Just humour me. The next time you’re going to buy a pedal, or an amp, or a guitar, go buy a new set of strings and some new picks first. Ninety-five percent of the time, this makes more of a difference than new gear. And in the words of Tony Wonder, whoa whoa whoa, wait. Am I actually advising not to buy new gear? Oh no. Not at all. Definitely buy new gear. But once you get the new strings on, and it makes more of a difference than a new amp, guitar, or clean boost pedal, then you get to spend the money on another delay. That’s right…no need to fear. This blog still does, and always will, endorse the acquisition and subsequent caressing (for some of us) of new gear. And it wouldn’t have to be a delay either. A nice seek filter, or a new Dwarfcraft pedal. (They were at NAMM. Crazy awesome pedals. Remind me of ZVex, when ZVex was still unknown, and hence…way cooler. ;) My review of said tradeshow is coming soon…it’s just taking a while to upload all the videos to youtube. Including the one of Tony Levin singing…yes, he sings…sort of…about soup and/or super colliders. It was oddly awesome.) Or a delay. Ya, those are good, too.

But seriously. Every time I change my strings (and this should be a once a week occurrence at least if you play often), I am floored by the difference. In tone, and in feel. And subsequently, in my playing. And then I go sell the three guitars I bought because I was unhappy with my tone because I didn’t change the strings.

All things to make you happier with your tone. Oh, and Avatar will make you happier with your tone if you go see it, because everything seems better in comparison to that movie. Actually, I’ve yet to see it…so I have no basis on which to judge it. Except that the previews sucked, and the plot seems to have perhaps not so subtly ripped off Pocahantas. Which ripped off Dances with Wolves. Which ripped off Pocahantas. Like, the actual one that happened in life.

(hehe I just found out Giovanni Ribisi is in Avatar. He is…um…not one of my favorite actors. Don’t tell me, but I’m guessing he cries in this movie and you can’t understand what he’s saying. Boiler Room, anyone? Sorry. I hadn’t made fun of a movie in a while, and I was just dying to get something out! Oh! And he looks like Bill Paxton in this picture. If Bill Paxton was French and aging backwards. I appreciate the effort, Killers, but this Freddie-Mercury-throwback-stache deal has got to go. Okay, I’m done now. Giovanni, you make more money than I do, and you were on Friends, so I’m sure you couldn’t care less that I’m writing this…if by some magical twist of fate you even see this. But if you do, I apologize, take it all back, and can you get me an acting job with James Cameron? BBFF, bro. That’s butch best friends forever. Ya. Hmm…that doesn’t sound right. Wow, it must be late. Ya, there we go. I’ll blame it on that.)

But…uh…seriously, change your strings. Is that what we were talking about? Oh, I can’t remember. But do it anyway! It’s never a bad thing. Picks and strings…the first lines in your tone after your mind and hands…the two things that are actually making acoustic sounds in space…making sure those are in pristine condition makes all the difference in the world.