My complete apologies for posting this randomness, and not a guitar review, or tone rant, or something to help with ‘guitar for worship’, seeing as that is, of course, the actual name of the blog….not ‘whatever I feel like posting.’ But, I did really feel like posting this. :-)

I have an unhealthy love for a band named U2, and everyone tells me so. And since I cannot deny it, it is nice to find things to make fun of them for every once in a while, just to prove to myself that I’m not going to go crazy and wear their skin to my birthday anytime soon. (Hmm….that sounded much more frightening than I intended. No, no, I’m not that crazy into them….there are actually a couple songs of theirs that I don’t like…..wait……no, seriously. I’m not sure what they were thinking with ‘Numb’….and most of this ‘Ocotber’ album (pictured below, and the actual subject of this blog) doesn’t do anything for me.

But, anyway, U2 is re-mastering and re-releasing all their old albums, so on their site, this picture of the October album came up, circa 1982. And the hair….

octobercoversmall.jpg picture by rypdal95

It’s very sad. Especially Adam, the one on the far left. I think that’s a definite fro-let….or a mul-fro, or whatever you call them.

But then I think, wait, this band is one of the biggest in the world. They have sold out stadium’s and arenas for over 20 years. And then I look at the picture again, and I think…’Them?’ and then I think that then there might be a chance for me.

You see? U2 brings hope to us all.