Running out of titles. Or maybe cleverness. Probably a good thing when someone who thinks they’re clever starts to run out of what they perceive to be clever. Pretty clever, huh? Hmm. The word has last all meaning. From saying it too much, not from my inherent application of my own delusions of it attached to everything I do. Wow. Why do I even bother with intros?
  • When instruments were first invented to play melodies on, do you think all the singers called it cheating?
  • On Saturday nights, I leave my guitar rig overnight at my church, as we have both Saturday night and Sunday morning services. And on Saturday nights, as I’m sitting at my computer, I take my usual habitual glances of longing over at my rig. Except that it’s just an empty space in the room. Throw in some strings, and it’s like a scene from Legends of the Fall (or a really good commercial, at least). Is that sad? Or just very, very awesome?
  • Where would the world be without rock ‘n roll? And I’m a lot serious.
  • Indie bands: your music was cool in 2004 because it was subversive to the predominant musical styles. At what now seems like 19,635 bands calling themselves indie, you need to have a melody. The hobbit half-beards, vests, slippers, and xylophones can only take you so far. And by ‘so far’, I probably mean signed, famous, and in Michael Cera’s latest Juno rehash. So, carry on.
  • Green sounds better. Prove me wrong.
  • Is there seriously a silver Klon on ebay with bids at $600? haha What a sucker. Everyone knows only the golden horsey guy ones have the magic fairy dust.
  • Poor singers. We jack the chords (haha…wow, there’s a phrase you haven’t heard since 1997…for some reason, all I think of when I see that year is Con Air…hehe…Nicolas Cage…he’s not…how do you say it…good) and they have to take the fall.
  • I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I just got back from reading multiple threads on ‘worship’ over at Gear Page. Good times for all. Just don’t post in them! Very frightening.
  • On that note, I have an uncharacteristically quiet thought: does it seem to anyone else that Christians are mean?
  • Drive with your windows down, and crank whatever it is you’re listening to.
  • I don’t normally do this, but I ran across this post by one of the bassists I play with, and thought it was absolutely fantastic: Minimalism. (Ya, ya, of course I’d think that’s fantastic, I know.)
  • Try as I might, I cannot come up with one single thing that everyone agrees on. Just in life. And yet we do try really hard to find that one thing, don’t we. Especially on internet message boards.
  • I heard a song today, by which band I absolutely refuse to say but probably just said by absolutely refusing to say it, and I felt as if it were wrapping me up in a soft, warm, and almost questioningly masculine hug through the speakers.
  • For those of you wondering, ‘questioningly masculine’ means ‘Masculine…with some questions.’ Think…every worship leader you’ve ever known.
  • I like show tunes. I’m sorry.
  • That POG is cool, but think of all the other pedals it’s taking up the space of! I wonder if I can re-house it…make it smaller. I’ll call it, the POG2! Wait…
  • That last one was so dumb that I’m almost ashamed. Almost…
  • Never underestimate the sonic power of a shaker.
  • People are funny.
  • It’s not cool to like Fleet Foxes anymore, is it.
  • All music is at its core is essentially delay. Nope. Just accept it and move on.
  • And lastly, courtesy of Mr. Dickens, ‘The broader a man’s statements, the narrower his mind.’ Just think about that one for a second… And of course, I don’t fall into that category. ;)