…and I miss having a Divided by 13. Not the tone. Just having one.


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  1. Ha… reminds me of when I was driving an ’89 Nissan Sentra (4speed manual trans) and it was worth about $400 when I graduated college. That’s when me and my buddies auditioned for Atlantic records…..
    We lovingly look back at the heaps of junk we had, how much they were worth…. and the gear in the trunks was over 10x the worth of the vehicle that moved them around!

  2. Larry–haha So awesome. I think there must be some sort of car price/gear price ratio that must be met before you can be considered a true Gear Junkie. haha I drive a ’95, so I’m pretty sure I meet it, too. 😀

    Mark H–ooh. I think I’d miss that, too. But here’s the real question: What pedals? 😉 hehe

  3. So I am at the beginning stages of looking for a new amp. I don’t think I will actually get it for quite a while, but I am starting to browse.

    Do you think that the 23 is overrated? How do you compare the quality of it to your matchless and your Holland?

    DB13 are pricey. I don’t mind that, I just don’t want to pay for the name. I care much more about the sound.

    So far the brands I’m checking out are Bad Cat, Matchless, DB13, Tophot… Not sure what else. Do ya have any recommendations?

  4. David, look at Savage amps as well. They are based out of Minnesota and just started selling amps directly off their web page (read: a little cheaper since not as much dealer mark up). They run in the same price range as the D/13. Also, the one I played was much better than the D/13.

    Karl, jeez man, love the one you are with. I will help you fund that D/13; I might be interested in buying the Matchless.

  5. David–totally depends on what sound you’re looking for. I have owned two Divided by 13’s, the RSA31 and the RSA23. In my humble opinion, the RSA31 was not good, even below average. But the RSA23 was one of the best amps I’ve ever played. So I would say, go with D13 if you’re looking for a great clean tone that will overdrive like a HiWatt/Marshall; and get the RSA23. As far as tone, it was in my opinion better than my old Holland, and almost (maybe even ‘just’) as good as my current Matchless HC30. I went with the Matchless in the end because it seemed to have just a little more presence without getting muddy, and because I tend to like the Voxy drive more than the HiWatt drive. But were I to have unlimited funds and want another HiWatt sounding, great clean tone amp, I’d get another RSA23 in a heartbeat. 🙂 Well, maybe a couple heartbeats…they’re expensive. 😉

    If you’re looking for a more Voxy tone, I cannot recommend Matchless enough. The HC30, Spitfire, or 30/15, to be exact.

    I’ve heard some great Top Hats and Bad Cats. Not sure you can go wrong with those either.

    Jonathan–good call on the Savage Amps. 🙂

    And I’m actually really stoked with the Matchless (still, which is weird haha) and don’t really plan on selling it. 🙂 This post was more to poke fun at how much I enjoy gear, even if I really have no use for it. lol Like the Divided by 13 RSA23. I have no use for that tone right now, and am stoked with the Matchless. But wow, it was cool to have that thing! haha

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