I’m not exactly sure how this happened, but I played for an R&B artist the other night. And I gotta say, I have a huge, newfound respect for that style of music. Not so much melodically in what I played, but in order for the vocals to come through right, you’ve got to be very, very tight rhythmically. I’m not so sure I was, but it definitely triggered in my mind how sometimes rhythm can actually be more important and more difficult to play than lead playing. Secondly, you’ve got to sit way back in the mix…just adding texture; but you don’t want to be too ambient, because then you start to lack rhythmically. So good chords voicings, tight rhythm, and strats help with this. Overall, a lot was learned, I was stretched, and it’s probably the first time ever that my pedalboard has seen six songs in succession without the benefit of a delay pedal. Also, I now like a Beyonce song. Please be gentle.


P.S. Anybody want a Varidrive? ;)

Sad, isn’t it.