Best Thing I've Ever Heard………Ever!!!!

Okay, okay, okay. You’re so not going to believe me. This is just…..okay, wow. I can’t even say this; I don’t know what to say, so here goes.

Thanks to the wonders of gearpage, I have just discovered that Steven Seagal has produced blues albums. And yes, that is ‘albums’, plural. And yes, he both plays guitar and sings on them. And yes, I will show you an album cover:

stevenseagal.jpg picture by rypdal95

And yes, they sound…..well….just about how you think they would sound. Sort of like that incredible album cover. Ya. It’s Steven Seagal, people. 

And the best thing is, look at his face! Even on his album cover, that Steven Seagal emotion chart is totally true:

Steven_Seagal_Emotion_Chart2.jpg picture by rypdal95

Look!! That’s totally the exact same face as on his album. Classic. 

See? I just gotta get famous at something… doesn’t matter what…..and then I can produce all the albums of myself playing that I want, whether they sound good or not. Just like Steven Seagal, and just like someone I found years ago making lovely music:

Hasselhoff2.jpg picture by rypdal95

And yes, that is David Hasselhoff.

So splendid.

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