Until the End of the World

So…. I’ve got windows media player open on the side of my screen (ya, I’m not nearly cool enough to have a second monitor on which to run dvd’s) and I’ve got the U2 PopMart dvd playing. And Edge is playing the anti-solo for Until the End of the World. And there is much rejoicing.


(This is Edge and Bono of U2 during their trademark ‘duel’ at the end of ‘Until the End of the World’. And yes, it would be awkward and frightening anywhere but at a rock concert……….. no, it’s still a little awkward. And I love it anyway…… see that guitar? Mmmm……. tone…..)

4 thoughts on “Until the End of the World

  1. Larry–yikes, how did I miss this a year and half ago? haha Sorry. And yes…the essence is wonderful. :)

    Jonraz–ya, from what I’ve read it’s Bono writing a self-portrait of himself at a time in his life when he felt like Judas. And like most of the Achtung Baby album, there’s a little bit of Edge’s wife leaving him, mixed in there too.

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