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Remember that scene from Amadeus when Saliere is trying to get the king to play the musical piece on time, and he just can’t? And finally Saliere claps his hands on the correct beats and in time with those same beats states, “Tem-po!”

Ya. Absolutely imperative. I’m almost at the point where I’d rather someone play an E chord over my Eb chord than play out of time. Not really. But close.

This last Sunday was a mess music-wise. Not so much worship-wise….God’s gonna do what He’s gonna do, with or without us……… and it was definitely without us this Sunday. And it wasn’t my team’s fault….. it was just one of those days where all 8 of us just were not jiving together.
My wife (who is an incredible musician) asked me after the service, “Were you guys on a click?”

I answered, “There was a click going in our ears……. whether or not we were on it is another story.”

But, oh well, life goes on, and we learn. God still had his people worship Him, but as long as my team and I are up playing the worship music, I’d like to help the worship experience a little more than we did last Sunday. :-) And props to my team, especially our drummer and the singer I had lead all the songs this last weekend, for recognizing that things were not clicking, and just going with it and worshiping anyway. Killer team at this church.

So, I’d just like to say…… tempo, people………… TEM-PO!

Splendid………… well…….

7 thoughts on “Rhythm….Time….Tem-po!

  1. Tem-po! I love it…

    It was so funny, a month ago or so our Pastor started playing with us again (hasn’t really played with me personally in a while). We’ve been using a click for the last 6 months or so and it’s amazing… Anyway, he’s known for being hard on drummers. So we’re playing this song… can’t remember which one, but he’s motioning to the drummer to speed up… and then he motions to slow down and then speed up again. The most hilarious part was when we had a break, he looks to me and says, “did that feel like it was draggin’ to you?” I said, “actually, he was right on the click… I mean right on…” He kind of shrunk down and said, “oh, (chuckle) I guess that just shows how good my tempo is (sarcasm)”…

    Hilarious! I love the Click… it never lies!!!!

  2. Ha! That’s awesome. Ya, when we first started using the click, I realized how many times I used to blame the drummer for tempo issues that were actually my own fault. hehe

  3. The click is definately my friend.. although it wasn’t 2 weeks ago..we’ll call Black Sunday.. as Karl said, God does what he does in spite of us..PTL for that .

    love the eric story above….I can see it all happening..

  4. I think I have seen Karl use the Jedi mind “CLick” on the Team befor…

    Waiving his hand saying “you dont need to speed up on this part”. While re-tapping the start button with his right foot !

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