Maybe I’m the One Who’s Wrong

That phrase, when fully embodied for what it truly is, can have one of the most profound impacts on your life that you will ever experience.

And, contrary to blogging culture, my blogging this does not have a direct correlation to an argument with someone for whom I am wishing that they would read this post. No, no arguments, no disagreements, nothing personal. Just simply the fact that I was thinking tonight about when I wrote a prog-metal worship song on my BC Rich entitled ‘Blood and Fire’ (yep), and how when it inexplicably did not get widespread airplay (or, incidentally, a very good response from our guitarists’ parents at our one single show…uh…in his bedroom), my first thought was how close-minded and unintelligent the world must be to not ‘get’ the inherent earth-shattering of ‘Blood and Fire.’ And how, in recent years, applying the phrase ‘maybe I’m the one who’s wrong’ before making judgement calls on the rest of the universe, has served me quite well.

Now, when Kanye West continues to win Grammy’s, okay…now the world is wrong! 😉 And not just because U2 lost all their categories. (Which was actually kind of nice, because U2 seems to win Grammy’s even when they don’t do anything that year. So not winning for a year makes the other wins seem a bit more real. hehe) But because the whole show was terrible! I had to run off to youtube and soothe my head with this, just to remember that there are still musicians in this world:

And then I decided to take my own advice and think that maybe I’m the one who’s wrong. And then I listened to another Kanye West song. Nope.

But most of the time, making that phrase a part of your persona and your being, can change your life. In the Psalms, it’s called humility. And it’s the best thing I have ever experienced. It was a great 5 seconds. 😉


14 thoughts on “Maybe I’m the One Who’s Wrong

  1. seriously karl, this may be the best post that i have ever read in your blog. not to lessen the value of gear & tone, but this is classic. thanks for the reminder, bro!

  2. My wife and I used the Grammys as a chance to bond. We were rolling on the floor with laughter as we mocked the events…together. So thank you Grammys for a chance to improve and build my relationship with my spouse.

    I will admit this was easier to do with the dvr and 30 second skip! All that talking, all those commercials, who can take it?!?

    See some of my thoughts here and here!

  3. good stuff man! i also thought the grammy show was a joke. after if was over i felt like listening to The Band, just to remind myself that music used to be simple and beautiful. And I love the Jools Holland show!!! :)

  4. Rhoy–thanks, brother. I guess every once in a while it’s good to remember that there’s more than stompboxes in life, right? hehe

    Gtr1ab–that’s awesome! My wife and I do the same thing. :) Although usually it’s over Once Upon a Time in Mexico. hehe

    Justin–haha Totally! Me too. You literally do have to remind your brain that good music exists after stuff like that. So sad.

    Ben–that’s a good point. And both Coldplay and U2 seem obsessed lately with ‘breaking down musical barriers.’ And while I think it’s an applaudable action, those type songs seem just decent at best, and a little gimmicky. Kind of like back in the ’40’s when Bing Crosby would sing with Frank Sinatra for a tv special, and neither one would sound as good as they could have on their own. However, I do agree that Kanye with Chris Martin is the best I’ve heard from Kanye! hehe

    And I literally laughed out loud when I read that fishsticks comment. Ah, Kanye. There’s an episode of Punk’d where they pretend to shutdown his music video shoot, and he and his (what can only be described as) thugs, go around knocking people out, and stealing the film out of the video cameras and trying to make a getaway. It was like……really? So awesome.

  5. Surprising how Fleet Foxes rock out. I love that song on the CD but it has a different vibe live.
    Thanks for the clip!

    Funny since discovering Fleet Foxes I have noticed a few similar sounding bands going around… that style is obviously cool at the moment but we can feel superior because we knew about them first! (sorry I didn’t read the rest of your post after the video – is it obvious??) 😛

  6. haha No worries! You know, same thing happened to me…the day I found out about them they totally weren’t big yet, and I was all stoked. And then the next night I was flipping channels, and they were on Letterman. Blast! My coolness was lost. haha But they are awesome!

  7. Great post, Karl. I don’t think enough can be said about humility – especially in a leader. I think too many people confuse humility with weekness and think that they need to be somewhat of a bully to be an effective leader. One can be an assertive, passionate leader without being arrogant, pushy or narcissistic. A strong yet humble individual commands respect and loyalty.

  8. Wow, what you just said was amazing, Scott. I totally agree with you on all counts. Jesus’ leadership style was to serve humbly, and I think sometimes we miss that. :) Great comment!

  9. “…the fact that I was thinking tonight about when I wrote a prog-metal worship song…”

    It was only 2 years ago that I was writing metal-core music on my old line 6 spider valve (set to insane mode of course!) doing one man shows to either myself or parents in the bedroom…

    I’ve since sold the good old spider valve for a Laney vc30 and a couple of decent pedals lol… No regrets.

    and also I just want to say thank you for such an awesome blog! I can’t lurk around forever on here without posting a comment – especially now I know how to.

    Your blog has really helped me develop my worship leading/worship guitar abilities, gear and tone. I’ve found it way more entertaining, informative and honest than watching any of the Hillsong creative or worship central videos.


  10. Sam–ooh. That was awesome. Good form, bro.

    James–man, it’s great to have you here, and thanks for the kind words! Congrats on the Laney. And nice to hear that I’m not the only one who has done bedroom shows! haha Cheers bro, and I look forward to talking more soon!

  11. Hey Karl,
    I wasn’t sure where to share these with you, but I thought since you’re blogging about real musicians and not just “entertainers”, I thought I would share 2 videos I just came across from one of my favorite bands. Enjoy : )



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