Tone Tip #243

I thought my tone could probably be a little bit woodier and a little bit washier, so I bought these:

And I know, that looks like a picture I just pulled off the internet to use as a cheesey punchline. Except that it’s true. I did buy those, and I can’t look you straight in the eye and say that it wasn’t because of the wood-paneling and the indie wave.

I also plugged it in, watched it light up, and took a picture of it……before plugging my guitar into it. But seriously…how can that not sound good? Oh, and the tap tempo pedal has a little blue led that lights up every time you tap a tempo. 😀 Not trying to contain my joy even a little.


32 thoughts on “Tone Tip #243

  1. Karl,
    Love your site, man. Been a longtime RSS subscriber; keep ’em coming.

    Was re-reading about tubes and tone and thinking, I don’t remember you talking about Carvin’s stuff at all. I currently have a BelAir, their combo series, and am wondering (like every other guitarist with GAS) if there’s a better bang for my buck out there.


  2. So my new pedal is pretty freaking sweet Karl! It has TUBES!! At first I was a little bit unipressed. I was still messing with the knobs and such but as soon as I started playing with dynamics and rolled the voice knob down it spit out some SWEET dark overdrive tones. Especially on the neck pick up. I really like it.

  3. +1 on people who want to see that laptop size pedal on your board. Perhaps you could make a separate board for the Moog. Of coarse with the wood panels, it’s kinda like it’s own pedal board. Maybe all you need is a flight case…or a bigger board 😉

  4. hi Karl!
    so, i’ll expose my lack of knowledge with this question…
    what’s a moogerfooger do? I mean, besides look cool?

  5. Karl, have you considered BYOC? There’s no fun like building your own pedal…or in my case, dreaming of building my own pedal!

  6. hey karl (or anyone)-
    i have a tophat club royale that i’ve had for two years…..never changed the tubes and really wanting to sell for an orange ad30, but thought i should change the tubes first. is has 2 el84’s and i believe 3 12ax7’s…….any advice on what kind brand i should buy? i’ve never bought tubes before.

  7. So I apologize for not being around hardly at all lately. School, work, and girlfriend keep a young man busy. You will be happy to know that I got a steal at a flea market yesterday. I picked up a fully-functioning 1960s Harmony H400A 25w tube amp for $25. Sweet, sweet tube tone.

  8. Stephen–thanks, bro! And those BelAir’s are a really sweet deal for the price. I’d suggest looking into Frenzel and Mayfly (on ebay) for some great amps at relatively the same price. 🙂

    Randy–lol And they’re probably not. hehe

    Cam–lol Comment of the day.

    But yes…Blues Junior with a speaker and a tube swap… 😉

    Eric–hahaha Absolutely!

    Sam–of course. The mahogany laminate allows the circuit to breathe more, and get more headroom.


    Ben G–right on, brother!

    Jed–lol Bigger board! Ah man, you’re making me actually think about it. Blast!

    Nphase–but the wood panels are the best part! hehe

    Don–there’s a few different moogerfooger’s, but this one, the Murf, is a step filter with LFO phasing. So, it’ll give you sequenced sounds that you can add ambience to. There’s 24 different patterns, and then each one is very tweakable. So, some crazy sounds in this thing. 🙂 The problem is, and the reason I’ve sold this thing in the past, is where to use those sounds apart from your basement. hehe

    Shawn–haha Thanks, bro! And I keep meaning to get some BYOC kits and start to work on pedals with the hopes of making some of my own builds someday…and then I never seem to have enough time. Probably because I spend it all buying new pedals. hehe 😉

    Mark H–lol

    Spencer–I’d totally go with JJ tubes from . And in my humble experience, I’ve thought the Club Royale to have a good deal better tone than the AD30. Others may disagree, but I love the Top Hat sound.


    Colty–no worries, brother. Real life should always take precedence over internet life. lol 😀 But it’s good to hear from ya, and nice score on that amp!

    Sal–lol Yep!


  9. It’s as old as the dirt it’s covered in and runs a high risk of literally shocking the life out of me, but it’s a nice one. Once I get some spare cash I’m gonna fix it up. Retube, recap, and make it so I won’t die while playing it. And maybe a good cleaning, it could sure use it.

  10. I feel like that might detract from the tone, making it safe for use. I mean, tone is equal to rarity and people generally like to have things be safe these days, therefore there aren’t many life-threatening amps around.

  11. what company is that tap lite from??? Can’t find it man….your blog is my favorite sir…were about to go on our first tour of any note…this blog will keep me entertained on the bus for

  12. Congrats on the tour, bro! And thanks for the kind words. That tap pedal says ‘MME’. I haven’t looked it up at all…I just found it on Gear Page and went, ‘Yes.’ 🙂

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