion on tone, right? Providing you leave out ‘Axe-FX’ and ‘Line 6.’ ;) Now that was just uncalled for.


P.S. For those of you with malice in your hearts right now toward my ‘modeling’ jab, I actually did look at giving the Verbzilla a second shot on my board today. Even though there is not a handwired part or Swedish imported chip or vintage resistor to be found in that whole pedal. And even though it has the letters ‘zilla’ after ‘verb.’ (Just terrible.) See, now that’s gotta count for something, right?!