I dislike falseness or pretentiousness of any kind, so I’m just going to call this post what it is: I’m stalling. I know about all the posts I’m supposed to do, but time is always against me. (Not really, but it sounded cool to say it for some reason. Is that from Matrix? I think it is. My rule is that if Laurence Fishburne says it, then you should say it too.) And I could just do the pedalboard post, but I am waiting on one more pedal to come in (hopefully tonight!), and my love of pedals (some would say my Gear-Page-bred-boutique-snobbery-blue-led’s-really-do-effect-tone) won’t allow me to post a picture of a pedalboard with any carpet showing. ;) So I decided to appear magnanimous (that barely passes for a movie quote…if anyone gets that, I’ll send you a pedal) and give a wrap-up of some new gear that you should definitely open up new credit cards for. Man, what a great time it was a few years ago…I could max everything out on gear, and they’d still send me more apps in the mail! Ah, the joys of the wondrous and what everyone now knows to be the imaginary world of credit. Still, you can’t deny those were some good times. ;) But, I digress…as per the usual…which I should probably stop doing…but definitely won’t. Here’s the important stuff. Gear. Yep. Rock. Do you know there are people who have never seen Wayne’s World?

  • Matt Solomon Cables–(I guess the link isn’t working anymore. His email is clearsoundmusic@gmail.com . Not sure if he’s still running the same deal, but awesome cables.) This guy is wiring up Evidence Audio Cables 6-18″, a 10-pack for $100. Best deal I’ve found in a long time, and they sound great. EA cables are right up there with Lava’s ELC. And they’re the Monorail type, so low profile, bendable, and a cool muted burgundy color that makes people ask, ‘Ooh, what are those?’ An added bonus.
  • Strymon Pedals–so much buzz going on about these things right now. Brand new pedal line from some of the amazing Damage Control engineers, with all analog dry path pedals: a delay with tap tempo, subdivisions for both dotted 8th’s and triplets, and new technology designed to get bucket brigade sounds out of a more versatile digital circuit; a reverb pedal with fully controllable decay and a ‘shimmer’ mode; a chorus; and probably the most useable and tweakable flanger to date. They’ve had their compressor out for a few months now, and it is the best one I have ever played. Which means a lot coming from me. (I hate compressors.) My demo of that OB.1 compressor is here, if you’re interested. I can only guess that the rest of that line of pedals is going to be just as stupendous.
  • Analog delays with tap tempo! About time somebody caught up with Diamond’s Memory Lane technology. Not that I’ll ever sell mine, but I’ve been floored that’s it’s been this long before more of these came out from other companies. Analogman is working on one as a mod for his current ARDX20, Electro Harmonix is getting ready to release it’s Deluxe Memory Boy, and Young Pedals actually has its Time Stomp out now.
  • Catalinbread is working on more editions of the WIIO, an overdrive designed to be a HiWatt sound, as opposed to yet another pedal being a Marshall. 100 of them got released, ebay prices drove up to past $1,000, and then he said he’d release more later this year. Ah, that was fun Gear Page reading while it lasted.
  • And lastly, ZVex‘s new Inventobox. As if Zach (remember, way cooler to refer to these guys by their first names as if they contacted you for lunch, frozen yogurt, and a sponsorship when in actuality they just practiced good customer service by responding to your email) hadn’t done enough to revolutionize the way we view pedals. (That means hand-painting them. hehe Just kidding, they have some amazing and original circuits as well.) Now he’s working on a box where you can install 3 different pedal modules into it, and eventually perhaps design your own circuits for it, and then come into community with other Inventobox owners and swap circuits. Really bringing a cool communal aspect to the usually stand-off-ish, I play ‘Jump’ cleaner than you do, electric guitarist crowd. Ya, it’s old news…but it’s still pretty awesome!
  • And lastly, an analog reverse delay with seventeen tubes. No, not really. Just a dream I have.

Still stalling.