The Impasse (& Blog Psychology)

So, I haven’t blogged in a while, and it’s been because God has brought me to an impasse in my life…..where you look at yourself and don’t like what you see. And it’s change, or keep fading.

And I wrote a whole blog about this impasse, and then just saved it as a draft and decided not to publish it. And that’s because I promised myself when I started this blog that I would not delve into personal junk. I couldn’t care less when others post it on their blogs. I sift through it until I find something about God, music, or gear. It’s like, we all get our kicks in when we hit ‘Publish’ on our blogs, because the mere fact that our blog gets on the internet, means that millions of people can access it. Do they? No. But somewhere in our minds do we feel special because we don’t know, maybe they do, and we’re more popular than we know? Yep. And if you’re saying that’s not you, that’s cool. But hopefully, then, it’s so not you that you won’t be thinking about this paragraph later on tonight wondering why exactly it is that you blog about some of the things you do. (hehe….Sorry, not meant to be harsh….just a real question to ask ourselves.)

So, I created this blog to talk about using music for God’s glory. I think that’s something a lot more people want to read than the random junk in my life that I think people love to read because I’m so witty in my writing style. Uh…..right. I’ll just stick with the gear. So, as for what’s going on in my life to make me not post for a couple weeks…..maybe I’ll post it someday.

But as for today, this blog here serves as the place-holder for informing everyone reading of why there was a gap in blogs.

And not only that, but an impasse in my life of course automatically means an impasse in my gear, so that’s been keeping me busy as well. 🙂

Lots of gear reviews to come: Damage Control Timeline (with clips), Hermida Audio, Mojave Amps, OCD, Analogman, & Lovetone.

And apologies that this entry had a bit more of a serious and, I admit, cynical tone to it. I’ll try to change that with this picture:

mick-keith.jpg picture by rypdal95
(Understand, that I have more respect for Mick and Keith as musicians than almost anybody. They are incredible, and they’ve been coming up with new catchy and melodic grooves and hooks for over 40 years. But should they be wearing what they are wearing? No. Not by any means you can possibly explain to me.)


Promising to get back to gear tomorrow,

31 thoughts on “The Impasse (& Blog Psychology)

  1. haha Yes, musically there are few that can beat them. And judging from what they’re wearing, few can beat them in ‘being comfortable with themselves’ either. 🙂

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