That phrase, when fully embodied for what it truly is, can have one of the most profound impacts on your life that you will ever experience.

And, contrary to blogging culture, my blogging this does not have a direct correlation to an argument with someone for whom I am wishing that they would read this post. No, no arguments, no disagreements, nothing personal. Just simply the fact that I was thinking tonight about when I wrote a prog-metal worship song on my BC Rich entitled ‘Blood and Fire’ (yep), and how when it inexplicably did not get widespread airplay (or, incidentally, a very good response from our guitarists’ parents at our one single show…uh…in his bedroom), my first thought was how close-minded and unintelligent the world must be to not ‘get’ the inherent earth-shattering of ‘Blood and Fire.’ And how, in recent years, applying the phrase ‘maybe I’m the one who’s wrong’ before making judgement calls on the rest of the universe, has served me quite well.

Now, when Kanye West continues to win Grammy’s, okay…now the world is wrong! ;) And not just because U2 lost all their categories. (Which was actually kind of nice, because U2 seems to win Grammy’s even when they don’t do anything that year. So not winning for a year makes the other wins seem a bit more real. hehe) But because the whole show was terrible! I had to run off to youtube and soothe my head with this, just to remember that there are still musicians in this world:

And then I decided to take my own advice and think that maybe I’m the one who’s wrong. And then I listened to another Kanye West song. Nope.

But most of the time, making that phrase a part of your persona and your being, can change your life. In the Psalms, it’s called humility. And it’s the best thing I have ever experienced. It was a great 5 seconds. ;)