How to feel better and buy more gear

Just a quick post intended for the encouragement and exhortation (sorry, a little Christian joke there) for those of us who are feeling guilty about having so much gear. It’s some pictures that I have found….. and they make me feel better about myself….. and in my experience, anything that makes one feel better about oneself is to be embraced emphatically with no questions asked. (No, that’s not really what I believe…. but it’s typed now, and deleting is far too much effort.)

Here ya go!

Fourth place goes to:
wowsmall-1.jpg picture by rypdal95
(That strat second from the left has a killer finish. Although, I’m not so much envious of this guy’s guitars as I am of where he lives. That’s like, my lifelong dream to have that many guitars and live in a place that looks like where Braveheart beat the English.)

Third place drum roll:

wow2small-1.jpg picture by rypdal95
(Props for so many guitars and so much glamrock goodness….. and Spiderman is definitely crawling towards me on the Les Paul in the front.)

Second place is:

wow5small-1.jpg picture by rypdal95
(This was a total toss up between first and second place. The best part about this picture is the three guitar ornaments hanging at the right middle of the picture.)

And the grand prize:

wow3small-1.jpg picture by rypdal95
(And that’s in his house. Let’s try to keep the saliva off the keyboards. 

Licking the screen is fine, but the keyboard can’t be cleaned as easily.)

So, that’s it, ladies and gents. Now we can all breathe a sigh of relief that our gear problems aren’t that bad. And then, of course, we’ll realize that now armed with these pictures, we can probably get away with a few more guitars, and then just keep these pictures in our cases to whip out when someone asks why we have so much gear. See? I’m providing a service to us all.


6 thoughts on “How to feel better and buy more gear

  1. Wow, those are awesome. This is a good time to quote Keith: I’ve probably got too many. I have 3,000 guitars and only one pair of hands. –Dan

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