My friends, apologies for being gone lately. Life has been lots lately (in a good way…meaning, lots of guitar playing out). But I had to give an update on my gear life here. Remember how I hate buffers? Ya well, the VHT Valvulator is good enough that it has convinced me to try it out live for a few weeks. I know. Crazy. But it’s happening.

So, I owe you a demo of it. And the Ooh Wah. And a budget guitar rig demo that I’ve been wanting to do. And my remodeled board is finished, and my fingers are almost healed from that. (Just kidding.) And instead, I’m giving you this cheeseball little updatey post. Because I’m on my anniversary getaway and hanging out with my wife is more fun than you. Sorry. And it’s okay that I’m posting this…she has some school work to do while we’re out, so I’ve got a couple hours. And in those couple hours, I just had to give the update……that a buffer may find a permanent place on my board. I understand it’s frightening. I’m frightened, too. I hate eating crow, or eating my own words, or anything slightly resembling having to be wrong. So, rather than admit to said ‘wrong’, I have decided that the reason the Valvulator sounds so good is that, due to me wanting to know definitively if this buffer was the way to go (because I’ve hated all other buffers), I put a JJ gold pin in it. Yep, it’s just that tubes are awesome. Not that I could be wrong. The next few weeks playing out live will tell.

What a difficult situation. If it ends up sounding better, than I have to have been wrong. But if it ends up sounding worse, then I have to subtract a tube from my rig. Neither are very good options. Hey! Maybe it’ll sound worse, and I can sell it and buy a Zen 2! The Zen 2 doesn’t really work in my rig, but it does have a tube! Problem neutralized.

And, just because I won’t be back for a couple days, I leave you with this. Just heard these guys, and can’t stop listening to it.

Mmm…melody and shoegazer fuzz tone. Doesn’t get much better than that.