The Best Compliment I’ve Ever Gotten

Seeing as the last post seemed to be a giant (I’m making explosion gestures with my hands and mouth right now) on many different levels, I figured a new post was in order. So here ya go. Someone came up to me after an acoustic set and said I sounded like John Mayer………just…not as good.

I have no idea whether this is a compliment, or a really horrible insult. I suspect the horrible one. :)


14 thoughts on “The Best Compliment I’ve Ever Gotten

  1. Wait, weren’t you playing acoustic guitar? uhm…Well, it is still all about tone, right? Right! It was a tone compliment…if you like John Mayer’s acoustic guitar tone…right.

    I’ll stop now.

  2. Uh….I’m sure that it was a compliment….

    Like a couple of Sundays ago this woman came up to me after church….shook my hand….and said, “That was really good….Boy! You sure to play loud.”


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  4. “Dude, you looked all sweaty up there, it was sicknasty!”

    I have NO idea what to make of that one.

    “That was amazing, your tone was almost as gorgeous as you are. Your clean tone made me cry, and your distorted tone made me scream and shout, don’t even get me started on when you hit the delay and the boost on for your solo, WHICH YOU TOTALLY NAILED! I know this may be weird, but will you marry me?”

    ~Gemma Arterton

    Oh wait, that last one was a dream I had.

  5. Okay, a person made a little joke about me just before we started to pray for an evening service and the vicar gave him a funny look. He replied:

    “it’s alright James was giving me a hard time this morning”

    I hadn’t said anything to him that morning but I had been playing guitar…

  6. SethJ–haha That was awesome, brother!

    James–lol Oh, that’s the worst…hehe I’m sure I’ve given people many a hard time without ever saying anything to them as well. haha

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