This is from C.S. Lewis, who, I know, I quote way too often. I should pretty much just rename this blog ‘C.S. Lewis as According to U2……with Delay.’ So, my apologies. (Notice how I just referred to myself as U2. hehe And I might have gotten away with it too, had I not mentioned it right now. Blast my asphyxiation with parenthetical commentaries!) But, he talks about this crazy thing that’s been in my mind lately. That we are so almost laughably small and inadequate, and are always running around trying to make ourselves look or feel bigger or worth more than the next small and inadequate person running around trying to make themselves feel bigger or worth more than the next small and inadequate person running around trying……and on and on it goes. And The Great Joke, according to Lewis, is that we really are small and inadequate. We’re always trying to find self-worth, or what in Christian circles we’ve started to cleverly refer to as ‘God-worth’, which most often (at least in my life), only differs from self-worth in that, instead of deriving my self-worth from myself, I derive my self-worth from God. It’s still wanting to feel better about oneself. When the point is , rather than always trying to build our self-esteem up, to realize that we are, in fact, quite small, and quite inadequate……and that God loves us anyway. And that is The Great Joke. That we don’t have to pretend anymore! We don’t have to run around trying to play the fastest sweep picking phrygian scale, or write the best worship song, or have the best tone, or the most delay pedals (hehe), or trying to build ourselves up so that we can live with ourselves. There’s this huge freedom in accepting that we’re really, really small, and that that is okay! We need to learn to laugh at ourselves…to shift our whole perspective to a place where we are okay with being small, because God loves us; rather than the other way around…using God’s love for us to make us feel good about ourselves.

Now, there will be some kickback here that we are not worthless, and that the Psalms does in fact call us ‘fearfully and wonderfully made.’ And that is true. God does help us out by pointing us towards some sense of self-worth. Nothing wrong with that. But I believe the eventual goal is to get to a place where we are shifting our perspective completely towards Him. Where we can only see ourselves in comparison to Him; and that makes us pretty small. And then eventually, reading something like ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’, and having our first thought be to how incredible God is to make something ‘wonderful’. It’s shifting our focus off of ourselves, and onto Him. We’re really, really small. And He doesn’t ask us to raise our perspective of ourselves. Being small is okay; because He loves us anyway. And rather than taking that love and thinking how great we are that He would love us even though we’re small, we need to realize how incredible He is to love something as small as us…and revel in it.

All this came about because I ran across an old post I had written, that just totally puts us tonehead gear junkies into perspective. Well, and the sobering thought that I’ve probably killed more worship experiences in my time with mistakes and D/D# chords, than I could ever even count. haha But this is the website. And it is wonderful. Be sure to click on the digital modeling one with soundclips:

Rad Monkey Cowbells

Sorry, I had to end with that because one, it is stupendous. And two, because I’m a little uncomfortable going that theological in my posts. Sure, I’d do that every day……if there weren’t 8 billion other blogs doing it. And probably doing it much better. I like to stick to the more practical nuts and bolts of worshiping God through music and life, here at this blog. But every once in a while…well…there ya go.