Skreddy Echo

And while we’re posting random nonsense…

Even though I have absolutely no use for a slapback delay right now, I’ve almost bought the Skreddy Echo like, 6 times just because it has the words ‘Skreddy’ and ‘Echo’ in it.


15 thoughts on “Skreddy Echo

  1. This has nothing to do with this post you wrote, but it’s random.

    The worship leader in my worship band drives me nuts. He just told this weekend that he hasn’t changed his guitar strings in about 1 1/2 years. He said, “Please, don’t be mad.” I was like, “How can you possibly expect me to not be mad at you!?”

    Some people just don’t care about tone too much. He leaves his tubescreamer on the whole time and runs it through an echo park that he also leaves on the WHOLE time. He also turns the reverb up on his amp too much. His tone is just muddy. And he always asks me, “Why is my guitar sounding like crap?” I’m like, “Uhhh, maybe because you pay almost no attention to your sound and you don’t take my advice when you ask me for it.”

    Imagine that, Not changing your strings in about a year and a half! I can’t believe sound still comes out of those strings.

  2. haha I completely hear ya, my friend. I have many friends, acquaintances, and even readers here, who consistently ask for my advice, and consistently ignore it. And it’s not like I have all the answers…it’s fine to not take my advice. hehe 🙂 But then to keep asking for it? hehe It’s like, ‘Sorry bro, but my advice hasn’t changed. Get a tube amp.’ haha 😉 But all that to say, I feel for ya, my brother.

  3. The worship leader for my band only changes his tubes when the amp finally doesn’t make any sound anymore. He changed his strings after 3 years FINALLY like 2 months ago… and he has the WORST effects pedals ever made and gets mad at me when I tell him he needs to update his delay to one with tap tempo so he’s not bending over in the middle of the set to change the timing of his delay manually…

    Also I mentioned the words “tubes” and “bias” to him and he just stared at me as if he didn’t speak english…

  4. This seems as if it’s a classic problem. I’ve dealt with this many times before as well…with one guy, we actually staged an intervention. haha But I think for some reason, lead guys always think they’re into guitar, but really they’re not; and that’s okay! You’re into vocals, and that’s exactly what you should be into! But then let us background guys give you two pedals, an amp, and some advice on how to be a decent filler guitar player while you focus on your vocals. It’s a weird dynamic with singers, to be sure. (And I’m completely ignoring the fact that I’m the singer at my home church. haha Kind of ashamed of that. 😉 )

  5. You gotta understand folks that not everybody spends at least an hour a day reading the Gear Page. I know….there’s something wrong with them.

    But in all seriousness….most folks just have tin ears.

  6. Indeed The Gear Page is glorious… How can people play and instrument and not try to make that instrument as pleasing to their own ears?? It just doesn’t make sense. It’s like people discovering music and then not caring if the music is good or bad (which, I feel, is a sickness equally as prevalent as bad tone)

  7. You’re totally right, bro. You know…when I first started out, I totally had that sickness. For some reason, sounding good was ‘selling out’ to me. I wanted to have people love my playing even though I was playing year old strings on a plywood fretboard into a Crate. It sounds so odd saying it now, but unfortunately I know a lot of guitarists like that. And then there’s those that just don’t care at all, for some other reason. hehe

  8. really didn’t think the skrecho was all that great for slapback anyway. Granted I didn’t turn down the modulation trim to make it happen. Great ambient delay though

  9. I refuse to say Skrecho. 🙂 It is a nice delay overall. It can do slapback and the soup (it is too soupy apparently for some TGPers!). This might be blasphemy but the M13 can get 90% there with the lo res delay. Why do you need it? You have a POG and need to hear it in the loop!

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