What else can be said? If you’re not believing 100% in every note you play, and letting a drop of bloody angst dissipate across each melodic line, I don’t care if you’re playing a Top Hat, Hayseed, Line 6, Bruno, or plugging straight in. All of that pails in comparison to soul, feel, and passion. (But, uh, once you have acquired said soul, feel, and passion…it can’t hurt to filter all that passion through a good tube amp. 😉 )

It doesn’t get much better. Tone, taste, and feel:

Okay, maybe it does:

BB King: “I’m horrible with chords.”
Bono: “I don’t think there’s much chords in this song. Maybe 2.”

Classic on both counts.

Terrible posting on my part lately. Hey, when holidays flow into weekends, I’m over. However, demos are coming soon. The whole digital versus analog thing will be a bit, as I need to acquire all that stuff at prices low enough to allow me to resell them without losing money. (Stupid, necessary money.) But some new pedals are on their way to be demo’d. And…here’s the real kicker…they’re from Boss. I think I just lost half my audience. 😉


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  1. BB does/did indeed use a lab series amp. And they are solid state.
    Ty tabor of king’s x did as well, for their first 4-5 albums.
    Here’s an example of his lab series tone…

  2. Gtr1ab–aye. 🙂 But it makes for a nice example, as the post was on feel, even if you’re playing through solid state trash. 😉 Although, in all seriousness, sometimes those big, almost acoustic-sounding old wood hollowbodies don’t need any extra tube warmth…makes them muddy. A good Evans type solid state amp can be good for them. I still prefer tube, and would love to hear BB through one, but hey…I don’t think he cares what I think.

    Sal–when he’s singing? 🙂

    Don–thanks for posting that! Haven’t heard of King’s X in a while!

    Kenrick–lol As soon as the mail comes in today, I’m breaking some TGP rules, too! hehe


  3. Thought this was really funny and you guys would like it:


    happy new year to everyone

  4. haha Hilarious picture, bro!

    Although, I’m not sure if I know how to post one either…let’s see…

    Duty Calls

    It worked! I had to go in as an administrator, though. You’d think it’d allow pictures just in regular comments. Either way, thanks for that! Way awesome.

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