Anyone else have actual tone dreams? I mean, actual ones. Not, ‘It’s my dream to play a ’54 Stratocaster’, but ‘I had a dream last night that I was playing out of 4 Matchless amps at one time.’

Ya. I do. I know I shouldn’t……but I do.

1970-gibson-es-335.jpg picture by rypdal95

That’s a ’70′s Gibson ES-335. And that’s the guitar I had a dream about. And I shall tell you why.

Yesterday, I helped some friends out by playing one song at their wedding. When I got there to set up, there was this guitarist playing ambient wedding music as all the guests walked in. Alright, this guy just threw all my lofty tone ideals out into the street and said ‘Go play’ and then ran them over with his car…… in a nice way. He’s playing this really old (looks like maybe ’50′s or ’60′s) hollow body Gibson ES-335. Gorgeous. And the tone is spectacular. Just warm and full and swanky…. everything a jazzy old hollow body should be. And of course I look around for the 1959 Fender Bassman amp he’s obviously playing out of. And I nearly jump out of my skin when I see his cord going from his guitar jack directly into the cheeseball PA system. Ya. Whoa. 

So I’m humbled. And not only that, he’s just going to town on all these classy ’40′s love tunes, playing not just the melody, but harmonizing all the other parts as well. Just beautiful.

bill-coleman.jpg picture by rypdal95

And this is him, Bill Coleman. The guy playing the wonderfully beautiful classic melodies accompanied by himself into a PA system with some of the best tone ever. You can check out his site at . And he was like, the most humble guy ever, too. I told him he sounded incredible, and he shrugs and says, ‘Oh, just some songs I happen to know.’ Ya, right. Totally nice guy. And the best part is, and you can only tell this while sitting next to him, he hums the melodies of the songs like, a half measure before he plays them. It’s really, really interesting to listen to. But, hey, I guess it works! Because the songs coming out of the guitar are perfect.

So anyway, last night I dreamed that I went out and bought a ’50′s Gibson ES-335. The wood was all old and warped and everyone cried when they heard the sound. Oh, yes…..and they were tears of joy. And I woke up still clutching at the guitar…..but it was not there. And then I thought, ‘There is something definitely wrong with me.’

And you’re probably thinking that I’m making this up. I do wish you were right…..but no, I actually dreamed this last night.

So….I’m just wondering…..does anyone else out there, anyone at all, have dreams about music gear? It would make me feel so much better if there is someone else……anyone….

Splendid old Gibson ES-335′s,