New Site for Worship Musicians

Alright, I tried to do this post about two weeks ago…..and then decided to be retarded a lot and so I deleted this post thinking it was the trouble, but it definitely wasn’t. So, let’s try again.

There’s a new discussion board that Joe from gearpage started, and it’s for worship musicians. And it’s called ‘Worship Musicians.’ And it’s at . Imagine that. So, there’s no excuse on not remembering the name or something. Really, really imformative discussions over there, and they center around playing in venues where the focus is worshiping the Lord.

worshiplogosmall.jpg picture by rypdal95

It’s got a ton of gear discussion, and some thelogical dicussion, too, which is cool. So, I loved the site, and thought I’d show it some love.

Cheers this time,

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