I need strings. Guitar Center, $5, done. Sure, you can get them for $4 online, but at that low of a price, I like to just get them right away. Plus then I get to go into Guitar Center and hence, have stories to make fun of them for. They never disappoint.

I get there yesterday morning at around 10:30, because they’ve been hit with the financial crunch too, and last time I went there at 9:00, I found that they had moved their hours up to 10:00. Never mind trying to find out what musicians really want to play, and diversifying your stock a little more beyond uh…Ibanez. Just open less hours to the customers. So I get there, and they are closed. Now they don’t open until 11:00. So I go across the street to Hollywood Video to kill time, and realize that with internet rentals, I think video rental places are going to just be stories we tell our kids about in no time. And kind of the same thing as Guitar Center over here. Rather than actually carrying movies (novel idea for a movie rental place), they just come up with new ways to do ‘customer service.’ ‘Do you have this movie?’ ‘No.’ Do you have this movie?’ ‘No.’ Do you have this movie?’ ‘No. But we can print you out a list of recommended movies for you based on your previous rentals!’ So they don’t carry anything I want to watch, but that’s okay because I get a computer-generated list of movies I will like. Which always seems like it’s based more on what movies just came out, rather than what I have rented in the past. However, Bee Movie was on it. What have I been renting? hehe

Anyway, I get back to Guitar Center and decide that as long as I’m there for just strings, I should check out the vintage room. Apparently Egnater is vintage now. (Nothing wrong with Egnater, but……in the vintage room? And being the only thing in the vintage room? Ya, not so much). So I go to check out the POG2. Not there. I ask the sales guy, ‘Do you have the Electro Harmonix POG2?’ He goes to his computer. Never a good sign, especially with a pedal that at least on the internet, is really hot right now. And he says, ‘What brand again?’ I say, ‘Electro Harmonix.’ He says, ‘Electro……?’ I say, ‘Harmonix.’ And of course, they don’t have it. So, in my current quest for octave-ness, I go over to the Boss Kiosk to try out the Boss PS5. Broken. The screw has fallen somewhere behind the Kiosk and hence, the cover won’t close…and the pedal no longer stays on. So I take a quick look around the room for something used. Nope. Alright, that’s it. Strings, and let’s get out of here.

Me: ‘Hey, could I just get an Ernie Ball green pack? The 10′s.’
Sales guy: ‘Sure.’ (Turns around.) ‘Uh, we’re out of them.’
Me: ‘Really.’
Sales guy: ‘But we have these. They’re basically the same, just coated.’

Oh, so at least I can get half the tone for twice the price. So I go to grab a cable because our church ones are going, and I just need one for the click track this weekend. Cheaper and better quality online, but I’m right there. And I look at it. $46.99. Not Mogami. Not Monster. Not even Planet Waves. Just a generic cable. And it’s more than Lava or Evidence Audio. Guitar Center is awesome.