I was on Gear Page to buy a new amp. Tone was not nearly where it should be. I was all ready to make the deal, when I remembered the 27 notes scrawled on backs of receipts in my pockets and wallet (that part is very…and I suppose a bit sadly…true) that say, ‘Change your strings before you buy new gear!’ (Or some variation thereof; such as, ‘Karl! Change your strings now!’ When I refer to myself in the third person, I know I’m serious.) So between Sunday morning services and the night service, I changed my strings. And it was like a new amp had been shipped to me within a half hour. Seriously. String changing is the biggest difference ever. And for once, I actually did it before buying new gear.

This feels dangerously like what I have heard described as ‘learning.’ What a strange and wondrous new feeling. Although I think this ‘learning’…it does drop your gearhead status a few points.

Oh, and speaking of dangerous (nope, not even a little), if U2 did it 20 years ago, worship music considers it cutting edge today. (And if you’ve listened to my demos, this quite obviously includes me. ;) ) I don’t know if that means that worship music is incredibly behind the times, or that U2 is incredibly ahead of the times. I’m guessing that it’s probably a mix of both, with a number that rhymes with ‘ten’ in there. Don’t know if that’s good, bad, or indifferent…just something I’ve noticed. Oh, and I got to mention U2, so…bonus.

Oh, and the title for this one comes from this splenditious rendition…I be freestylin’…whoa…it was a long weekend, obviously…of this beauty:

And obviously the slide show of Mr. LaMontagne was put together by a junior high girl. Hopefully. I mean, who else would have multiple pictures of a musician with which to be able to put together a slide show. Oh. Wait. Uh…I mean…of a musician not named Edge.