Welcome home, my sweet Varidrive! I know I said I didn’t care, but I do! I care so much.

Please, for the love of everything that’s good in this world, remember that you’re a guitarist. That means you’re never done with a pedal until you’ve bought it back at least 3 times. I sold my SIB Varidrive black version with gain switch last year, in a failed attempt to do away with overdrive pedals. (There’s been a lot of those.) And I am just now getting it back, after a year of searching. It doesn’t help that this dominionator (yes, that’s exactly what I meant to type) of all solo pedals, that wouldn’t sell used for $100 two years ago, suddenly shot up to around $300 the day after I sold it for $175. This will always happen too. It’s part of the perils of being a guitarist. But if those perils weren’t so painful, the joys would not be so devouringly sweet. What is ‘devouringly sweet’ joy? It’s quite simple. Hitting a two note rhythmic solo on a SIB Varidrive black version with gain switch and a modded ECC81 tube. (Gotta say ‘modded’…sounds way cooler.)

Who’s ready for the first day of the rest of their lives?


P.S. I know I just posted this video like, last week, but such is the devourocity (again, yes) of my joy. You’re gonna have to deal with it. (Which means…well…just not clicking on that little sideways arrow in the middle of the video. Means play.)