Well, if I lost half my audience with my post mentioning buying some Boss pedals, I’m about to lose the other half with this post. Please no one ever go through this blog and count the mentions of this band. But I’m driving this morning, and this song comes on, and out of nowhere I just start singing it at the top of my lungs…and then these tears start coming. And it’s not like I’ve never heard this song before. I’d love to say it’s because of the sweet tone, and that is part of it. But overall, it’s the power that music can display. When all the parts…melody, harmonic structure, passion, feel, tone…are there, it can communicate in a way I’ve not experienced with anything else.

Perhaps sometimes we just need an emotional release. And this past year has seen some difficult losses in my personal life, which I try quite hard to keep out of this blog. And this song just wrecked me this morning…in the best way possible. For those of you who don’t know (meaning, everyone not as psycho about this band as I am…wanting to wear their clothes and sweat and stuff), Bono wrote this song about his children. And when they were recording it, Edge looked at him and said, ‘I think that’s about your father.’ And here’s the performance just days after his father passed away: