48 thoughts on “DR Strings Review

  1. yeah I do enjoy those strings, but not every style and not on every guitar. I think I use the pure nickel ones, Id have to look at the box again, but they are marvelous and don’t hurt my fingers like the d’addarios do for some reason.

  2. Kenrick–ya, they have a great feel, and I’m liking the focus of their tone, if that makes any sense. I didn’t get the pure nickel ones, after a bad experience with Snake Oils (hehe), but I’m liking the DR’s so much that I may try their pure nickel ones. But you’re liking them?

    Dan–10′s. What’re on your Anderson?

  3. 11′s for Gibson scale guitars. I tried 10′s but I missed the feel of the 11′s (what I had on my SG for years). I don’t usually bend more than 1 1/2 steps, so 11′s work for me.

  4. I switched from earnie ball to DR about three years ago. I remember thinking how much I liked the change. But now I don’t even remember what the slinkys sounded like. I’ve gotten so used to the DRs.

    Tried the pure nickel ones a while ago. I remember them being brighter. Might give them another try.

  5. Which brand did you use?

    I heard that the quality of DR strings are not as consistence as D’addario and EB

  6. didn’t like the DR before so I didn’t bother trying it again. last night i changed tele strings with EB Regular Slinky with the Titanium coat. i must say, i really like it … we’ll see when it stretches a little bit :)

  7. Been using EB forever. Tried DR for a couple years but ended up switching back. I realized that all the tones that I liked were recorded when EB were the strings to use.

  8. I went from D’Addarios to DR’s about two years ago.

    I used Pure Blues .10′s on the Tele and .11′s on the Lester. Other than one really bad production run last year, they have been superb.

    Recently tried some GHS Boomers and was really isurprised with the tone/longevity. Not sure if I’m leaving DR land yet.

  9. Dan–gotcha. And don’t think I’ve ever bent more than 1 1/2 steps. lol At least not without the help of a Floyd Rose and whammy bar divebomb. ;) Don’t think I’m good enough. But 10′s seem to work for me.

    David–very cool. I might try the pure nickels as well, especially if you say they’re brighter. The ones I have right now are nickel wound, wire core, I believe, and may be slightly too dark.

    Matt Swann–awesome! Might have to try out the Pure Blues. Yikes, we need a string shootout; but that would take some doing, in order to do it right. hehe

    Austin–the Tite Fit ones. Wire core, nickel wound. Actually, the only set of 10′s Best Buy had. lol ;)

    Jacob–:) No more review needed. hehe

    Rhoy–really! Hmm, might have to try that. I’ll be honest, the only reason I haven’t is because every time I’m at GC, they always try to sell me the ones with the titanium coat. hehehe Which, of course, makes me not want them. Yikes, I’m terrible. :D

    Sal–hmm, good point. I really need to do a shootout, and then video edit it for AB comparisons.

    TimH–right on. That’s how I’m feeling right now. Really like the focused and darker tone they’re bringing, as well as allowing me to play more dynamically. Don’t know if that’s the strings, or me just liking the tone more so I’m playing better. But diggin’ ‘em!

  10. BAaahahahahaha :D
    Thats awesome!
    I’ve been playing with DR EXTRA life “black beauties”.

    Mostly couse they were sold pretty cheap in my local dealer. You could pick like three DR strings for a nice price.

    But one day I was going to play with a worshipteam from an other big church that should have a conference in our. And I relized that didn’t had any more strings at home and had just broke one.

    So I forced my dad to drive me as fast as he could to the musicstore and they didn’t had any more of those left.
    So took two EBs and came then hurryed to the church.

    But I still havn’t changed strings, and they don’t sound bad yet… Last a lot longer then the DRs. :P

  11. From time to time I have problems, with what I will call, string pull off noise. I use . 10 D adarios at the moment. Are there strings that will do this a little less or do my fingers just suck?

  12. Jason R–really? lol That was one of the things I was liking about these…was their longevity. haha What kind are you using?

    Elia–wow! A second vote for the longevity of EB’s over DR’s. And I was all stoked about how much longer the DR’s seemed to be lasting. What type of EB’s? And are the Black Beauties the coated ones?

    Aaron–The DR’s are a little tauter to my feeling, which means they might not rattle as much on pull-off’s. Not sure, though. This sounds weird, but I get that noise sometimes when my hands are too clean.

  13. Nater2–wow, lots of votes for Ernie Ball’s. And I hadn’t heard until these links! Crazy! I really hope they’re coming out with new versions…same tone and still midi capable, but slightly smaller and with a bpm readout? Mmmmm.

    John–wow, until these links you guys just put up, I didn’t even know! I’m hoping they come out with new versions, slightly smaller and with bpm readouts, but with the same tone and midi functionality. And then I will buy the new ones, and sell my current ones for copious amounts of money, because someone somewhere will have decided that the first versions have more desirable tonal magic. ;) Yep, got it all figured out. hehe

  14. I agree DR 11′s for Gibson length guitars and 10′s for the Fenders. I think EB’s are okay, and I’ll use D’addario’s if I have to but I just like the DR’s and I do think that they last reasonably well. Either way, shouldn’t we be changing our strings long before they are totally dead? :)
    And, I can’t believe they stopped making the timelines. I had almost saved up enough for one. Bah.

  15. I was planning on ordering my timeline in a week or so and now, I just don’t know. I may just have to make due with my DD-20 until the new line is introduced. I’m trying hard not to cry……

  16. Mark Colvin–cool, I agree! And yes, we should be changing them every week! ;)

    And hopefully they’ll come out with a Timeline 2! Hopefully…

    Ken–it’s a sad day. They’ve gotta come out with a Timeline 2! Just gotta.

    Nater2–lol right on! You can always talk about gear scores here! hehe

    Austin & Nater2–I have no idea. Maybe check out a CE-2? ;)

  17. Boss CE-2 is a great chorus pedal. I actually prefer the ones that are made in Taiwan because the don’t seem to colour your tone unlike the Japanese made ones. Well at least very least that’s what it sounds like to me. ;)

  18. I’ve tried DR’s a few times and didn’t bond…. I absolutely can’t use Ernie B’s…. always go back to D’addario strings….. they just feel, sound and work best for me.

  19. Wow, a vote for D’addarios’s, too. Maybe it just comes down to what works for you. I haven’t tried D’addarios in a long time…maybe I will next time Guitar Center is out of everything again. hehe

  20. i tried some D’addarios….. I hated them. but that’s what so cool about playing guitar is that everybodys tone/life is different. it would be boring if they were all the same

  21. What I don’t like about DR’s is how they put two strings together in a paper sleeve. Makes it a bit more of a hassle to keep track of when changing strings.

    Also–so many brands–does it really make any difference, or is it just that new strings always sound better, no matter what brand they are?

  22. Teledude–that’s where I’m at right now, for sure. And interesting point that maybe everyone’s different skin chemistry wears out certain strings faster than others. I’ve never thought of that before. Cool thoughts, bro!

    Nater2–you of course meant, unless we were all the same as Edge, right?

    Darrell–I agree that new strings definitely sound better. But I am hearing a noticeable difference between brand new EB’s and DR’s. And one time, I put a set of brand new Snake Oil’s on, and my sound tech immediately asked what was wrong with my tone. I put the old EB’s back on, and tone was way better. So, I think there is a difference, but admittedly, maybe not between every single brand.

    And I also hate that DR’s don’t individually wrap the strings. So annoying. Martin does the same thing, but I love their tone, too. I’m cursed. haha :) Cheers!

  23. Elia–wow! A second vote for the longevity of EB’s over DR’s. And I was all stoked about how much longer the DR’s seemed to be lasting. What type of EB’s? And are the Black Beauties the coated ones?

    Yea the coated ones.. :)

    • That’s funny Karl… Elixirs is what I just put on the Taylor and I like the tone and feel. The coating kinda minimizes the string noise when my fingers are fumbling around the fretboard. First time I tried them. Who knows could be the last… Hahaha

  24. Ya, that’s a good point…they do cut down on string noise. They were always just one of those strings that I dug for the first few strums, but then during a set, they’d start to sound a bit fake to me. They also tended to break a lot. But it’s been years since I played them…maybe I was just too much of a hack! hehe

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  26. It’s interesting the different perceptions on guitar strings. I’ve spent lots of money trying strings for the perfect tone. My conclusion is that the real crisp bell-sounding tone means that you have to change your strings all the time. I haven’t found any that last more than a month.
    DR’s seem to have the best balance and keep that balance the longest. EB Slinkys are comfortable, but didn’t sound right to me. SIT Strings have nice balance and last a long time. Elixirs sound muted. but consistent. Gibson Vintage Reissues are great electric strings, too.
    I believe, in the end, your hands, your style, and your gear find their preferences over time. Most guitar strings are pretty good; compared to back-in-the-day. These days, I am using SIT 9-42 Power Wound and a POD HD. 10 years ago, a digital effect rig with extra light strings would have been tone heresy. I know tone……… I sound pretty good.

  27. really pleased with the DR’s pure blues 11′s,nice tone and feel….lasted 6 months before high E broke,thats playing on average 3 hours a day,mainly all pink floyd leads

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