Laughing at Ourselves

There’s a line from the film Garden State that says, “If you can’t learn to laugh at yourself, life is going to seem a whole lot longer than you’d like it to be.”

Fantastic. Especially as musicians, we have a tendency (or at least I do) to take myself and my craft waaaaay to seriously. I like to think that the tonal difference between putting an ECC83 tube or an ECC82 tube will change the world……or maybe I just like to think that I can even hear the difference between tubes. hehe

So, I found a website that forces us gearhead musicians to laugh at ourselves. And obviously, someone has a ton of time on their hands, but seriously…..check out this site…’s awesome every once in a while to be reminded that our guitar tone and playing are not exactly curing cancer…… although I am honestly striving for mine to do just that someday. It’s all about setting reasonable goals for yourself.

radmonkeyhome.jpg picture by rypdal95

And make sure you click on the ‘Digital Modeling Cowbell’ and listen to the soundclips. Oh, yes. There are soundclips.


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