I don’t know how many of you have been keeping up with the music scene, but the slowly rising indie genre of folk and Irish music has been gradually taking over. Great opportunity for us guitarists who (let’s be honest here) usually learn ourselves one style and then say it goes against our musical conscience to play out of that style. Break out the acoustics and learn some ambient and roadhouse blues stuff on those electrics to keep up with the times. 

It’d actually be nice if we all just wrote stuff straight from our soul and worried about melody rather than style, but that’s another post. hehe It’s also a good idea, if we’re trying to reach people, to keep one eye on what they’re listening to.


(Folk guitar at its best. Note the way the guitar covers the unbuttoned top of his fantastically late ’70′s plaid shirt, causing one to wonder, ‘Is his shirt even buttoned at all?’ I’m sure that’s the point. And these are the types of questions I don’t want to answer.)